• Amazon, Apple, Twitter and Facebook are all heading for Trust-busting, Roosevelt-style

    Enjoy the giants, because in ten years they will be gone. Amazon, Apple, Google, Twitter are all heading for the chopping block of democracy. And free speech is the accelerant.

    They are too big; they are too dominant. They are worse than the robber barons who were ruined by Theodore Roosevelt, an earlier Trumpkin.  I don’t need to cite the figures showing that they are virtually the only publishers now, the rest just feed into their maw. As such, they have all the power.

    And now they are flexing it.

    This weekend Twitter decommissioned the account of the current darling of the right, a young pretty black woman called Candace Owens with a mouth on her that hasn’t been seen since Churchill, no lie. Owens was spoofing the latest hire of the NYTimes editorial page a Korean-American racist who hates white men so hard one expects her to melt into green slime like the Wicked Witch of the East.

    Apple has decided to take a firm stand on “free speech” and has eliminated all of Alex Jones’s podcasts along with Google etc., effectively de-platforming him. Jones is a much-loved crack-pot and someone who often gets things very very very right on, along with a lot of spectacular rubbish, which amuses tens of millions.

    Twitter and Facebook lost 25% of their value last week, seems they aren’t getting enough new users.  Could it have something to do with blocking, shadow-banning and censoring the full 50% of their user base with whom they do not agree?  Arithmetic is so hard.

    Amazon has been elected by the cartel police in Germany as their next target for take-down, arguing, correctly, that Amazon eviscerates local businesses. Coupled with the exposes of warehouse worker conditions, nothing is starting to look good on them, not even the pleasure of having toilet paper delivered by Fedex.

    Trust-busting is fueled almost entirely by public sentiment, and sentiment is turning. No one believes anything any authority says anymore.  It seems that finally, the people’s revolution is here and the public has freed itself from forelock tugging.

    It is going to be a splendid spectacle watching the slow-mo fall. And lawyers are going to make out like bandits.

  • Shadow Banned

    Just found out I am shadow-banned on Twitter, which is shocking, since I a) rarely tweet b) have 250 followers which is nothing and c) consider myself the very soul of reason, with a side of fiscal responsibility and d) am, in person, the mildest of mild-mannered people, with little but a sense of humor and astonishing good looks to recommend me. That’s some awesome censorship, guys, getting down to the short strokes.