Every single word could have come out of my head, but I wouldn’t have had your talent to put it down as coherently. Thank you, from someone who understands those angry, screaming young women, who think they know what matters in life. I am one of the 58% who believe abortion must be legal–early–and that women, now empowered, must use that power to reclaim control over their bodies. That means paying attention, noticing, not blowing off the missed period, getting a drug store preg test, and resolving a positive result–one way or the other–not waiting so long…so they won’t have to struggle with the knowledge that they stopped the beating heart of their own child. Maybe the only child they would ever have. The fight over the right to abortion–and the extremes to which it has been taken–has truly sidetracked and destroyed the women’s movement. We’re expendable human machines now, whose useless breasts can be lopped off at age 15, who can be erased by a 6’4″ muscular woman with a penis. Bless you, Elizabeth. May your voice be heard far beyond this page – July 13

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