Will Biden Survive Bernie on Sunday?

To my uneducated eye, Joe Biden looks wobbly and sounds as if he has dementia. I know he is trying to imitate Trump’s seeming spontaneity, but out of his mouth comes the oddest mix of mistakes, threats, and downright creepiness. He’s threatened many people to a fistfight “out behind the building” and he makes preposterous claims like he was arrested in Soweto while trying to get into Robben Island to see Mandela. Robben Island is a thousand miles from Soweto.

What are the Democrats thinking? That there’s no point in fighting Trump? That no one can beat Orange Man? Or that they can hoist him over the finish line and run his presidency from behind the scenes?

Whatever, they must be panicking. If they aren’t, they’re nuts.

Joe Biden – Uncle Scuzzy

I started a couple of fights on Facebook over Joe Biden’s unrestrained pawing of women while their menfolk looked on in disgust and impotent fury. ‘Why the anger?’ said these guys, ‘Surely it’s disproportionate. He’s a decent human being.’

No, he’s not. He uses his power to exhibit behaviour that is demeaning, humiliating and frankly, cruel. He has displayed his character and now he’s been busted. And thanks to #metoo, he’s done. He won’t run for President and at every speech and confab, there will be women looking at him with their skin crawling. He deserves it.