• The World Turns Against Liberal Women

    The solution to abortion is obvious, democratic, pragmatic and can bring necessary peace and restoration.

    I am wearied beyond measure by the weekly passion play launched by our gracious overlords, those increasingly bizarre stick figures posturing up there, expressing outrage and hate. The women dutifully following their masters, pouring red paint down the courthouse steps in Los Angeles, in a state where abortion will never be illegal, influencers, trying to make hay by grabbing onto the issue of the week, raising money for Ukraine, abortion, gun control, whatever and dropping the whole thing in ten days and moving back to photographing their meals and trips and what they call “fit check”. Which is their OOTD. Outfit-of-the-day.

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    Last week, Debra Messing shouted on a Hollywood Zoom call with the White House that “she had got Joe Biden into power and dammit the WH had given her no job!” These calls are engineered so that every influencer is on the same page, and speaks the same lines given them by Madison Avenue sleaze balls grooming their massive egos. That little scene encapsulates the bullshit theatre exploiting those like Pooh, with charm and very little brain


    I am just…turning it off. It’s too stupid, too irrational, I am being played and I want it to stop. No, I don’t even want it to stop. Roar on, morons, eat yourselves alive because that is the end towards which you are rushing.

    In an evolved, compassionate society, there would be no abortion. All children would be cherished, all mothers taken care of. But that’s not us, is it? We are vicious to the weak, to vulnerable women, children, the other sexed, people of color. Our political fights use the bodies of the weak as weapons. How can we call ourselves anything but brutal?

    Here’s the solution to the abortion question. Bear with me. The figures are taken from Gallup’s last four polls.

    58% of us want abortion legal, but limited. Between 30% and 38% want abortion on demand. 12% want it outlawed. 9% don’t know. The figures slide, but sit more or less on average right there.

    58% is a plurality, especially measured against any other cohort. 12% wanting it outlawed means abortion will NEVER be outlawed. It cannot be more clear. People want abortion limited to rape, incest, actual health of the mother and before heartbeat, which is 15 weeks. It’s just that simple. The Roe hysteria was deliberately caused, which had the desired effect of turning off the adults and preventing solution. To repeat, that awful noise is designed by political operatives to prevent the participation of the rational.

    Most people are adults. They are not wedded to the “new liberal world order”, whatever that is. They are pragmatic and rational. I am desperate for pragmatic and rational. Aren’t you?

    95% of all abortions in my region are done using the pill, which means before 8 weeks, and 48% of abortions are performed on women younger than 25, women, therefore whose brains are not mature.

    Of course I was just that at 17. I was a tortured teen with a crazy mother and had an illegal abortion at 11 weeks. Wherever abortion is limited to six weeks those will continue. Guaranteed. Women have been aborting children using herbs for the last 500,000 years. Why do you think the Catholic Church burned herbalist women and called them witches, by the tens of thousands? The evidence in the Vatican Library is so stark they don’t even try to hide it anymore. Without a world considerably more benign than ours, it is not going to stop, and to try to make it stop is stupid and destructive. Illegal abortion is dangerous. But sure, drive it into the back alleys – that’s enlightened.

    Then, at 18, I had a child I gave up for adoption.

    My case was special. I had been told by my father I carried the genes for schizophrenia and if I didn’t get the disease, my children would. He had been told that by my mother’s psychiatrist, who turned out to be one of the 20th century’s bad men, and was wrong. My mother was not schizophrenic, he diagnosed her as such in order to use her as an experimental subject. I was under sustained pressure by adults, who would have certainly arranged an abortion, but I refused. Finally, my 18 year old brain decided that giving my daughter away, despite being in deep puppy love, and never having another, was rational. I thought, away from my unstable family and the corrupt exclusionary upper class world I grew up in, she would have a chance.

    Now of course, having found her, I have a beautiful young woman in my life, with whom I am both fascinated and in love, and three grandchildren who are brilliant and gorgeous, plus shorn of the prejudice and limitations of the past. The eldest, studying physics, can say “I’d like to work at NASA”, and today, it’s actually possible, which it certainly wasn’t when I was her age.

    Not having an abortion was a grace, a blessing.


    Half the generation who attended college between 1969 and 1974, did not have children. They had abortions and they broke barriers in the work place. The political right must face that, without that overwhelming force aimed at career-making, this would not have happened. The world is not a sensible place. Nothing is won without sacrifice. That wouldn’t have happened “naturally”. Not in our ego-driven, combative culture. Second wave feminism broke the barriers that mean my daughter can have three children, a husband, a big job and can handle it all beautifully. For boomer women, their decision was a sacrifice, a service, and I think it should be recognized as such. I must know a thousand women, ten thousand women, in the generations who broke those barriers, who used their energy to create the modern world, doubling public and private wealth and then doubling it again. Who today, wish they had a family.

    Very very much.

    This is one thing you are not allowed to say today. But it would be massively instructional if more of those women would say to a 30 year old, “Your career at the investment bank or movie studio will mean little if you abort your child and don’t have the luck of conceiving again.”

    Here’s another unsayable. The ease of abortion, even the celebration of it, has coarsened the culture immeasurably. Sex unmoored to love, romance, engagement with the whole person, not just its body, and especially to family creation has become transactional and crude. If I were 17 now, I would be so put off, I would, like many teens, be saying no thanks. I’d rather study something hard and get a good job and as soon as possible, buy a farm and drop out. Like completely. This of course, is the top goal of people in their 20’s and 30’s now.  Cash out asap.

    In part because of Roe, we have created a monster culture. A culture of death. There’s a reason people don’t want to join the workforce. There is a reason everyone wants a garden and a farm. Because they want refuge.

    Ours is a culture where babies are not safe, children are never safe, where young women are not safe, where our airwaves are filled with never-ending garbage porn and violence, our entertainment is even more violent and disgusting, and no one in power is sane.

    Pedophilia, for instance, is a direct result of sex unmoored to consequence and to the sacrament of life. Sex, reduced to physical pleasure means that you have to seek ever more transgressive behavior. And there is nothing more transgressive than sexualizing the innocent.  And then predating them.

    Here’s another result:

    Adults have stopped having sex. They are repulsed. A study released last week in the UK, say adults are having half the sex of previous generations. We are creating a world of celibates.

    Our ideal woman these days is a Kardashian and Kardashians look like cartoon porn stars with the skin of a ten year old. Kardashians, as entertaining and charming as they are, have had many many procedures to look the way they do. It is instructive this week that Kim K and Anna Wintour, the woman responsible for starving two generations of women into lollipops, while mangling their feet, sat together at Couture in Paris. Hard not to see them as twin Queens of some appalling S&M jungle.

    Mistresses of Pain

    So while I was shocked by the Roe decision last week, I saw it reaching further than throwing the issue back to legislatures in the States –  to the actual democratic process, by the way.  I saw it as a leading indicator that a plurality believe that culture created since legalization of Roe, needs some serious re-visioning. That 58% was saying, through the court, “Look at the shadow side. Look at what has happened when we reduced sex from the force that moves mountains and creates life, to a transactional use of another’s body for momentary pleasure.”

    That decision came out of fifty years of campaigning by people not nearly as special as me and my cohort of educated career women with exciting jobs. It was created by women to whom family life is everything, whose lives are shorn of drama, who are happy in their home places giving and loving their children, husbands, communities. They work in jobs that feed and clothe us. They are the people at the checkout counter and the people delivering our Amazon packages. They run or own local banks, run the charities, stores, and gas stations. They are farmers, ranchers and many of their husbands do the grunt jobs of the culture. Which by the way are deeply meaningful, crucial jobs, necessary to us, jobs without which we would not exist. They believe in honor. Their towns and counties are safe to live in. They believe in God.

    They look at the world of violence, sexual nastiness we see in our entertainment and culture, and see it as debased, in which every person is out for themselves, no one is good, everyone has an angle or a severe psychological problem, everyone is either promiscuous or seen as pathetic, and no one ever displays character. They know baby parts are as valuable as diamonds. They know activists are trying to expand abortion to one month post-birth. They know about Pete Singer, they know that activists are trying to reduce the age of consent to 13. They know the statistics and reject the trafficking of women, they reject the pervasiveness of the multi-billion dollar industry which is porn, they reject the everlasting drumbeat of pedophilia in high places.

    And the kids coming up want to cash out and live in their world, in small towns and cities, in the country, not in the brutalism of the cool mega-cities.

    This is as thorough a schooling of us fancy people as Donald Trump’s election.

  • Muh Politics

    Since the publication of Eco-Fascists and the subsequent land and water policy papers, I am ineluctably connected with the right, and not the polite right either, the populist right. The prejudice regarding the so-called right is so pervasive that even members of my family (not to mention life-long friends) assume my opinions, without bothering to ask. They are almost invariably wrong. This is what I think: