• Note to David Brooks: Tough progressives like Che or Fidel or Stalin or Pol Pot? Kamala like that? That gets you hot?

    Kamala Harris, Call-Out Star

    The toughest progressive we’ve seen in a long time.

    David Brooks

    By David Brooks

    Opinion Columnist

    David Brooks, apparently missing the parts about no more cars, no more private health insurance, no more free market, no more guns, no more borders thinks that Kamala Harris is just the bee’s knees. First of all, she has an elite education and brilliant parents. She chose to “work for the poor” like the last progressive Brooks bought and sold to us moderates who read books without pictures. She is pretty and she is tough. She puts people in jail! How splendid!

    Harris is very much a product of the highly educated progressive coastal elite. Her father is a professor at Stanford. Her mother, who was a breast cancer researcher, got her Ph.D. at 25. Harris grew up with ballet, violin, French horn and perfectionism.

    The mockery has been pretty substantial. The Democrats are panicking, backpedaling madly.https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/29/politics/kamala-harris-medicare-for-all-divides-democrats/index.html?fbclid=IwAR1aJY8DtvxrTLfFxsNPKuDp9DKzQRh_nVlxIJLKMMqwe-fNSG3Vo1FkOdE

    The Gormorgons ask: “Next question should be: what are you going to do with the over 825k jobs you just killed and the $800B in revenue it generates annually some of which are in people’s retirement funds?”

    I’m sorry but everything Brooks writes is disqualified by his utter lack of understanding of economics. He is a fool, and a weak-minded fool at that. Everyone who is considered educated should have a year or two of post-grad numerate course, engineering, accounting, micro economics, statistics, anything that would open up those neural pathways. Without that, you are missing a sense. Like you can’t hear. Or feel yourself touching something. It is that critical to being a mature adult. Brooks here is an impressionable child in love with his own “tolerance”.

  • Kamala Harris is dreaming big in Vogue. Dream on Sister

    Vogue Magazine continues its celebration of dodgy politicians with a puff piece on Kamala Harris, the mixed-race politician from California, who clawed her way to the top by the way of more than one bed and spouts verbal garbage inveigling against big banks and corporations just like any leftist circa 1970.  Life is a little more complicated and interesting than that, “Comma-la” and I am sure when you run for President and get mowed over, you will discover that.  Then, like every leftie pol, you will proceed to loot the taxpayer.  Which is where the real money is made these days.