I’ve written my bio so often, I simply cannot put it through the typewriter one more time.  Beneath are links to those of mine located at the websites of some credible publishers’.    I wrote a novel, The Monkey Puzzle Tree, published in 1994 about the CIA mind control program in Montreal in the 50’s and 60’s.  My mother’s psychiatrist was head of that “research” team.  I don’t know if she was used, more likely mentioned in papers I haven’t read.  She cured her mild schizophrenia with nutrition and exercise.  She was beautiful and insightful and only a very little unstable, enough to make her absolutely riveting to us all.  I write about her sometimes.  When I was a kid, her plight and that of other women I grew up with didn’t please me that much.  Safe but limited in their field of action.  That and the limited choices facing me meant that I started a feminist theatre company when I was 22, ran it for two years. It helped me put me through college.  I still consider myself a feminist.  #MeToo pleases me because the gauntlet run by the first two or three generations of women to be fully represented in the workplace is not great, and not necessary.  Nothing I would wish on my tender granddaughters.  Of course, these guys want to fight back in court, due process aside, they get to torment the woman all over again. I’m glad I don’t have to solve that problem, I am glad I don’t have to go to court and I support the women who do, as long as they are telling the truth.  Some will be lying.

From then, I went to graduate school, MBA in arts administration, worked in the theatre in Toronto and New York, became a writer when my marriage broke up.  Got my first job at Time, which was a stroke of major luck, and from then, it’s all in the internet’s various bios, which are more or less correct.