Welcome to the Fucking Revolution

So we have reached an inflection point, a hinge of history, if you are Churchillian by nature. The alleged widespread and multifaceted election fraud in the US is suspected to have taken place in other countries. The principal medium is through Dominion Voting Machines, which is a Canadian company, though it has been bought and sold dozens of times, but its headquarters are on Spadina Avenue in the heart of Toronto’s bohemia. It shares offices with the Tides Foundation, which btw, now populates the Prime Minister’s Office and the Privy Council. The world has ignored Canada’s contribution to the international left, or let’s call it what it is, Communism. It is substantial. Canada’s liberal bureaucracy has hired and funded many thousands of activists for the last fifty years, and we can really rock the cause.

Side issue. Going forward, whatever happens, the hatred and distrust of one side for the other will define the next twenty years. Buckle up, it is going to get very very nasty.