• What The Truckers Know

    It’s more than us. Do not underestimate them

    When I was researching Eco-Fascists, I would angle to stay in the house of my interview subjects, which was the best way to gain trust and see how they lived. It’s a good technique if you can charm your way in, then drop your “personality” and become an empath for a while, listen, ask questions, laugh at absurdities. Also, it’s lonely driving 20,000 miles by yourself, and I was always looking to save hotel money. So I did stay with truckers and ranchers (often the same thing), farmers (ditto), loggers (ditto), and other traditional rural workers (ditto). A lot of truckers have multiple streams of income, and many work towards staying home on the land, senior truckers take routes when they need an extra $10K. So I lived with them, drove trucker routes, and dug myself into one failing town or county after another.

                And I’d escape to my car after a couple nights in Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, eastern Washington State thinking bloody hell, what I have stumbled into?

                Because they all were telling me the same stories. Hundreds, then thousands (I’d go to conferences) of individuals all over the US and Canada were telling me the same stories.

                The thing about truckers is that they have time to think. Weeks on their own with their minds and the internet. Plus, at home, what comes through the TV is either profoundly violent (they have kids) or tries to teach them to hate themselves. So, other than sports, it’s turned off. They jumped into the deep web way before anyone else.

    Boy did I learn from them. All the data on the dark web, in the corners and by-ways, on Gettr and Steve Bannon, on Rumble, Brighteon, Bitchute, and allll the talk radio, the podcasts. Ten years ago, they knew it all. They knew about threatened digital ID, they knew about the plan to release viruses, they knew about engineered vaccines as kill shots, they knew about the junk they put into food and water that are experimental military grade toxins. They had watched as their high school friends’ jobs were torn away from them and their industries shut down. They watched the plagues of crack and fentanyl replaced healthy lives with death. They watched as their ranches and forests were financialized and the profits taken by oligarchs and plutocrats.  They watched people from their counties became insanely rich on government money, while their schools and town infrastructure degraded. They watched as their pleasures and recreations were taken away then given back via permits and fees. They watched Walmart and China gut their town centers. They know all about the WEF, Agenda 2030 – which was first aimed directly at their communities, and the UN’s depopulation agenda.

                They knew that there had to be money missing, that after three hundred years of growing prosperity, their lives had seemingly overnight become worse than their parents or grandparents.

                They hated the news media. Considered them traitors. I had to forswear my seven years at Time Inc, by which they were not impressed. They knew about MKULTRA and mind control, and entrainment. They watched as their doctors, accountant, lawyers all started saying the same things and following the same, new rules.

                They think 5G can be weaponized against them.

                Above all they knew about the surveillance state. They knew new trucks would have software in them with a kill switch. They made the connections that we are all under digital surveillance all the time, that our media is controlled to our exact interests and manipulated to give us dopamine hits all day long long before we became aware. They knew that each one of us can have the equivalent of a Stasi team on us at all times via AI and the software in our devices. That a 100% digital financial grid means a digital concentration camp.

    I took up smoking again

                So when the vaccines started killing people in their towns, people they met at church, at bowling leagues, from high school, from the teams they competed against? All hell broke loose. Because there is no fair media, they communicated, and well, across all platforms. Now I don’t personally believe that the one in 200 poisoned vials of the experimental shot were sent to deplorables’ towns, but from the ten thousand or so death and injury testimonies I have read, few of these people were college educated, they are normals, in small cities and towns, with multiple cancer diagnoses, born dead infants, teens with heart conditions, mothers dead of strokes in their 30s. The fact that this tsunami of injury is not reported or called fantasy or “right-wing propaganda” only hardens their resolve.

    They know the Vaccine Passport is the first step towards our towns and cities becoming digital concentration camps where every thought is monitored. They even suspected what turned out to be ID2020, which uses dissolvable microneedles that develop patterns of light-emitting microparticles to the skin.

    Why are the governments resisting the will of the people? Because the glorious future they have planned for us requires the collapse of national constitutions. They require the collapse of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Override those with fake health crises, mass protests, and that job is done. They have precedent for revoking basic human rights. They will never give them back.

    Remember the withdrawal of GiveSendGo and GoFundMe? The TD bank played ball with the Ontario government. That is pure fascism, textbook definition.

    The protests ain’t about the mandates, folks. This is about turning our homes, cars, communities into a free range concentration camp, where our human souls can be harvested.

    The truckers knew that long before we did. That’s why, all over the world, their protests will not end until we have our freedom back. All of it.

  • An Occult Level of Hate for His People

    Justin Trudeau is Lord of the Rings’, Wormtongue

    Elizabeth Nickson18 hr ago31

    Canada breeches in world news almost never, so this past weekend’s million person truck rally made international news. Where have they been, wonder many, do they even exist or is it just a string of boring people clustered around the 5,000 mile border of the Greatest Country The World Has Ever Seen?

    All across the route, in frozen temperatures, hundreds gathered on thousands upon thousands of overpasses on the 4500 mile Trans-Canada Highway, waving flags and shouting encouragement to the truckers. Most of those onlookers were in tears of gratitude, with a pride they had not been allowed to feel for decades.

    What the world saw on the streets of Ottawa, those shining faces, was the real Canada, which has been in eclipse for forty years thanks to our ruling class, mostly located in the triangle between Quebec City, Ottawa, and Toronto.

    Much of our ruling class are relative newcomers to the country – in the past 50 years, post war refugees from the European left arrived and began to insinuate their ideas into everything that could conceivably called culture. They did it in opposition to the Canada that came before who they identified correctly as simple bourgeoise whose minds were easily intimidated. Old stock Canadians who saw the potential in hating their own kind, joined in quickly, so as not to miss the financial benefits. And the financial benefits were substantial. One of our greatest political scientists has said, rightly, that where American boomers innovated, Canadians built the thickest most repressive bureaucracy imaginable. Today it mismanages everything and is supremely arrogant. No criticism is allowed.

    But, they were right. The before people were simple, a base of northern British with a sampling of every other European state, and all bent on survival. Since their en masse arrival, best counted from about 1750, they came in waves of immigration, escaping poverty, and stringing across the frozen wastes, thankful for the frozen land they got to call their own for the first time ever.

    All kinds came, all colors, all races, but mostly desperate peasants from desperate places. desperate to survive. They built careful simple lives, and institutions that supported those lives. And almost all of them were churched. Society was built around church and service to others, once your family’s survival was established. Most disturbances were sorted out in church. People spoke for each other, and punishments were applied through an encouragement and chivvying supervision.

    This was so easy to mow over and shame and it was. In the 1960’s hundreds of cultural institutions began building, all of them, every single one, was opposed to and contemptuous of the ten million strong simple families who had fought for survival every single day for the past 200 years. The new people who dominated were followers of the Frankfurt School, supposed tribunes of the less favored but taught to mock and deride the bourgeoisie, to humble it, to take whatever it had and to ruin it in order to build a new world on top of the old world, using the old world’s foundation and wealth.

    Canada by the end of the Second World War had the fourth largest standing army in the world and was poised to become one of the richest. It had a modern infrastructure built in the most inhospitable terrains, canals, railroads, roads, electrical systems, modern livable cities. Everything worked. Everyone worked and hard. It had a mature industrial base, willing workers and resources that could power a prosperity the world had never seen. After WW2, the country welcomed ten million new immigrants from war-torn lands, all eager to participate in that prosperity. 

    That future never happened.

    The best way to steal a country is to shame its people. And if those people are churched, they are already vulnerable to guilt. We have been shamed for half a century and counting. We have been told we are genocidal, we have been told we are racist, we have been told we are fascist, we have been told we are worthless beings who stole everything we have. This fact has been repeated in thousands of books, all of which won awards which were awarded with our tax money, in a hundred thousand newspaper articles that outline our failings, our inadequacies, our insensitivities to the less fortunate, our racism always racism. Plays and operas and art shame us, excoriate us, try to destroy us. We are never good, never kind, never virtuous. Never mind that we welcomed every conceivable race post-war. Never mind that. We deserved to be over run and ruined.

    Because Canadian “culture” has no reach, taxpayers pay for all the books, films, television programs, plays, and art. The products enjoy almost no success in the marketplace. Prize winning books sell, unless assigned in school, in triple digits if they are lucky.  And we don’t watch or read them, because they are filled with hate for us. Their only audience is each other.

    In the past two years, we have been confined to our homes and told we are infected, dirty. We are not allowed to touch things in shops – this actually happened to me yesterday –  we are not allowed to see each other on New Year’s Eve, we are not allowed to travel in our own country without passports that track everything we do. We are told this may end by the summer, but we don’t believe it because those promises have been made before.

    Yesterday,  the most loathed man in Canada, Wormtongue Trudeau who never met a Canadian middle class person he likes, crept out from his hideaway to call the two million Canadians who protested this past week, racists and hate-filled fascists who flew a Nazi flag, peed on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and defaced Terry Fox’s statue. There is film of protestors shaming and shouting the provocateurs, for so they were, out of the crowd.

    Even Wormtongue’s half-brother said yesterday that his hate speech was so intense, so filled with loathing, it was occult, even demonic.

    The truckers and the millions that lined the route, had no grievances that were legit. The fact that their lives and businesses have been ruined by ill-considered policies of the administrative state? Shrugged off. “We must stick together”, says the man who has not one accomplishment to his name, other than being shuttled into power by the Chinese Communist Party and their puppet Gerald Butts.

    Every single participant, whether trucker or supporter will go home and in the coming months, every single one will start organizing.

    Our corrupt politics means only ten percent of Canada voted in Justin Trudeau.

    It will not happen again.

    (photos by Veronique Cote)

    Elizabeth Nickson’s family arrived in Canada in the 1700s and 1800s. Her blended family married into four native tribes: the Assiniboine, Mohawk, Blackfoot and Metis. The story of native/white interaction is far more nuanced than we are led to believe by current propaganda.

  • Canada is a CCP Narco State

    You are next

                I blame RFK Jr. Once he arrived in British Columbia with his Riverkeepers, Kennedy glamour, and eye for beautiful child-women, the latter of which somehow made him even more exciting, he changed the path of history. An entire generation fell to their knees and vowed to protect the magnificent nature, the majestic trees and rivers, and so they all genuflected and went to university and took environmental courses and in their summers researched out in the bush, with grants, and went back to school with more grants, playing at being Indians, hooting about the owl, crying about the dying trees and planet and over-heated air. Once out of school with their heavily subsidized degrees they went into the bureaucracy and methodically over a period of 20 years shut the province down.

    It was a magnificent temper tantrum thrown by a cohort who never grew up, who fritter away their lives protecting mycelium and certain very special trees. The men are feminized, the women prosecutorial. Do not get in their way.

    They are also deeply, profoundly, dangerously, innocent about the real world.

    But they were smart, courtesy of their free education and birth in a once free country.  No longer would the wilderness be contemplated by the eyes of the predatory white man who never saw anything beautiful and magical but he wanted to cut it down or commodify it. They prevented or decommissioned roads into the back country. Ninety percent of the parks became inaccessible. They made thousands of Ecological Study Zones and did not list them on maps. They threw webs of regulation over everything where activity was still allowed (by the time they were finished it counted a full 6% of the province) and made common cause with the 66,412 “First Nations” in the province, promising them gold from heaven (or more correctly The White Man) if they fought alongside to punish the Punisher who had ruined their lives.

    Whereupon they crashed tax collection. Which meant that the government, responsible for education, health care, and pretty much everything else after decades of socialist government, became freakishly desperate for money.  The green people were adamant. They had locked everything down in webs of regulation, several jurisdictions deep, and opening up anything – a mine, a forest, a ski hill, a subdivision with a view-scape, meant ten years of court battles and $100,000,000. Oh, you could still emigrate to, or live in British Columbia, but you had to live in a matchbox and work fourteen hour days. Kinda like a slave.

    Luckily we had the Chinese. Who had drifted over 100 years ago and built the railroads, dug the tunnels and five generations later had built healthy, commercial, free lives like all the desperate settlers who arrived in the province after 1850.

    Wherever free Chinese are successful, here comes the Chinese Communist Party, like all communists desperate for cash and willing to do anything to get it.  The environmentalists of the 80s and 90s, like the woke of 2022, were oblivious, living in their office towers and subsidized wilderness retreats.

    In 1982, a trio of men, including Xiaoping Deng, the paramount leader of the PRC from 1979 to 1989, met in Hong Kong and made a deal to help realize the CCP’s global ambitions as well as learning about this strange thing commerce and capitalism, after Hong Kong was given over. This deal spawned the United Front Work Department fostering business ties between the CCP and the Triads. Triad leaders began to run businesses in Mainland China with elite military and revolutionary families.

    Then the Hongs of Hong Kong began moving their money into Canada, buying their way in, and becoming citizens. That money was mostly legit but it skewed real estate prices. Then, after Expo 86, CCP officials – the above elite military and revolutionary families, looking for safe houses in case of a purge, started prospecting. They spent millions to get into the country. Money for which a former industrial state was now desperate. Did the money come from the work of a billion slaves? Never mind. Once that decision was made, the die was cast. The fruit of a poisoned tree started growing.

    Then the flood. The province founded a Lottery Corporation to pay for hospitals, schools, and universities and the salaries for ever multiplying bureaucrats. They built Casinos which attracted the big serious money from the Chinese Triads. Millions in tattered $20 bills appeared at casino windows in suitcases. They were exchanged at the end of the night for crisp $100 bills. Their losses (laundering) meant our medical care and education were paid for by a criminal cartel in bed with and facilitated by the Chinese Communist Party.  Our bills were now being paid not by our labor and enterprise (microbusinesses only allowed) but by the labor and addiction of the most degraded, desperate people on earth.

    The richest physical jurisdiction in the world had become a Narco City State.

    In the casinos, private rooms proliferated, and trafficked women and children were used and discarded. Thirty-four percent of the money in Vancouver’s real estate is now Chinese.  The CCP bought bureaucrat after bureaucrat in the federal Immigration department. The RCMP and CSIS (Canada’s CIA) launched investigation after investigation and at the end of the 90s produced a comprehensive report called “Sidewinder” detailing the money, the crime, the broken people, the involvement of the CCP, and it identified Canadian government elected officials and lifelong bureaucrats that had facilitated the incursion.

    “Sidewinder” concluded that the CCP had infiltrated and “corrupted Canada’s institutions and markets”, according to Wilful Blindness, by investigative reporter Sam Cooper. Cooper cites case after case of Chinese Triad bosses subverting Immigration and moving into Vancouver’s richest neighborhoods, bidding up the price of real estate, and using government Casinos opened to pay for hospitals, schools and medical care, to launder billions of dollars in crumpled $20 bills.  The RCMP’s investigation was halted in its tracks by a senior immigration official, who CSIS had identified as taking bribes.

    Sidewinder was shut down and then, buried.

    In thousands of commercial properties and in vast gated mansions on the outskirts of the city, drugs from China brought over in soy sauce packets, in containers with false bottoms, are pressed into pills, or sorted into powder and sold into the American market. The money is brought back to Vancouver and laundered through the government Casinos. Not only do the Casinos launder Canadian drug money, they launder Mexican cartel money and American gang money.

    Billions upon billions of dirty money from all across North America have been laundered through B.C. government casinos and Vancouver’s real estate.

    This is called The Vancouver Model. It is now copied by by Iranians, Russians, South American and African gangs in every mega-city in the world. This activity has skyrocketed the price of housing. And this, above all, is the reason for the homelessness and crime, not just in Vancouver, but in every other desirable city in North America.

    San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York. London. Paris. Narco City States, every single one. That is why those once great cities are dying.

    “Vancouver Model” money laundering has effectively made Canada’s west coast a headquarters for corporate and industrial espionage by the CCP.  In 2019, according to Sam Cooper, the RCMP arrested its top intelligence official, Cameron Otis. There is literally no way the Triads could thrive without protection from the Mounties and the provincial and federal governments, said Cooper. And these ruthless entrepreneurs have used Vancouver and Canada’s lax and corrupted laws to export their criminal model to other countries around the world including Australia and New Zealand. You think drugs from Mexico are a problem? Child’s play compared with the Vancouver model.

    Twenty years after the Vancouver model took effect, Vancouver politics is riddled with CCP agents and informers. Every single cultural and medical institution is corrupted with slave state money. The CCP is almost certainly engineering the continued election of Justin Trudeau, the only human with the IQ of a family pet, and the vengefulness of a mongoose. His consigliore, Gerald Butts, the man behind the throne, is an old-fashioned socialist, a coal miner’s son who hates rich white Anglo Canadians and is fine with anything destroying their culture. He used the environmental movement, as head of the World Wildlife Foundation, to move into politics and is almost certainly has found soul mates in the CCP. The Conservative Party is as bewildered by reality as a Victorian maiden set down in Times Square, and under ceaseless attack by the media. All anyone cares about is climate change, racism and pronouns.

    And the woke in universities, gleefully trashing what’s left of the civilization that created the greatest good for the greatest number, pulled billions out of grinding poverty, are having their education and health care, their parents’ pensions and benefits paid for by Chinese factory slaves, drug addicts and the homeless they step over on the street.

    The money they are using is filthier and more corrupting than any that came out of the Antebellum South during the plantation era.

    The woke generation is the most compromised and immoral in history. If they wake up, their self-hatred will know no bounds.

    How long until the CCP claims our storied forests and rivers, plains and towns? How long till our forests are cut, our rare earth minerals excavated, our oil sands stripped, our natural gas taken, our lost and hidden valleys turned into vacation spots for CCP officials on vacation?

    How long till Canadians become slaves themselves? Twenty years? Ten?



    Elizabeth Nickson’s family arrived in the New World in 1630. Her family first married into the Mohawk around 1792. Her family includes four Indian bands, including Metis (Plains Indian and half French Canadian), Jew, Jamaican, Venezuelan and South Asian. Her paternal great-grandparents built the early infrastructure of the City of Vancouver, including bringing in the first piped water, constructing the water and sewage system, railroads, sidewalks, bridges, tunnels and breakwaters. The other set started the Vancouver General Hospital, in tents, with their friends from church.

    I admire RFKJrs fierce fight for the vaccine-injured. But his enviro activism became destructive.  

    Sam Cooper’s Wilful Blindness, How a Network of Narcos, Tycoons and CCP Agents Infiltrated the West, details his intensive, detailed, deeply sourced investigation of CCP and Triad activity in Vancouver and the rest of the country. Highly recommended.


    Paul MarksJan 24When my cousin Carmella arrived in BC it was a land of lumberjacks in plaid shirts – it has changed rather a lot.Reply
    Brenda Broley CookJan 24brilliantly written! I disagree only with one housepet is more intelligent than justin trudeauWe need to DO something!!Reply
  • The Center Will Not Can Not Hold

    “What Rough Beast, its hour come at last…”

    I am always relieved to wake up and find the Potemkin Economy is still roaring and everyone is getting their little bits of money so that they can survive another day, week or month. Just keep us serfs down here in the dirt, Bezos/Gates/Zuck/Zhou, scrabbling for the crumbs from your table, trading our pennies for ingenious bits of plastic from China, waiting till this edifice you have built with our life’s energy collapses.

    No adult can look at the accumulated debt of the western economies – which effectively doubled, doubled in the last two years without shrinking. Unless of course, he has gold buried in the yard, silver for tender, and a year’s food put by. I used to have a stalker – one who owned seats on the stock exchange – who was so convinced that the world was going to collapse he would throw bars of silver over the fence.  

    Oh, we’re going to raise interest rates to stall hyperinflation say the various central banks. Sure you are buddy, the moment you do in any substantive way, the bankruptcies will start and will not stop until there is nothing left. Every still-functioning individual (not on the take), family, town, region, state is so leveraged that even a 1% raise is dangerous. Then there are the unfunded liabilities. Every small town is liable for public sector pensions that would stun the average bear. $300 Trillion in the US? More?

    The world is being run for these two sectors: Wall Street and the Administrative State. But that part of the economy that creates wealth, that part of the economy on which these two sectors are built, is dead. I’ve been living out in the real world for 20 years now, and damn, no one is reporting on the catastrophe those two sectors have wrought.

    Maybe now? In the last two years, the administrative state has managed to destroy small business, break national and regional budgets, destroy schooling, immiserate children, destroy the Logistics industry, gut the food supply, throw food production into chaos, increase addiction across every cohort, increase domestic abuse, delay cancer treatments, cause multiple other diseases through neglect, refuse tested and safe early treatments, and produce vaccines that are now causing a 40% uptick in death rates. Reading celebrity news is an unnerving task since so many have suddenly…died.  

    Maybe now people will pay attention?

    Wall Street has destroyed everything else. In 2020, while people lost everything, NASDAQ rose 46%. In 2021, the whole market rose 27%. Repeat: when nothing was being produced and half the world lay idle, Wall Street made a 27% profit. The cheap money they demanded, has resulted in 7% consumer inflation and 9.7% producer price inflation. Who’s going to pay that? Us out here. The stench in Walmart, the bingo players. The serfs.

    I live in a region bigger than Texas or Florida, 7 times bigger than the UK, British Columbia is mind-bogglingly huge. Not only that, it has ten bio-geo-climatic zones which means we are super-super-super rich. We can grow, harvest and mine everything that man needs. We can feed a mega-city and then some. Natural gas, oil, electrical power, forest, water, rare earth minerals. We have it, lots of it. The Alberta Oil Sands, the cleanest greenest oil extraction infrastructure on the planet? We have those too, enough to power the world. The province is the richest region in the galaxy, hands down, no contest.

    It’s shut down. Once the environmentalist/native rights hysterics got through with us, everything shut down. Forestry, shut down. Mining. Not allowed. A natural gas terminal to sell power to China and US?  Don’t make me laugh. You cannot do anything. You cannot build anything, you cannot start a business. They replaced those industries, which paid our health care, with tourism. Where’s that now?

    Our regulatory structure is so over-written, even food trucks or a bakery in a tiny village surrounded by forest, have to dodge and feint otherwise here comes the bureaucracy checking your water, your sewage, the voltage on your oven, your venting, your parking, your neighbors’ permission, your carbon emissions, the number of people on your property preparing food. Have you cleared your activity with the 33 First Nations in your area? Please show your papers. Every one of their sentences costs you $10,000.

    You can make money here if you are working for Chinese Communists or other criminal cartels, The RCMP warns that Canada has become a haven for nefarious national security and transnational organized crime networksClear industry from a bio-geo-climatic region?  Here come the cartels.

    In Vancouver, theChinese use their slave state money to buy real estate as fast as they can, install an obedient serf, and hold it. Criminal cartels launder money effectively bidding up prices for normals. Which means commercial rents are insane for anyone but multinationals. And building a building? Costs maybe twice as much as two years ago. Residential property prices have risen 61% in four years. Our homeless problem is a vicious unsolvable problem, because government has stolen everything that the cartels haven’t.

    No wonder everyone is so well informed and seething. It’s all they can find to keep their brains operating, while lying on the couch between tending their chickens and vegetable gardens hoping those will keep them alive when The Event arrives.

    The surprise mega-mega-hit of this fall was Yellowstone. Nothing woke is even on the radar in viewers. Yellowstone was successful in Phoenix, Denver, Kansas, Oklahoma, the Carolinas, Idaho, Ohio first, and not the prime markets, in the “C” rated markets, the ones advertisers don’t care about.  It moved from the center out. Why?

    “These are the issues I face every day,” said one middle-American male in Ohio. He is besieged by everything Wall Street and the Admin State can throw at him. Nearly every month he is engaged in a life or death struggle. Every player in his business life is confiscatory.

    Yellowstone is real, it is grounded, it reflects reality, now, not in space, not in yesteryear, now. That’s why it has cleaned the clocks of every posing wokster in media. The average Joe, the one on whom your life depends, is under as much threat as Kevin Costner and his family. Yellowstone has 10 million viewers because that brutalism is the reality Our Glorious Leaders have created.

    They have broken everything.

  • They Tried to Bury Us, They Forgot We Were Seeds

    The Great Decoupling

    For the past three decades, our friends on the institutional and academic left have been agitating for a coming together of the culture, a re-engagement with civic life, with everyone marching in order, sacrificing self for others. Countless busybodies with publishing contracts have charged that we are selfish and narcissistic and vain and little and the only thing that will save us is to jettison all that and work for the common good. Socialism, the great equalizer, is the only way to defeat vulture capitalism and the giant sucking of life’s energy from the poor to the rich. Our benevolent highly educated leadership will manage the transition without a hiccup. The genocide that other cultures have experienced won’t happen this time.

    In 1997, pop historians Neil Howe and William Strauss followed their celebrated Generations[1] with the Fourth Turning, which predicted that our time, right now would be that time when humans become better people. Some great crisis will trigger a revisioning of everything and people would all of a sudden stop their infantilism and become like the Greatest Generation, the Revolutionary Generation, the Civil War Generation bringing forward a new saner more generous way of living.

    The Fourth Turning: What The Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny is heavily promoted by Bitcoin philosophers and politicians like Steve Bannon. It is one of those books that make power-seeking intellects believe that their path is illumined by the Great Spirit. No doubt it was on the reading list of self-appointed genius leaders like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.

    So about ten years ago, they decided to create the triggering event that will lead to Human 3.0. It would be the American Revolution of the 2000’s, and it would create a pliant good citizenry who would consent to being chipped, stripped of property, heavily restricted (climate change), depopulated (also climate change) and made available for harvest by our superiors (Silicon Valley). Our religion would be Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, meaning that everyone competent would sacrifice their opportunity and futures for the least advantaged and the World Would Be Saved.

    The plandemic was born.

    Two years in, It could not have backfired worse. Out in the great diaspora of free individuals, there is a massive coalition building. It takes in blue collar workers, New Agers, wage slaves, natural health people, service people like police and firemen, artists and communicators, dissident journalists and writers and scientists, one by one splitting off from the super culture, quitting their jobs, striking out on their own. News rockets around alternate news sources at top speed, outpacing the censors who slam shut one activist after another, while immediately 20 other rise to take their place.  Engagement, people are finding, is addictive, the dopamine hit of social media is much much stronger when your engagement is with your political allies and you are Fighting The Man. 

    Here’s a lovely little data nugget. They don’t have the electrical power to feed the censorship grid. It doesn’t exist. The Dalles in Oregon is a massive massive installation that feeds Google from the Columbia River, but they’ll need ten thousand Dalles to really get their social credit score up and running. They have literally run out of power. That’s why a story can run in a local newspaper and be in everybody’s inbox the next morning from Australia to India to Des Moines. No matter how fast the censors work.

    The tsunami of bullshit from old media has lost them almost half their readership in the last year alone. And frankly anyone still watching broadcast news is part of the slow kids club.

    In Canada, CBC news radio and television news eats up 50% of journalism dollars in the country and is watched, read or listened to by 1.35% of Canadians.. Both CNN and Fox lost 34% of their viewers in 2021. The Alphabet News CBS etc., lost double digits, the Washington Post lost 44% and the NYTimes, 34%. The only way old media affects the national mood, is if when the bullshit gets preposterous enough to mock world-wide.

    Joe Rogan’s listeners outpace the audience for 60 Minutes at its height in the 70s, and does so today by several orders of magnitude.

    Black Rock and Vanguard are financing one hell of a vanity press for the Oligarchy.

    Take the numbers who vanished from the propaganda web in ’21 alone. That’s probably a good indication of how many people have just….decoupled. The pandemic taught people how to detach from the super culture, from the constant spending and acquiring, from busyness, from frantic senseless competition, from serving the oligarchy, which resulted in the Great Resignation. People are leaving the cities as fast as they can sell their houses and rural areas are seeing double digit rises in population, Hudson NY for example, almost 100%. Where I live house prices have risen 30% a year for the past two years. Gardening, food growing, local food is a massive profit center for individuals – once an activity for the sensitive, now the only way to eat – provide a stark example of getting out of the web.

    This isn’t a hundred year upset, it’s a 2000 year disruption. It’s a decoupling, a refusal, a fuck you to 2000 years of authoritarianism.

    They tried to bury us. They forgot we were seeds.

  • Why David Brooks, the Atlantic and the New York Times are Irrelevant

    “Brooks is irrelevant,” I snapped to a email friend who sent me David Brooks’ recent self-congratulatory snooze-fest Why Conservatism is Dead Because it Doesn’t Listen To Me, in The Atlantic. “Furthermore,” I continued, “The New York Times is irrelevant, and all its columnists are irrelevant because they just are.”  

    Remember Time Magazine?  A few short decades ago, it was the dominant magazine in the world. Ten million copies a week sold for real money. Pages and pages of advertising. Now, it’s a joke edited by a woman who I used to report for and who, trust me, is a bear of limited brain. And that fate is soon coming for the Atlantic, the Times and most other broadsheets. They are, as someone clever (Sarah Hoyt) recently said, barking orders at platoons of invisible foot soldiers, their world hollowing out beneath them.

    One of my last editors informed me “we are gatekeepers,” to my stunned silence. This was a charming woman, who I adored, but who had never done anything but copy edit her way to editorship, had virtually no life experience, and as far as I could see, no real interests, other than her career and comfort and Holt Renfrew.

    Honey, I grew up in Westmount and there were a whole lotta women who thought they were gatekeepers too. Their world? Vanished without a trace.

    This goes for almost anyone dug into the current “mainstream” of the culture, wrapped up in a plush packet, filled with velvet and down and praise for lo these many years. None of them has any idea of how real life is lived.

    To a man or woman, right and left, they are all scathing of the messy unwashed populists thronging the streets of the world fit to be tied by their lives being foreshortened with every single year that passes. Like Brooks, they flatter themselves with droning graduate level synopses of conservative (or liberal) thought over the ages, compare it to Trump’s syntax and cry ‘Civilization is DEAD!”

    Never mind the badly dressed, snorting barely-humans at the barricades. They have no beef, no complaint, just shut up. They are anathema, human garbage who dare to rebel against the ferocious incompetence of their so-called leaders who have assumed police power over every aspect of their lives.

    Brooks et al are part of the New Class, a group identified by William F, Buckley’s National Review sometime in the 70’s, forgive me for not bothering to check, I have just plodded my way through several thousand words of basic conservative thought history, which I rather hoped I’d read for the last time, the last time I was plodding through the virtues of Locke and Montesquiou and Burke.

    The New Class for those who haven’t done the plodding is that modern caste of brahmins and mandarin bureaucrats who simply know better and who clip a bit of every dollar in the economy until those dollars reach those people who produce the product as 40% of what’s left. Every career politician, bureaucrat, contract worker, academic, consultant, union head, etc etc etc.  The people my industrialist father used to call parasites.

    Anyway to get to the part where Brooks says conservatism is dead, despite the three billion strong furious anti-government populists simmering in their houses, getting ready to take power, because damn, this is coming whether Brooks likes it or not.

    Turns out he doesn’t actually have an argument. He just devolves into Trump frenzy.

    Let me count the risibilities:

    1. Conservatism ended with Mitt Romney in 2012. (I died laughing at that one – the vulture capitalist is the true conservative.)

    2. Populists are spiritually sick because they don’t listen to the New Class anymore. (Do you ever ever ask yourself why?)

    3. We know better. We can cite Burke.

    4. All of life is seen as an incessant class struggle between oligarchic elites and the common volk (well yeah)

    5. A lot of my friends are trying to reclaim the GOP and make it a conservative party once again. I cheer them on  (ie listen you common volk who can’t cite Burke)

    6. He makes the usual charge of racism at Americans complaining about people and criminals flooding across the southern border, calling it a rejection of “pluralism”. Because Brooks never leaves his leafy bower, he has no idea how people live anymore.

    Here, I’ll tell him. It doesn’t matter what damned color or sex you are, as long as you’re not grifting off us. The immigrants and criminals flooding across the border don’t end up in university towns and the upper west side. They end up in small towns who can’t afford to pay for them. Their services are overwhelmed, their hospitals and schools broken by the floods of sick, hungry people who are basically illiterate. Who immediately start stealing because they are freaking hungry and Brooks and his ilk don’t pay for anything, so the badly dressed volk are stuck with it.

    7. “As long as the warrior ethos dominates the GOP, brutality will be admired over benevolence, propaganda over discourse, confrontation over conservatism, dehumanization over dignity”. (This is shameless bullshit. Warrior ethic my ass- without it Brooks and his parents and grandparents would still be laboring as heavily discriminated against Jewish peasants in Russia.)

    8. Brooks penultimate para:  In 2021, the core threat is social decay. The danger we should be most concerned with lies in family and community breakdown, which leaves teenagers adrift and depressed, adults addicted and isolated. It lies in poisonous levels of social distrust, in deepening economic and persisting racial disparities that undermine the very goodness of America—in political tribalism that makes government impossible.

    Oh my God, haven’t we had enough of this garbled preaching? I’m kindof with Lenin and Mao here. I think Brooks, Frum, the lady plutocrat who pays for this self-regarding horseshit, and all the rest of them, should go and work in a damned field for a few years, sleep with the peasants and eat at the Olive Garden.

    Families are breaking down you awful vain piece of humanity, because they don’t have enough money. It has all been stolen by you, the new class working for the plutocrats who own your withered sedentary behinds. It is you and your paymasters who have have gutted their towns and industries – hello Mitt Romney – stolen their bright children and corrupted them, and reduced their lives to the economic level at which their grandparents existed, but now both man and wife must work ten hour days if they’re lucky enough to find work. It’s economic war which Brooks supported every inch of the way, waged by the very rich on everyone else. It is entirely fitting that his publishers – Mdm Jobs and Carlos Slim are paying for what can only be seen as propaganda as vile, constrictive and extractive as the medieval Catholic Church.

    To the fields. For five years. Then maybe you’d write something you haven’t written eighteen thousand times before. Not that I care. You are irrelevant.

  • All Politics Is Local

    Problem Solving by Challenging Assumptions

    Salt Spring Island, B.C. Canada

    Town Hall meeting, September 28, 2021

    Hi everybody, my name is Elizabeth Nickson and I have lived on SS for 21 years. I bought my land 30 years ago while working in London. All my friends were buying starter flats or little houses, I bought 30 acres of scrub forest and meadow consumed by invasive weed.

    I am going to go into some detail on my CV, so you can have some confidence in the assertions I am going to make.

    I came here in the middle of my career because my mother was psychologically fragile after my father’s death. Our family has been on the coast for 130 years. My great grandfather brought in the first piped water to Victoria and then Vancouver, building that city’s water and waste systems. The water meter for Vancouver used to be in their front hall. My other great grandparents co-founded the Vancouver General. Speaking to the current hysteria, my family were longtime allies of the Indians, marrying into the Blackfoot and Mohawk. Mohawk poet Pauline Johnson was my great grandmother’s cousin through her Indian family and she, Harriet, took care of Pauline in her last illness, burying her and funding the statue in Stanley Park along with her friends. My partner Jamie has two Indian bands in his family, his great-grandmother full-blood Assiniboine and one of his sons, Metis. The reality of early settler life has been wildly politicized.

    I was trained at Time Magazine and I reported for the corporation for seven years out of London, into Europe and Africa, ending my time there as European bureau chief of LIFE Magazine. The training was rigorous, two mistakes and you were fired. The best journalists and editors in the world worked for Time then, it sold 10 million copies a week. If you were a fact-checker and let three errors through, you were fired. If you were a reporter, same. Everyone wanted these jobs, so it was very very competitive. I make this point because nothing is fact-checked now, virtually nothing in any broadsheet is true, and the quality of most journalism is tragic.

    I moved here with an assignment from Harper’s Magazine to tell the story of the devising of the Salt Spring Official Community Plan. It was called Where The Bee Sucks. I talked to everybody – high and low – in order to familiarize myself with the people of the island, I read the Trust’s documents, and analyzed its science and process.

    I grew up in a small country village, and at the time I was in favor of the Trust. I still want the islands to stay small, humble, unique. I would fight to keep it that way. I don’t want it commodified in any way, I don’t want condo developments and I don’t want our build-out changed, with one caveat, which has to do with housing our less advantaged.

    I have a NAPTEP covenant on my property, “saving” two creeks, forest and ravine, including three dozen 200 year old Doug Fir, and I built a carbon-neutral rammed earth house, heated by geothermal, which could also be certified as a healthy house. 

    I wrote about the Trust on and off as a columnist for the Globe and then the National Post, and in 2005, I did a subdivision and density transfer, dividing my 30 acre forest in half.

    This led to a book, written for Harper Collins New York, edited by Adam Bellow, Saul Bellow’s son. It used the thread of my subdivision to analyze the results of environmental stewardship – not the hopes and dreams, not the propaganda, the results of what has already been done. I looked at the big picture throughout the US and Canada. It missed the NYTimes bestseller list by a hair. I was on radio shows in the US and Canada reaching over 50,000,000 people. To research it, I drove 20,000 miles throughout the US and Canada and talked to 2500 people, from town councilors to foresters, ranchers, conservationists, lawyers, you name the profession or role, I talked to them. I read hundreds of policy papers, hundreds of documents about endangered species, and I talked to the people who fact-checked, analyzed and litigated those documents. I analyzed how much of the US and Canada has been set aside and saved. The book received a rigorous fact-check, which I requested and paid for. Upon hearing that, the vice-president of legal counsel at Harper Collins put the book through another fact and legal check.

    I studied statistics, economics and the graduate level.

    My cousins were my chief mentors, he a celebrated biophysicist who decided who got the Order of Canada in Science for a decade. He was the Canadian participant in the team deconstructing the DNA molecule. He ended his career as head of the Royal Society of Canada. His wife, Jane, was head of the political science department at York, and taught classes at Osgood Hall, because she had a law degree too. She received her doctorate from the London School of Economics and to research her thesis traveled by bus to the Congo in 1961. I measured my intellect against theirs for decades, they correcting, moderating and advising me. Our relationship was pure pleasure. Finally, I worked with Bob and NASA on the Mars Project at LIFE Magazine, working out how to showcase their project. I have a thank you letter from NASA.

    I say all this because in the region, I have been characterized as a fringe person, “right wing”, which is preposterous, and Trust supporters have attacked me relentlessly every time I published. I have been repeatedly threatened with harm, Trust supporters have tried over and over to get me fired. No one ever engages with the truth of what I say, they attack me in personal terms, and are cruel and bullying in the extreme. I fully expect by-law officer visits and government harassment after this is published.

    I am anything but fringe, I am highly educated and trained and I have consistently worked with the smartest people in my field for thirty years.

    Here is what I learned over 20 years about the Trust.

    1. the regime that the Trust created is repeated in countless rural areas all over the world. It is anything but local, it is top down, and all the legislation is written by people who have never been here. It is dropped here through planners’ associations in league and directed by the UN. I could find the same phrasing used in the 2050 Policy changes in hundreds of places all over the world in every country, all of it originating at the UN’s 2030 Project, or whatever they are calling it this year.  The Trust is not a local organization. It cares nothing about the people in the trust area. It has another agenda.

    2. Wherever these regimes are put in place, civic peace is done. Anger rises, largely because the regulation is NOT local and does not serve locals. At the same time because the regime is hated, the supporters of the regime become cruel. That is why we have 70 year old women sleeping in their cars and nothing is done. That is why people hate the trust. I talk to everybody, and not just people like me, in fact I am not interested in what people like me, think. I am interested in the less advantaged from every walk of life, and believe me, they hate the trust.

    3. Almost all the science, the papers that are meant to scare you to death are faked. Writers for NGOs like Raincoast, in general seize a problem and exaggerate it until it can panic people. In the US, when this science is litigated, it is 100% found to be fudged. 100%. Every single court case.

    The Douglas Fir is one of the most common trees in the world and the range of the Coastal Douglas fir starts in northern California and runs up the coast to the northern tip of Vancouver Island. This new rule is based on splitting the species into ever smaller categorizations. Sometimes, these people will identify a salamander as endangered, where one ravine over, they exist in abundance. You will notice that Raincoast dropped out of this town hall. It is because they know I know they are fudging it. We need a detailed, granular map of conversation areas, because there are hundreds of them in our islands. Not to mention national and regional and local parks, untouched upland forest zones, crown lands, ecological study zones, The Nature Conservancy of Canada set-asides. As I said hundreds representing thousands of acres which are left to degrade by their “owners”.

    4. The biggest danger to Doug Fir in the Gulf Islands is fire. Real foresters, those not muzzled by government, have been warning about catastrophic canopy fire for 20 years. These reports are all through the Forest Service libraries in the US. What they predicted has come true – these fires are CAUSED by the green movement. Green management of the forests has led to tinder buildup, fire ladders they are called. The lack of clear cutting means there are no fire breaks. Because there is no thinning, the forests are clogged and no trees are reaching a healthy maturity. They are malnourished, they suck up all the groundwater, and they stand there, perfect kindling. 

    The Trust has no detailed plan for the management of the forests and conservation areas they supposedly oversee. Nor do any of the dozen other conservation outfits and parks established here.

    5. Nothing is more illustrative of the Trust’s incompetence than the housing crisis. I sat in a meeting in 2005, where Elizabeth White presented a study on affordable housing. We pay for study after study, hundreds of thousands of dollars gone, and nothing ever gets fixed. The trust does not want affordable housing because it is one of the ways they can de-develop the island. These policies and pr nonsense are written to confuse and obfuscate. The language used is preposterous, any of them would have fired at Time Magazine within an hour. It is that bad. It is that much of a cheat. De-development and de-population of rural areas are the twin goals of the 2050 Plan.

    6. More than anything we need a vital local economy with local food production, and jobs to keep the young here, and the old enveloped in kindness. The Trust’s over-regulation crabs the activity on homeowners property. Most of us have worked our entire lives to be able to live here.  Our houses and lands are our principal wealth and it is from them, that we live and have our well-being. Fire and over-regulation are the threats. Not climate change or species extirpation.

    7. Water. There is water. It is not looked for. The long-time water finder on the island says there is enough water up on Beddis Ridge for the entire Gulf Islands. The reason this water has not been found is because the trust and the Victoria bureaucrats do not want it to be found. 

    I have talked to senior senior hydrologists, the kind sent into Chernobyl to clean up nuclear waste, to clean the water system after a catastrophe like a volcano or earthquake. They say 100% there is enough water here. 100% certainty.

    Around the time of the Club of Rome in 1971, and later in alignment with the World Economic Forum and the UN, very powerful people, neo-Malthusians, decided to draw down the population. By the late 70s, all the land and water agencies began to shift from assisting development to slowing or stopping development. I have heard the shock from Forest Service engineers and scientists describing that turn. The Trust’s only goal, and it works through many lenses, including shamefully inserting our local natives into the planning process, is de-development and de-population. I’m not going to argue this point, I’m just going to say what it does to us as a community.

    We are becoming scared, crabbed, little, people. Our problem-solving abilities, our creativity has been taken from us, and in its place we are being given rules to follow and fake science for “proof”.  If we have environmental problems, the human can solve it. If we have problems with native inclusion, humans can create solutions. We can create water solutions. We can create housing solutions. 

    When my great-grandparents pioneered out here, none of them had anything but a high school education. But with that my Nickson great-grandfather built Kicking Horse Pass, the highest longest railroad pass in the world. If he could do that, if the Banfields could start a world-class hospital IN TENTS, we can solve all our problems very quickly and move out of the hate-filled, contentious, repressive environment caused by the trust and its malignant parents.

    The trust destroys our humanity. It must have root reform or be decommissioned.

    And the 2050 Policy is brutal fascism engineered by the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, placing us all into a police state.

  • Am I fat-phobic? Are You?

    We probably both are. As women (and men) of the late 20th century and early 21st our eyes are trained to see the sylphs sold to us by the cadaver Anna Wintour on down, she, by the way, a woman more responsible for eating disorders than anyone else on the planet. Not to mention our crippled feet.

    But recently body image is changing – and a bit of flesh, enough, a handful is now seen as perfectly ok, if not preferable.

    Most “science” now says slightly overweight is healthier than underweight or even what is now classed as normal, vis the Body Mass Index. The Kardashians have trained us to see outsize curves as desirable, which means that we have widened our definition of beauty to include body types of races, other than northern Europeans. Which is a good thing.

    But fat, obesity, the way out of range? This is still seen as toxic, if not dangerous. And of course, in real terms, it is. Obesity shaves 9 years off your lifespan, multiple studies affirm. One hardly needs to enumerate the risks, but knees, hips, heart, stroke, cancer, all risks are increased. The obese are universally seen as weak, as figures of mockery, dangerous to themselves, inevitably to depend on others to live out their lives.

    Never mind all that, said Roxane Gay, whose memoir of being 534 pounds, Hunger, A Memoir of (My) Body, broke the spell. Gay, from a disciplined, accomplished black family was gang-raped at 12, the gang led by the boy she thought was her friend. At which point she started eating and did not stop.

    Gay points out that for her, and for generations of black women, and doubtless, white, overeating suppressed pain. Poverty, abandonment, single motherhood, struggle all resulted in over-eating anything that would change your emotional state, and that preferably cheap. Therefore sugar and saturated fat. And of course the food industry’s shameful use of toxic addictive oils and sugars increases the likelihood of illness.

    Leaving aside the culture of addiction, Gay and painter Jenny Saville (see above), want to view what we call obesity as acceptable, normal and even beautiful. They charge it is our prejudiced eye that sees the tryptyich above as ugly. Gay sees “society” as contradictory.

    “As a woman, as a fat woman, I am not supposed to take up space. And yet, as a feminist, I am encouraged to believe I can take up space.”

    If I run into someone who is 400 pounds, that’s pretty much all I am going to think about. In fact, my insurance agent weighs up around those numbers, and I delay leaving her desk because I am so interested. It may be trauma, weird hormones, an accident which led her to her fate, but I wonder at her, her stamina, her insistence on being present, her cheerfulness. I find myself admiring her. I suspect she might be spiritually advanced. She is literally wearing her cross. And I do find her beautiful.

    Here’s my point. Most over-eating is about state change. Excess flesh is a protection against emotions you don’t want to feel. Food delivers satiation. You don’t need as much from people. In fact, you can even protect them, because you aren’t as vulnerable as they are. And, importantly, with the extra calories, you can push yourself to acquire at least some of the prizes the world values.

    But mostly, it’s cultural.

    Look at our recreation. It’s all vicious and violent. Current women’s fiction ramps up terror for vulnerable women to the max. Adrenalin or limbic level capture is massively addictive, therefore successful, so there is almost nothing gentle left to watch or read. Come home from work, exhausted from the competitive fury the marketplace now demands, binge violence and fear. Drug yourself to sleep with Diet Coke, popcorn and chips. Get up and do it all over again.

    The sexual landscape is equally vile. Sex has turned entirely extractive and sexual abuse of even the smallest of children is hardly worth a shrug. Trafficked women live miserable enslaved lives in every city and town. And the news cycle reliably delivers fresh outrages perpetrated by members of our extra-special-people class. This week we discovered the FBI refused to investigate Larry Nassar who abused hundreds of members of the US Olympic gymnastics team. We learned that the 15 year old Alanis Morrisette was repeatedly abused by her music producers.

    No one wants to have sex with someone obese.

    The old culture told women and men to toughen up, to conquer their demons, work towards a unified goal. The world they created was relatively crime free, solvent, riot-free, sexually ordered, family-focused and was moving to extend those benefits to marginal groups. The new culture is immoral by those standards. People are shot in the street while eating dinner at an outside cafe. Business and government are staffed by criminals, actually working against us. People are told to indulge, celebrate their weakness, especially if they can use it to stick it to the man.

    The results? Women (and men) who are obese are telling us their story before they open their mouths or laptop. The culture we have created is a sewer, and they need all the protection they can get.

  • Great Poisoning or Glorious Revolution?

    Some of the brightest people alive think we are undergoing a deliberate cull of the weak. If Covid bioengineered with a bit of HIV didn’t get you, the ultra-toxic vaccines might. But why? I ask myself whenever I hear this, why kill off 15% of the world’s population?[1]

    A surface reason is global warming. The World Economic Forum and our self-absorbed plutocrats actually believe that the carrying capacity of the world has been surpassed. This is not surprising, the propaganda regarding species extinction and unprecedented warming has been relentless for two decades and counting. Of course, it is nonsense and an actual ruse. The real real reason is money.

    The unfunded liabilities of the western democracies, as long-lived boomers age, sicken and die are massive beyond any ability to count. Economist Niall Ferguson put it at $200 Trillion in 2012, I would guess it is more like $300 Trillion.

    What happened to the balance sheet of the democracies?  Well, they were looted. Every time the left “creates jobs”, they create public sector jobs which are lushly funded and replete with benefits. Today these people – and they take up a full 40% of the economy – are the dominant protected class, and out of their offices come reams of propaganda about problems only they can fix, encylopedias of legislation, regulations and rules, accompanied by pleas for more money and police power too.

    But what they have done is suppress economic activity. Over-regulation suppresses about 15% of what would be a fully activated economy. As well, according to Catherine Austin Fitts, in 1996, despairing that fiscal sobriety would ever manifest, the US central bank took $22 Trillion out of the US economy, which was the size of the US debt before Biden took control. Today, in the US, people go into government with the goal of leaving with a $100 Million fortune, the even number being something of a target.  Inspired by the Clintons, there are scores of such men and women. Example? The man who caused the housing bubble, Jeh Johnson, who amped the market through deliberately weak regs while he ran Fannie and Freddie Mae, walked away from a government job with $100 Million.[1]

    Here is their problem. Their propaganda outfits have fallen. An obscure doctor in California read off the register for unpopular opinions gets more views of one of his videos than four weeks of 60 Minutes broadcasts. Broadsheets have lost two-thirds of their readers who have fled to so called right-wing-fly-by-night outfits that get more views by several orders of magnitude than the New York Times or Washington Post or Globe and Mail or The Guardian.

    Plain spoken citizen journalists, all over the world, using crude story-telling have opened the world of politics for tens and then hundreds of millions of people, who have become better informed than the average tenured professor, marinated in his own self-importance.    

    They know, for instance, that Covid has a .03% death rate, even for the healthy old, less than the flu. They know about the hundreds of thousands hospitalized after taking the vaccine. They know vaccine passports lead to digital money to CO2 allowances. They see the police state testing boundaries in every country. Can they whip a Parisienne in a shopping mall who refused to mask? Can they thrash formerly independent Australians? When forced back, the cabal merely goes silent and bide their time – they know that too.

    They know about “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”, they know that the political class has been looting hand over fist for the past 25 years, making the robber barons of the Belle Epoque look cheap. They know war means money to these people. They know the pandemic was a money grab. They know too, more than anything, that for the past 20 years, everyone has got rich but them. They know decanting prisons and allowing in young men of military age without vetting is meant as a deliberate destabilizing of their hometowns and counties. They, and I mean 60% of the adults in every country, know that last year’s passion play of people of color was invented to distract them from the fact that they, that 40% of thieving public servants, broke everything.

    No censor can stop this storm, because as soon as someone is deplatformed, other platforms proliferate, which, like a nasty invasive weed, when pulled out, scatters its seeds for 100 feet, leading to ever more tough, unkillable brush.

    That brush, that plain-spoken fury has infected the whole sector, spewing out data and videos and calls to action that increase with every single day. The many-too-many have never been more well informed. And they are pissed.

    This time, right now, and for the next fascinating few years, will be our Glorious Revolution. And it will lead to massive increases in public wealth and prosperity for all. Or prison camps – I understand the one beside Heathrow has a crematorium.

    [1] Bill Gate’s stated goal

    2. Gretchen Morgenson, Reckless Endangerment,How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon. Times Books, 2011

  • Canadian Culture on the Ropes

    How much longer will we fund our grifting clerisy?

    From a distance, it is beginning to look as if Canada does not have a specific culture. No one is buying books, no one is watching television, no one is watching or listening to the CBC. People trail through galleries sometimes, and at the top of the investment tree, people buy art. But not because they love it, they buy it because it lends them status.

    CanCon is a heavy lift at the best of times, being close neighbors to that hulking great monster south of us which is the most creative culture on earth. That is why we spend billions every year to prop up our creators, our artists, who we love.

    Except we don’t.

    Film salaries are funded up to 50%, books, 30%, news media 60%, and yet….no one is watching, reading, or listening. It is like a giant vanity project which various foreign appointees can brandish in foreign capitals.

    Last month I traced the sales of this year’s Canadian literary award winners and I suppose “best-sellers”.  Their sales on Amazon, hardcover, soft cover and digital ranged from 4 books to 33 books per month, incomes hovering in the three figures. (Amazon accounts for roughly 70% of sales.)  This during summer reading months where Canadians are at their lake shacks from coast to coast reading one would hope about themselves, the world they live in, and well….just curiosity.

    Equally looking at the viewer and listener stats for the CBC, our national behemoth, which eats up $1.5 billion annually, and which amounts to 50% of the media dollars spent, is equally disheartening. The state spends another $600 million supporting once-successful media because “internet”.

    CBC television is watched by 3.9% of Canadians and only .8% watch CBC News. Again, half of all media dollars, half. Half is spent engaging less than 4% of Canadians.

    CBC radio is considered reasonably good, and is listened to despite the almost vindictive calling out of anyone who disagrees with their hard socialist stance. Despite every conceivable advantage, advertising on the CBC dropped 20% during the pandemic.

    In fact, they are so disliked that CBC is hiring “close protection security” for the next two years. They are so disliked, they have turned off commenting on their various programs. They are so disliked that there is a brand of coffee called “Defund the CBC’. This isn’t passive ignoring, this is active dislike to the point of needing bodyguards.


    Because our media show us Canadians as racist, stupid, sexist, stupid, stupid and more stupid. And while they are at it, shallow and violent.

    That is the real reason, and the only reason CanCon is dying. They hate us. Why?

    The only people who have thrived during the past twenty years in Canada when private and public wealth doubled then doubled again, are the ones who live off the government, whether through mandated consulting in the enviro and other business, or direct granting or though quasi-private-sector jobs that are heavily subsidized. Or straight up public sector jobs which are among the most lushly funded and unionized in the known universe.

    And do they hate us, in fact correcting us is how they get the grants, the jobs, the subsidy. Everything they do is meant to fix us deplorable Canadians.

    Sit at a downtown Toronto dinner party with say, the head of CBC drama, and listen to just how much they hate the rest of Canada. Why? They hate the rest of Canada because they feel guilty. They know they are cheating and they know they are stealing.

    The rest of the country who fund these very plush lives, earns a full 30% less than an individual or family in the US, right across the border. Unless you are a member of the protected class in the big cities, your health care is second or third rate, if and only if you can find a GP.

    This imbalance is clear to everyone but those who are essentially, on the take. Our knowledge workers, our heroes, our artists, our grifting heavily funded, extra-extra special clerisy.