Inclusion riders and the forced diversification of the culture.

I am truly torn on this.  What is happening now, the jack-booted forcing of minorities and marginal into the culture, has been a long long long time coming.  But is this the way to do it?  Frances McDormand, who won Best Actress last night for Three Billboards, said this at the end of her speech, “I have two words for you: inclusion rider.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, an inclusion rider is a requirement in contracts that provide for gender and racial diversity.

“2 Broke Girls and Whitney creator Whitney Cummings in a post Sunday night on Twitter: “An inclusion rider is something actors put into their contracts to ensure gender and racial


equality in hiring on movie sets. We should support this for a billion reasons, but if you can’t find a reason to, here’s one: it will make movies better.”

Yeah, ok, but will it?  Because using art to promote political ideas is anathema, it is the quickest way to lose money.  All those gorgeous black women in ball gowns last night looked darned cross, despite their recent elevation to the stratosphere of the culture.  I get it, I really do, but I wasn’t interested in being lectured and blamed and told I was less evolved by people of any color who sell sex and violence for a living – have you seen Empire? , it is mind-bogglingly corrupt and vulgar- so I drifted away.  As did 12% of Oscar’s audience.

Hollywood titans and titanesses may be beautiful, talented and ferociously ambitious, but they just aren’t very smart.

Serge Faguet and Sean Parker, the nerd-fascists who would be God.


“[We will] live much longer, more productive lives”: “Because I’m a billionaire, I’m going to have access to better health care so … I’m going to be like 160 and I’m going to be part of this, like, class of immortal overlords. [Laughter] Because, you know the [Warren Buffett] expression about compound interest. … [G]ive us billionaires an extra hundred years and you’ll know what [true] wealth disparity looks like.” Sean Parker

I am an enthusiastic bio-hacker, which puts me into the crazy-ass category for my sex and age and profession, but I watched my mother cure her schizophrenia with diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements and that left an indelible stamp on my psyche.  I was the eldest child, and a girl, so I spent my early life up close and personal with the vagaries of a diseased mind.  Which made me admire her achievement all the more, I mean by this full-on deep respect. And it triggered my attempt, once given a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, to take my undiseased mind and see if I could not only improve its function but use it to heal a disease the recovery rate of which is around 12%.

Turns out I could. I have radically improved my sleep, my pulse-ox, turned around my blood lipids, hacked my hormone levels.  My liver and kidney markers are that of a 30-year-old; the universal response of a doctor when they read them is raised eyebrows.  My mind is more plastic and agile than a lot of people my age because I know which combination of nutritional supplements taken at which time works for me; I can race through policy papers that would have killed me twenty years ago. I’ve dipped my toe into nootropics, but tend towards herbal mind enhancers like low-dose lithium and Bacopa. Lion’s Mane alone turned my memory into a steel-trap, nothing is lost. Ever. I even nebulize Glutathione (I used to smoke) because I believe it not only helps my lung function, it also prevents brain and eye aging.  I am yearning to try low-dose Psylocibin or LSD.  And if I can figure out how to get an IV pole and infuse myself with vitamins, I bloody well will.

I’m 32 and spent $200k on biohacking. Became calmer, thinner, extroverted, healthier & happier.

But this guy, Serge Faguet, is out there where any whiff of there has vanished into the wind.   Faguet is an island unto himself, he lives alone, uses ultra-high-priced Russian escorts to maximize the benefits for sex, goes to bed at 9, wakes at 6, takes hundreds of pills a day, and you can read about his entire mad thing at the link in his name.  He is going for super-human. In a post called ‘How to Biohack your Intelligence Now or Become Obsolete‘, he explains just what is in store for us mere humans.

“I think that what we are doing with biohacking is the beginning of humanity’s split into separate species. Enhanced posthumans who will make all the decisions (and who will likely come from the tech communities of Silicon Valley and China). “Basic humans,” who will (maybe) be taken care of well, but will have no real say in what happens.”

Doesn’t that sound fun for the rest of us?  Course being older than Serge, I know life comes for all of us, breaks us down, turns the arrogant human with a ruthlessness that is breathtaking.  I certainly plan to be around to see how Serge and his pal Sean Parker reap the whirlwind.


I wish I had a psyche this organized…..

From the Daily Mail this morning:

“She is already known as the ‘first woman of Wall Street’. Now a British-born single mother is being heavily tipped to take on the world’s top banking job.

Marianne Lake, 48, who has been CFO of JPMorgan Chase since 2012, is now  the favourite to succeed the bank’s long-serving chief executive, Jamie Dimon.

She would be an historic choice for the role – the appointment would make her the first ever female chief executive of the largest US bank, tasked with running a £300billion ($419bn) empire that employs 240,000 staff in more than 60 countries….”

And get this, she is a single mother of three young children.



The Truth About Cancer will save your life.

Watch this doc this week – it is brilliant, it will save your life or that of someone you love one day. Plus if Big Pharma is responsible for buying and trashing all these tonics, protocols and cures, their CEOs and shareholders deserve to be roasted on a spit on CNN and fed to the dogs.

Women and Power, a Manifesto, by Mary Beard

I spent odd moments this weekend reading Mary Beard’s slight Women and Power, 107 pages chronicling the misogynists of classical literature and culture and an awkward attempt to correlate today’s dislike of women like Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel to the male dislike of the woman’s voice, and male hatred for women in power. Beard is famous for her presentations of classical history on the BBC, and for the companion books, Pompeii and Rome. And for being a proud aging woman with long grey hair and no make-up on prime time television. This last has made her a hero to women and the locus of an impressive amount of hatred from the less evolved, much of it having to do with her vagina.  Now considered a folk hero for fighting back – she took her most vicious hater out to lunch, tamed him and wrote him a job recommendation – Beard is surprised, surprised! by the hate out there.

She is right about the hatred directed at women in the public sphere who advance ideas which are prescriptive.  Right or left, the hate is personal, sometimes frightening and very often, disgusting.  Equally, one’s opponents lie and mischaracterize your ideas and associations and say horrible things about your appearance. This is true for men and more so for women, but men shake it off. They are used to fierce competition in the workplace, and in the world of ideas.  For women, because they are hard-wired to the vulnerable, it is earth-shaking, and ferociously hard.

Beard’s solution is to have more women in positions of power.  Again yes, with a caveat.  Beard wants to change the face of power and have it be more inclusive of ordinary men and especially, women.  How this is to be achieved is left to others as are all policy prescriptions founded in emotion.

This is the point of this somewhat dangerous age we find ourselves enduring.  It is in fact, the crux of it and the reason for the hate directed at Beard. We cannot legislate against hate.  That immediately becomes the major tool of the oppressor, to silence opposing ideas.  And, in the realm of women’s freedom, it is not necessary.  The advances of women in my lifetime alone are stunning, there are no doors left unopened, no ceiling left uncracked.  Affirmative action is the de facto rule in almost every profession and industry I’ve encountered.  Almost every western democracy has had a woman leader, and frankly, sex and race are not and should never be a qualification for the most powerful job in the world.

At this juncture, our responsibility as women is to grow into our new roles. I grew up reading fiction (Edith Wharton springs to mind, Emma Bovary another) wherein women who left the traditional course or were ambitious in unseemly ways, ended up dead or disgraced.  Quite a different story today.  Women’s popular fiction is filled with bad-ass gals, many of whom are alcoholics, who solve mysteries and conquer or women under deep threat from serial killers who are their husbands, who conquer and save their children as well. The voice in today’s fiction is deeply personal, deeply concerned with every fibrillation of its psyche, honoring every perception, intuition, every feeling. This is fascinating for one reason:  women, as a class, are individuating. We are moving away from the collectivization that marked the lives of women for the last 5000 years. To follow Beard’s prescriptions, would send us straight back to the herd, mooing along in concert, under the spell of the overlord who tells us the right pretty stories about ourselves.