• Fade to Black..the old culture is dying.

    At the grocery store yesterday I noticed paper copies of September Vogue and Vanity Fair, which were covered by a black model and a black actress respectively. This intrigued me because those issues are usually crammed with fascinating stories about the rich and heedless and suddenly they’ve gone all social justice warrior, which is a strange enough reading of their audience to intrigue me.

    I suppose the core audience for Conde Nast is well-heeled bored women, who are presently finding meaning by force-integrating black people. On Instagram the usual suspects, Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Nigella, Gwyneth are promoting black artisans or artists or novelists, and a good 50% of premium tv on any given night is given over to shows about black people, usually suffering, usually at the hands of vicious whites. Hollywood has now announced that their nominations are only open to product that promotes diversity in the right way.

  • Beyonce and Blacks in September Vogue – WTF?

    Managed to get through almost 2/3ds of the September Vogue without suffocation, but was pleasantly amused since it seemed less content-free than usual.  US Vogue which used to be a cash cow is now losing almost $150 million a year, an impressive sum especially since it used to carry its entire parent, Conde Nasty.

    What amuses me most is that about half of the ads, stories and models are now populated by People of Color.  I interviewed there about 20 years ago and suggested a photo story of the Williams sisters who were just then starting out and physically stunning.  The editor, not AW, looked at me as if I had horns.  Not now, boy, if you were to read Vogue you would now think the US was half black, rather than 13%.  And left wing, very very left wing.  With occasional forays into brutal-dictator-worshipping.

    I don’t get the marketing plan.  Have white women fled the Wintour corral for pastures stripped of shoes that destroy your ability to walk by the time you’re 60 and clothes that turn you into a Russian or Saudi whore?  And now she’s about to fit black women into some new-fangled torture costume?  Run strong black women, as fast as you can.