I’d be there

If I were 30, I’d be out on the streets, well ok, I was too ironic at 30, living in lower Manhattan married to a rag picker and going to performance arts events, but I believed in all the causes of the left. I’d spent my 20’s so embedded that, by the time I decided to write, two red-diaper babies helped me scale the first brick wall. After which I met some of the great leaders of the left, most of the board of the African National Congress, especially the man who headed up uMkhonto We Sizwe, the military arm of the ANC, who ran training and torture camps in Zaire. In fact, I was so embedded in the left I spent the three weeks after Nelson Mandela’s release in his back garden. I’d engineered a $1.6 million book deal for him. He chose our offer because of my association with Time Inc., but also because I knew the daughter of his strongest champion. I was safe. I was practically family. I met Martin McGuinness, the military head of the IRA, a man who had ordered the killing of thousands. I met a substantial number of their intellectuals, the bombers, the assassins. I met many of their cultural supporters, Pacino, U2, Kazan. I worked for Arthur Penn, the film director, who was quietly hard left, as were all his very starry pals.

At Mandela’s house in Soweto.

In my 20’s I’d started a feminist theatre company, and spent the summers managing 12 women in a straight-up cooperative, which meant I worked three more hours a day trying to figure out how to manipulate them into showing up for work. We’d stage a play and open the audience for questions, during which we’d be shouted at for an hour by infuriated men and women. It was tiring.

The button says ‘repeal abortion rights now’.

At the time I was dating my philosophy professor, a very black Indian whose parents were indentured laborers in Trinidad, out of which they finally worked. The Anglican church had plucked him out of their school and sent him to Cambridge where he got a Master’s degree. He took me to Young Socialist meetings, and on his advice, I volunteered for the NDP, Canada’s Socialist party. We would go to Chinatown on Saturdays for dim sum, after which we would go to the Maoist bookstore, where he bought me my political tract for the week. On Practice, by Mao himself, is one I remember, mostly because after reading it I decided to live my life by getting so close to a group of people I experienced their reality, which was a weird as hell decision I still don’t understand other than I was mad curious. My boyfriend had been a friend and associate of Paul Goodman and Ivan Illich, two of the men responsible for the reworking of education, the results of which we are now enjoying. Hilariously, he tried to convert my mother, who sent back his pages, heavily notated.

Eventually, I sickened of the negativity, the deadendedness of his thinking and dumped him, after extracting from him everything he knew. Which is sociopathic right? Though not if you’re a man.

So here’s the question, why would a pretty upper-middle-class girl from an occasionally notable founding family of both the US and Canada, decide to throw all that away and identify with the dispossessed and unfairly treated? I hadn’t been indoctrinated through my education, rather, I had deliberately chosen to be indoctrinated by my philosopher/communist friend.

Chicago kids killed in gang violence weekend of June 6, 2020

Answering that would answer the question as to why almost every segment of our culture has thrown itself on the pyre of Black Lives Matter whose stated purpose is to destroy America and rebuild it on Marxist lines.

At some point making a living became paramount, learning a constructive skill, one I loved enough to give my life to, making a happy life with my family, and I gave up the revolution. Equally, I saw what Winnie Mandela had done to the townships, what Martin McGuinness had done to Northern Ireland, what my friend’s father, head of the South African Communist Party had done to the culture of southern Africa. They caused devastation. The streets were ruined, infrastructure was gone, civil society a dim memory. Each of them left their region in a war of all against all.

Falls Road, Belfast during the troubles.

The need, the desire, stayed with me. Much of the time I’ve had to work for money, but when I decide what to do, it has to have at least a glimmer of a higher purpose, or I won’t animate. This appears to be a rewrite of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, once basic requirements including and especially status, are taken care of, service becomes the highest high. I think I am right, not Maslow, whose thinking was polluted by Marxism.

I didn’t start reading policy papers til I was 45. I bet exactly zero people on the streets know they even exist. But that is where they should start. With hard analyses of the mess caused by the $22 Trillion injected into the black community since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society.

The housing and schools in many challenged neighborhoods are pits of despair out of which crawl crime, anger, and desperation. But they weren’t created so much by prejudice as by the last three generations of well-meaning, misguided politicians and bureaucrats. Reversing those policies, finding the right ones, creating opportunities that move blacks towards the prosperity and safety of an average white region, will take the combined brainpower of Generation Z.

The most brilliant woman I know said that as wealth increases, the marginalized become mainstream. It is hard to know what comes first but as women were integrated into the workforce, cultural wealth shot up, doubled, then doubled again. The same happened with gay people, integrated, accepted they contributed more talent, more energy, the result more abundance and prosperity. Every marginalized group carries with it a gift to the rest. The bounty that will be brought by an integrated black culture will stun us all. Imagine what could come out of the billion youth of Africa.

Humans activate themselves through violence, it is the original sin + 1 of the race (whichever damned color). If Reese Witherspoon and all her blindingly rich Hollywood pals are determined to help, they will be a model for all the upper-middle-class women who used to ignore the plight in America’s projects, while they perfect their golf game. The more integrated people of color into the culture, the better. As fast as possible, please. And frankly, with automation bearing down on us, generations coming up need something meaningful to do. Africa could take them the next 100 years.

So I say it’s going to shake out ok. The hard Marxism of Black Lives Matter will not disrupt the American dream, not even slightly. They are already becoming a joke, one with blood attached. Most of the people in sympathy with the protestors are educated, competent individuals who seek to give their lives a deeper meaning by helping those who need help. And that desire represents a much much better future. There is a shit ton of stuff to work out, a million questions to ask. The problems are far far far more complex than most can imagine. It will require every one of them to fix them.

But what better way to spend your life?

The Surveillance State must be fought; Facial Recognition on the back burner

Another friend sends me this from The Verge, reporting that IBM has shelved its plans for facial recognition.

IBM will no longer offer, develop, or research facial recognition technology, goes the headline. The CEO sent a letter to the black democrat members of Congress.

IBM firmly opposes and will not condone uses of any [facial recognition] technology, including facial recognition technology offered by other vendors, for mass surveillance, racial profiling, violations of basic human rights and freedoms, or any purpose which is not consistent with our values and Principles of Trust and Transparency,” Krishna said in the letter. “We believe now is the time to begin a national dialogue on whether and how facial recognition technology should be employed by domestic law enforcement agencies.”

While this is presented as a sop to Black Lives Matter, however you cut it, it is a very good thing.

The latest weird from Covid

The CBC reports that the Chinese section of Vancouver had far far fewer cases because they started quarantining and masking in February(link here.) This is presented as an example of how intelligent and good the Chinese community in Vancouver is. My question? How did they know so soon? Why didn’t they tell us?

France is still locked down and under marshal law, essentially. You have to carry an identity card and much much more. A friend reports:

You cannot venture more than 1 kilometre from your home and if you do not have your permit and carte d’identite with you —you get fined. Third time you get fined you go to jail for 6 months. The police are allowed to search your shopping bags and harass you at all times. One man bought sanitary napkins for his partner. He was stopped, frisked by the police and they found the napkins. When they asked him what they were for he said “for my wife” the police removed them from his shopping bag, fined him 135 Euros and told him “tell your wife to do her own shopping”! This is not the only incident like this there are hundreds and people are scared.

Same in Switzerland.


Covid-19: An inflection Point for the Natural Health Care Industry

New data rolls out every day, many times a day. A dear friend with whom I share the health obsession, and who works with a similar virus to the one which triggered my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome #RECOVERED, sent me Joseph Mercola’s take. Mercola is so hated by big Pharma, his research is buried many Google pages deep, but he is among the most insightful research physicians and naturopaths out there and is followed by many. The interview below is linked here.

Mercola believes that the health of the immune system which encounters COVID is everything. If standard-of-care was not get-sick-and-we’ll-drug-you-till-you’re better, and instead was the slow and painstaking process of building your immune system, your nutritional profile, your flexibility and strength, many fewer people would have succumbed to the violence of the virus. Mercola recommends Vitamin C infusions, which are being used in China, stating that the antioxidant activity of vitamin C “may help prevent cytokine-induced lung damage…cytokines are small proteins released by cells, which trigger inflammation in response to infections. Severe lung inflammation with COVID-19 can lead to respiratory distress and even death.” The cytokine storm in COVID is the marker of profound danger.

You can view Dr. Richard Cheng’s NIH presentation on April 8th, 2020 here:

Abram Hoffer, the psychiatrist, and nutritionist, Mercola’s mentor, who, along with his fellow researcher Linus Pauling founded the natural health movement, swore up and down that 9,000 mg of Vitamin C could cure lung cancer. The wealth of health data deliberately buried by Big Pharma especially now with the Gates Foundation’s drive to vaccinate the world is shocking. If you were under the care of a naturopath, right now, and on top of all your various metrics including the usual, as well as a hormonal, allergic, and nutritional profile, it would be very damned hard for COVID to take you down. But never mind, the profits to be made in forcing a vaccine on humanity is worth the 20% or so who react badly to that vaccine. Despite the contempt leveled on anti-vaxxers, there is no vaccine that does not carry serious side effects to those vulnerable.

In any case, as reported by the Atlantic yesterday, those who are succumbing, rather than the elderly, those with hypertension and diabetes and obesity, are disproportionately people of color on the lower end of the socio-economic status. Sixty percent of the people who die with COVID in Chicago are black whereas the population is only 15% black. These are people who can’t afford the $250 a month I take in nutritional supplements, who don’t have a forest to hike or a green house to live in. Instead, they are the people who make my life and yours, possible, those who live in multi-generational households, where one job feeds six or seven, and that job is critical. Social distancing is for the relatively rich.

“There’s a big difference in how people handle this virus,” says Robert Murphy, a professor of medicine and the director of the Center for Global Communicable Diseases at Northwestern University. “It’s very unusual. None of this variability really fits with any other diseases we’re used to dealing with.”

This degree of uncertainty has less to do with the virus itself than how our bodies respond to it. As Murphy puts it, when doctors see this sort of variation in disease severity, “that’s not the virus; that’s the host.”

It will take a generation to rewire the medical system to teach that basic self-care is utterly critical to present well-being and that it is easy and cheap. You can bet that not one of Gywneth Paltrow’s army has died of the virus that is eating Manhattan. Their wellness contortions may read as vanity, but in fact, most are well-founded and are the necessary future. Perhaps not at her price point.

Just under the surface of consciousness lies an entire army of highly educated men and women who know just how to promote well being to the point you will never need critical care, you will never have a heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s or dementia. You will never experience the ferocious cost to wealth and family these illnesses bring. I see them as struggling to break through and this may be their transforming moment, their inflection point, their hinge in history.

Resting On Our Laurels – Does this shutdown point to a New Earth?

Have dropped this ball in the last three weeks or more – writing about health hacking seems gratuitous when people are afraid they are going to die. It is, however clear that there are methods to prevent COVID from taking over your system: Zinc, Vitamin C, nebulizing peroxide, Quercetin. Sinus rinsing three times a day, preferably with a neti-pot, and gargling Listerine three times a day will dilute the viral load if it is in your system, and allow you to build immunity to it. Pharmaceuticals, hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak together with Zinc, if you qualify, equally can clear the path for your immune system to work. We know that obesity and diabetes set you up for it, as does heart or lung disease, or anything autoimmune. Age. Here’s a statistic that should scare us all: 25% of women have an autoimmune disease.

COVID is a violent pathogen when it finds the right host as if it was a virus to cleanse the world of the weak. A version of the native Indian custom of leaving the sick and old to die alone in the woods. What intrigues me is whether it was engineered in the Wuhan labs to be so.

On to happier things! I have been using the time to stop shopping for anything but absolute necessaries, and it proves one hell of a relief. The world hasn’t stopped selling though, but now I see the targeted ads as a deep and annoying intrusion, no matter how compassionate and pretty and informative the editorial bumpf they are wrapped in.

Instead, I’ve been taking my cat for a walk in the forest.

I have also been intermittent fasting, seriously this time, 16 hours leading to 18 hours building more days of less eating ‘window’ as it is called. I feel myself getting younger. No seriously, lighter, younger, 25% more energy. It is damned wonderful.

Also have gone back to yoga since they’ve closed the parks, the gym, the swimming pool. Turns out I love it, after saying I hate it for the last 25 years. Further, our paradise of a walled garden, well-watered (an actual definition of paradise) is even more paradisical than it was a month ago. Spring is coming, flowers peeking up and out, my garden slave busy outside with his ground cover and mulch.

Plus I’ve had time to go back to meditation and am starting to take it with more seriousness, imagining I will try out the other teachers of Anapanasati rather just Larry Rosenberg of Harvard Square. My writing voice came out of deep meditation decades ago, and I am going to challenge it to a greater depth of feeling, deeper thought. Apparently, if you take it real serious you can start seeing light beings. I am all for that. Take a look at this photograph, taken just after we buried my darling Tiggy down by the creek. I was trying to distract myself from wrenching sorrow by taking photographs of Jamie’s garden for his mother, and when I looked at them, goosebumps. In two shots out of a couple dozen, there he was. That, my dears, is a light being, something they used to call ectoplasm in the 20s now called plasma in the New Age community. That swirl is otherworldly, my dog, my soul’s companion, trying to make me see him one last time. You can see he was dashing from the little greenhouse to facing me while I was taking the photo.

All the above are the intense pleasures of introversion absent the raucous demand of the getting and spending world. People are beginning to ask – here’s a magnificent essay on what’s about to drown us all – can we get these benefits permanent-like? Is there a way to not dash around like headless chickens yet still live with promise and vivacity? Maybe a little, probably not much. Six billion people on earth depend on the citizens of western economies getting and spending their little hearts out. This is a respite. And possibly a signpost to the future, 200 years in the future. A new earth.

Beijing Officially Disapproves

It is impossible to over-estimate just how fuckity-fucked is the Chinese Communist Party and the entire country of China. But Tim Blair, a blogger for the Daily Telegraph (link here) in Australia has managed to outline just how hard we will all be listening to the CCP from now on to forever. Which is only for the laugh. Here’s a bit of it. Read it and cheer for the messy, chaotic, real-world where such writers thrive and do not have their organs harvested.

Recently the Daily Telegraph has published a number of reports and opinions about China’s response to COVID-19 that are full of ignorance, prejudice and arrogance.

Response: “If a state-owned newspaper in China received this kind of complaint, subsequent days would involve journalists waking up in prison with their organs harvested.

Tracing the origin of the virus is a scientific issue that requires professional, science-based assessment.

Response: “Sure it does. How professional and science-based was the claim published on March 12 by China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian that “it might be US Army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan”?”

The origin of the virus is still undetermined, and the World Health Organization has named the novel coronavirus “COVID-19”.

Response: “The World Health Organisation also appointed Zimbabwean murderer Robert Mugabe as its Goodwill Ambassador and declared on March 2 that the “stigma” of the coronavirus “is more dangerous than the virus itself”.

“The World Health Organization does a lot of stupid stuff.”

We will survive and laugh again.

This Is Bullshit

The past few days have been spent inveigling powerlessly against the virus that closed down the world. This morning I had a brief exchange with a physicist friend, the kind of physicist who is a physicist’s physicist, but who nonetheless holds down a top job in the real world applying his talent and skill. He, like me, thinks this shutdown is largely Democrat bullshit, and he and statistician friend, when US deaths were estimated to run to 2,000,000 were laying bets they would be more like 50-80,000. Deaths stand at 10,000 now, with curves flattening in all but the densest pockets holding those with the most dangerous preconditions. I bet they don’t even reach 20,000. But we have lost $10Trillion.

By the way, those most vulnerable, other than the elderly, are service workers who push themselves brutally hard because they feed us and their families and cannot afford to shelter. Mostly these are people of color, who use sugar to fuel their brutally hard lives, who are diabetic or pre-diabetic and are often obese. (Fast food being fast and cheap) Meanwhile, fit, trim office workers lounge around their flats, sharing their healing recipes on Instagram.

He follows this website, and now I do too. https://covid19.healthdata.org/

It shows that there are enough beds, ventilators and ICUs to weather the storm in every state but New York, which has the hospital ship and the Javits Center. Plus the deaths projections are way way way off.

This thing is nearly over.

Where is Everybody?

Very upset about Boris Johnson. Despite my deep-down feeling that this has been over-played for political reasons, it is clear that those of us who deal with the public in the urban centres are at enhanced risk. BoJo who is the top extrovert on the planet and who has worn himself thin over the past two years is most vulnerable. The rest of the day will be spent worrying about him.

I met him once when I was still being a journalist, spent 20 minutes in his office at the Spectator. He was younger and gorgeous and possessed a firecracker of a brain. My mind moves fast but he ran circles around me and earned my eternal admiration. Long live.

The last diet you will ever need, plus how to not stroke out in your 80s

I managed to lose 1.25 inches on my waist this week. This represents an enormous victory in combating entropy and it was expensive in terms of energy and action foregone. I know, from 23&me that my father’s family has genetically elevated blood lipids. From observation, I note that to a man or woman, they die of a stroke at the age of 84. I am confident that my 7 longevity genes from the bog-dwelling Celtic wise women, those two hundred generations of bitter survival and occasional magic, will trump my more civilized genetics. Those genes are gnarly and stubborn and frankly refuse to die.

But what if I live to 100 and start stroking out at 80? That is more than possible because no matter what, cancer, heart disease, depression, we live into our upper 90s at the youngest. So possibly I can start stroking out in my early 80s and live for 20 more years a burden to the universe and anyone who loves me. That’s a big hell no.

What that means is no submental fat. No fat layered around your liver and heart and stomach and pancreas. And of course, where does fat layer itself on my body? Right where it is most dangerous, right where it sits, cozy and happy till one day it rises and turns me into a vegetable.

Last week New York Magazine published an excerpt from a memoir called This is Big: How the Founder of Weight Watchers Changed the World and Me, by Marisa Meltzer, who interviews thin celebrities for a living while being fifty pounds overweight and is miserable because of it.

“I am nearly constantly aware of the feeling of my stomach hanging down toward my pelvis, of my thighs rubbing together, of the fat under my chin touching my neck when I look down. And I have tried my best to change my body — dieting, working out, spas, personal trainers, radical body acceptance, Botox, fillers, fat-melting shots of Kybella in an attempt to get rid of a double chin. I’d even gone under general anesthesia for liposuction.
And that list is not complete.”

I just want to hug her. To me, Meltzer is a beauty, zaftig, with luxurious rolls of fat, a gorgeous pink cake of a woman who must stand in a room and watch everyone yearn towards her and not believe them. She reads miserable in her skin, agonized, obsessed, and self-hating as if she has internalized the perspective of the vilest, transactional male from high school. This may not be true, but if it is, it sucks. I hope her book’s journey finds her fighting her way past that internal censor. It may be that her genetic programming does not require that she be 50 pounds lighter and she can stay her gorgeous zaftig self. Body positivity, baby girl.

Mine, however, does require that I be thin. When I was 17, I got so sick of my mother’s obsessing over her weight, I just cut down on eating, I got used to being hungry and ate only when I absolutely had to. Later, I had two friends in London who were consort/wives/baby mothers of famous pop stars and they too starved themselves regularly – they had to in order to maintain their considerable beauty. I followed along in their footsteps for a while, did lose some weight, learned how, again, in adulthood to do it. Then thought, ‘Fuck it, food is so delicious and I want to learn how to cook and well”. I did and in the process put on 20 pounds.

20 death-dealing pounds. In my case, maybe not yours, but on average being overweight, obese, shaves 9 years off your life. Nine. NINE. Smoking only takes 7 years.

So here is what I have learned from the beauties in my life, among which I include my beautiful, brilliant, tortured mother. Humans’ natural state for millennia was hunger. Just an edge to keep you sharp, just enough to say, I’m hungry but not faint. Biohacking freaks say that fasting releases ketones, which they claim are the fourth major nutrient, the nutrient that makes your brain sharp, your body responsive. Fasting is so good and useful that your physiology begins to repair itself. Not only eliminating heart disease but Alzheimer’s can be prevented – yes, prevented by fasting.

The following is from “The Effects of Caloric Restriction and Its Mimetics in Alzheimer’s Disease Through Autophagy Pathways”

“The aberrant accumulation of these misfolded and aggregated proteins results in neurotoxicity, and AD is therefore recognized as a proteinopathy,” the paper states. Other pathological events frequently seen in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients include:

  • Synaptic deficits and axonal degeneration
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Abnormal metal homeostasis
  • Oxidative stress
  • Neuroinflammation
  • Many of these occur as a result of “insufficient elimination of neurotoxic proteins or damaged intracellular organelles,” the paper notes. In other words, they occur when there’s insufficient autophagy occurring in your body. 

Autophagy happens when you fast. Or diet.

So to Meltzer and all the other gorgeous over-weight women out there, this is the easy, or rather, simple part of it. Start small, fast until you can eat a cow, then eat. Eat whatever you want. Then start the fast again. Repeat until it’s too painful. Notice the pain. Value the pain. Recognize the pain as telling you something valuable. Find out what it is. Deal with it. Eat. Repeat. Again. And again. Eventually, and I promise you this, something will click, and you will start to feel good. At that point, the unneeded weight will start to drop off. A whole lot of unnecessary buried emotional crap that has been holding you down, will have resolved itself. And you will have saved your life. Because that is how important fasting (or dieting) is.

Covid-19, Globalization, Racist Viruses and Building Immunity

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Today’s intermittent fasting routine consists of me, black tea, milk, and Manuka honey which is anti-microbial. I am also hitting my herbal anti-virals twice a day. This week, Johns Hopkins released a study stating that 7 herbs can kill Lyme disease, video linked just there. This is, perhaps, the first time the mainstream has stated, without equivocation, that herbal medicine is possibly even more powerful than pharmaceutical anti-virals with regard to the insidious vicious bug called Borrelia burgdorferi

After I collapsed for the second time with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I found myself in a form of stasis for almost two years. I was quietly frantic, burning a hole in the digital world searching for answers. And it wasn’t until I found Dr. Rawls, a GP who contracted Lyme, and collected the herbs he recommended, that I started to dig my way out.

My problem was that over time I’d contracted three herpes viruses (of the 8 or 9 in that complex). I know exactly where or from whom, I caught each one. The first, Epstein-Barre, or mono, I caught from my daughter’s father when I was about 17. CMV or the cytomegalovirus I caught from my ex-husband after he flew home from Japan and had sat beside someone very ill. I nursed him back to health, got sick myself, infected my mother and that virus plagued our lives for the next 20 years. Herpes 2 I also caught from him, because he was a slut in Japan, so I caught Japanese herpes. I was lucky I didn’t get AIDS because human behavior in downtown Manhattan in the 80s was frankly, disgusting. And a striking number of people I knew then are long dead because of it.

Foreign viruses beat the crap out of you because you don’t have built up immunity. Globalization has subjected us all to this vulnerability, hence the full-on panic out there in the big world. Collect Japanese Knotweed, Chinese Skullcap, Garlic, Colostrum, Fo-Ti, Cats Claw, Olive Leaf, Lomatium. Drawn from ancient cultures, they are just as “diverse” as the viruses they will eliminate. Twice a day until this crazy-ass thing is over. Which will be soon.