Building the Pink House

The Pink House house is made of rammed earth, and heated by geothermal energy – through in-floor water pipes. The floor is concrete, which is the best conductor for in-floor. The heating is supplemented by a Tempcast masonry stove, the latter the greenest cheapest way to heat a house, its radiant heat used in pre-electricity Europe. For the first year, we only used the masonry stove, and it kept us warm, despite the 12 foot walls, and massive central hall.

The cost savings of geo-thermal were substantially less than advertised.

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One foot in fairyland

September 23, 2018
Found on Althouse today, “the most complete people are those who, as Chesterton wrote, have “permitted the twilight . . . with one foot in earth and the other in fairyland.”… I do not pretend to be complete, not even on my most effulgent days, but I definitely have a foot in fairyland. And many of my companions are disembodied.
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September 21, 2018
An extraordinary gathering of 75 attractive, upper-middle-class white women of a certain age testified in a DC hotel today, Friday, September 21st.  Here’s the gist of it:  there is no better male character on earth than that of Brett Kavanaugh’s. The man they knew, and knew well, is incapable of the brutish behavior of which he stands accused. But here’s the thing.  Who’s to say what happened?  By all accounts of the culture around those private schools ...
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Jian Gomeshi begs pardon

September 14, 2018
The New York Review of Books published a 3400-word essay by the CBC radio host who used to beat the crap out of his sexual partners.  Somehow I don’t think the smarm…correction…charm is going to work. The New York Review’s meticulous take-downs of the shaggy orange monster must not be getting enough traffic.  This is one of several recent essays by or about literary or academic stars who like to punish their putative inferiors.  Makes their scene ...
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All We Need to Know About the Kavanaugh Hearings

September 8, 2018
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Canada’s Gathering Disaster

September 7, 2018
This morning we were treated to ex-journalist and George Soros sycophant. Christia Freeland, giving a press conference on how very very very complex trade negotiations are, so hard us punters just won’t get it, not in a million billion years.  We just that stupid. Most of Canada watched with a jaundiced eye.  Most of us think she is dragging her feet so that either a) Trump loses the mid-terms and Democrats in Congress will save ...
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Sanity, Intimacy, Safety, Home?

September 6, 2018
At this time of year, I go to town hoping that the tourists have swept out in a giant wave leaving the island to me and the 10,000 others that call it home. More like 6,000 really, because a good third of the houses are second or third homes for the ever-busy rich who come each year to piggyback on our country vibe and stare into the void from their ocean-side cottages and glass and ...
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To My Erstwhile Friends

August 25, 2018
It may have been the CBD spray, but all of a sudden I was struck, no more than struck, I was invaded by how all of my leftie/liberal friends feel.  And it is horrible, and it lasted a long time and it was geopathic, I couldn’t escape it.  To listen to those tirades on the television every night, to feel all that hate coming at you, the character assassinations, the drama, the parade, the great ...
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Why Reading Jane Austen is Essential

August 24, 2018
The Federalist published an essay today trying to reinvent, no doubt for the ten millionth time in human history, a reason for reading the classics.  Why Reading Jane Austen is Essential to Understanding Virtue and Vice, is a new iteration on this old trope and useful since “virtue” and “vice” seem to have gone the way of the IBM Selectric.  Utility and advancement, getting yours, grinding till you own it, as Beyonce says, is pretty ...
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Beyonce and Blacks in September Vogue – WTF?

August 16, 2018
Managed to get through almost 2/3ds of the September Vogue without suffocation, but was pleasantly amused since it seemed less content-free than usual.  US Vogue which used to be a cash cow is now losing almost $150 million a year, an impressive sum especially since it used to carry its entire parent, Conde Nasty. What amuses me most is that about half of the ads, stories and models are now populated by People of Color.  I ...
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Watergate Guy Publishes Yet Another Hit Job on Trump

August 16, 2018
Bob Woodward, the ancient creaky frog of the DC swamp is publishing Fear: Trump in the White House on the weighty-to-the-point-of-cliched-date of September 11th, just in time for another week of hysteria on the nets.  Does the fact that CNN has lost 800,000 viewers not mean anything to these idiots?  Do they not realize we have turned them off?  That the only people watching are fanatics and hysterics? Seriously, Woodward jumped the shark of significance four books ago.  ...
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