• Milk and Honey

    Under the category ‘freaky things about publishing’ Rupi Kaur, an Indian (dot not feather) poet from Toronto, is out-selling Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury-inside-the-White House-hysteria-tome.  Poetry.  Four lines on every page – maybe a few more.  Line drawings. A young woman, immigrant, poet, from the obscure country, which is to say, Canada, outselling the biggest book in the US market right now.

    Words fail.  Except to say that the heart of the world is in the right place.

    Of course, The Guardian has weighed in. And Buzzfeed beat her up. And like anyone popular enough to be perceived as making unfair amounts of money, grabbing unfair amounts of attention, she has been accused of plagiarism.  Nope, nope and nope. This is courage. And beauty.  And courage again.