Building the Pink House

The Pink House house is made of rammed earth, and heated by geothermal energy – through in-floor water pipes. The floor is concrete, which is the best conductor for in-floor. The heating is supplemented by a Tempcast masonry stove, the latter the greenest cheapest way to heat a house, its radiant heat used in pre-electricity Europe. For the first year, we only used the masonry stove, and it kept us warm, despite the 12 foot walls, and massive central hall.

The cost savings of geo-thermal were substantially less than advertised.

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All Politics Is Local

September 29, 2021
Problem Solving by Challenging Assumptions Salt Spring Island, B.C. Canada Town Hall meeting, September 28, 2021 Hi everybody, my name is Elizabeth Nickson and I have lived on SS for 21 years. I bought my land 30 years ago while working in London. All my friends were buying starter flats or little houses, I bought 30 acres of scrub forest and meadow consumed by invasive weed. I am going to go into some detail on my CV, so you ...
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Am I fat-phobic? Are You?

September 17, 2021
We probably both are. As women (and men) of the late 20th century and early 21st our eyes are trained to see the sylphs sold to us by the cadaver Anna Wintour on down, she, by the way, a woman more responsible for eating disorders than anyone else on the planet. Not to mention our crippled feet. But recently body image is changing – and a bit of flesh, enough, a handful is now seen ...
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Great Poisoning or Glorious Revolution?

September 8, 2021
Some of the brightest people alive think we are undergoing a deliberate cull of the weak. If Covid bioengineered with a bit of HIV didn’t get you, the ultra-toxic vaccines might. But why? I ask myself whenever I hear this, why kill off 15% of the world’s population? A surface reason is global warming. The World Economic Forum and our self-absorbed plutocrats actually believe that the carrying capacity of the world has been surpassed. This is ...
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Canadian Culture on the Ropes

September 1, 2021
How much longer will we fund our grifting clerisy? From a distance, it is beginning to look as if Canada does not have a specific culture. No one is buying books, no one is watching television, no one is watching or listening to the CBC. People trail through galleries sometimes, and at the top of the investment tree, people buy art. But not because they love it, they buy it because it lends them status. CanCon is ...
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Bantu Education Right Back at Ya, Crackers.

June 20, 2021
Teaching Critical Race Theory at all, never mind as the backbone of pedagogy, is a form of dumbification. If you make white kids dumb, then kids of color might be able to compete and win. Tell me that’s not the goal. In South Africa, bantu education as of 1953, was offered to South African blacks, courtesy of South African whites. Readin’, writin’ and figurin’ was just about covered it, along with submission ...
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A Bucket of Blood -There is no hiding for the CCP

June 9, 2021
Why does Mike LIndell, pillow guy, saying “9-0 at the Supreme Court”? Because it will be 9-0. This first chart is a list of 20 (of the many thousands) of attacks launched from China, principally, during the November 3rd election. The chart lists the IPs of the attackers, their source and their addresses including latitude, longitude, province, city and country. This second chart shows the network from which the attack originated and IP ...
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The Ten Year Plandemic

June 8, 2021
These are the lovely people responsible for the destruction of the world, the decanting of a billion people out of the middle class, the suicides, the business losses, the untreated cancer patients, the utter misery, NONE OF WHICH WAS NECESSARY. Meanwhile, this is how much they pay in tax. The four below are merely illustrative of our plutocratic plunderers, all of whom belong at the new Nuremberg Trials. Check it out. https://corona-ausschuss.de/en/
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Woke culture is dying. “White” culture is thriving.

June 5, 2021
It was inevitable that cool cities would collapse. Richard Florida’s creative class was always young, penniless and non-family-forming, so the piles and stacks of taxpayer money puffing and fluffing inevitably attracted the international criminal class and inevitably debouched the middle class. Leaving the desperate to loot and kill. Schools are losing pupils as fast as they adopt Marxism as a guiding principle. Home schooling is up 125% in many states. Colleges have lost as much as ...
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Righteous Among the Nations

April 22, 2021
Humans do everything badly. The ideas start out well – full integration of Black people into the culture – which almost immediately end with knife fights and a race war in the streets. On television these days, which I only watch walking by the tv room, almost all the people in ads are black and most of the couples are mixed-race. Same with the current throwaway entertainment on the subscription networks. In ...
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I am going to write this over and over until it is HEARD

April 19, 2021
Last night I am watching American Idol with Jamie who is irritated because I am giggling like a five year old at Instagram Reels or TikTok while he is trying to have a lovely sentimental moment. What stops me is this ginormous black kid with the voice of an angel who starts Stand Up!, the Oscar winning song from Harriet, the biopic of Harriet Tubman, undisputed heroine of the Underground Railroad. I tried to ...
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