Building the Pink House

The Pink House house is made of rammed earth, and heated by geothermal energy – through in-floor water pipes. The floor is concrete, which is the best conductor for in-floor. The heating is supplemented by a Tempcast masonry stove, the latter the greenest cheapest way to heat a house, its radiant heat used in pre-electricity Europe. For the first year, we only used the masonry stove, and it kept us warm, despite the 12 foot walls, and massive central hall.

The cost savings of geo-thermal were substantially less than advertised.

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The Limitless Future of the Duchess of Woke

January 16, 2020
While the self-nominated gatekeepers of the culture have been going at Meagan Markle as if she were an ice sculpture they could reduce to chips and hose into the drains, others are thinking, and I am one of them, “Wow”. Who stands up to the Windsors and lives to tell the tale? Practically no one. An old friend of mine, the foreign editor of the Mirror, and at the time, Robert Maxwell’s right-hand ...
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The Duchess of Woke finds a Home

January 14, 2020
Apparently our Premier (socialist) in B.C. is all aflutter about the possible settling of the Sussexes in our jurisdiction, which, by the way, is the greenest, most rainbowy, wokest in the whole of the Commonwealth, if not the world. The two major cities have gay green Mayors and councilors and our riding (and the Sussexes) is represented by the head of the Green party federally, and the Green party provincially. I personally think it ...
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What drove the Duchess out of England?

January 13, 2020
Was MM driven out by racism? Envy? A lot of media, especially from the red tops, as they call the shrieking tabs in England, is based in envy. A youngish woman B+ actress/blogress grabs a Prince, the darling of all, spends $1 million on clothes, $5 million on renovations, has a mega-wedding costing $30 million, then proceeds to tell the country how to live, including overturning the university curriculum supplanting some of it ...
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World On Fire

January 10, 2020
I found myself trolling the Instagram accounts of the Royal Cambridges and Sussexes this weekend. My first staff job as a journalist was stalking Princess Diana and the habit dies hard.  Plus I am appreciative of the power of a pretty royal so I want to know their concerns.  And of course, both couples have announced themselves as Guardians of the Environment, bless their hearts, and this weekend, the fires in New South Wales were on their collective “mind”. Climate Change they scolded, ...
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September 23, 2019
Yesterday and wonderfully friends expressed concern for my well-being after my publishing a blog post about my mother’s persecution at the hands of Dr. Evil. We’ve known what happened to her since the ’80s, and the story of MKUltra and psychiatric experimentation on the vulnerable has had considerable exposure, albeit mostly in the world of the clinically paranoid. Nevertheless, there is solid documentation available. Recently, the Guardian, Politico, Publishers Weekly, NPR, ...
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Rolling in the Deep

September 21, 2019
I have been absent of late, despite recovering from a Chronic Fatigue relapse, which in itself is triumph enough, feeling healthy, picking up the strands of life I still want, dumping others – it’s a salutary task – highly recommended. So as a reward, the universe delivered my mother’s psychiatric records. Not all of them, but some of them, enough for me to reconstruct my childhood memories. My mother, Virginia Elizabeth Hooker Nickson, ...
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E. Jean Carroll’s Bitter Feminism

June 23, 2019
One has to feel sorry for E. Jean Carroll, shot for the cover of New York Magazine in her mid-70’s, in an attitude of hollow-eyed raddled misery, wearing a coat dress that has seen better decades. Her mood resembles an African who has watched her entire village raped then killed, rather than a famous writer who has lived her entire life sipping on cocaine and Moet Chandon and having zipless encounters with horrible men like Donald ...
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June 8, 2019
Reading this might Save your Life: the Vagus Nerve and the end to Mysterious Illness. Elizabeth NicksonJun 3 I am 85% recovered from a Chronic Fatigue relapse. Which means I have recovered twice. Which makes me anomalous. Traditional medicine claims a cure of 6%, and functional medicine which combines alternative with hard-core science has been able to “cure” 60% of patients, but mostly in part. There are many others like me, but we are decidedly in ...
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The Commies Among Us

June 2, 2019
This weekend it was brought home once again, just how tolerant of a genocidal and vicious ideology we have become. The London Sunday Times tongue-bathed the Labour Shadow Chancellor, an admitted Marxist, up one side and down the other. John McDonnell put on the charm and went ’round the City on a tea offensive telling them not to worry, he won’t totally eviscerate their funds, but change it is a-coming. I’m quoting extensively ...
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Reading this Might Save your Life

June 2, 2019
The modern physician should know as much about emotions and thoughts as about disease symptoms and drugs. This approach would appear to hold more promise of cure than anything medicine has given us to date Hans Selye I am 85% recovered from a Chronic Fatigue relapse. Which means I have recovered twice. Which makes me anomalous. Traditional medicine claims a cure of 6%, and functional medicine which combines alternative with hard-core science has been ...
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