• Engineered Hate: This Is How It Happened to Me

    I am a living artifact from Fahrenheit 451

     moved out of the cities for this principal reason: my father was dying.  Once, when discussing my mother with my father, which I did rarely because he was damned scary, he said, “Your mother is my responsibility. When I die, she will go mad and then it will be yours.”

    I knew if I worked in Toronto, London or New York, where I could find work relatively easily, I’d be getting a call from neighbors saying “your mother was wandering around the complex in her nightgown in the middle of the night”. And by then, it would be too late to stabilize her. I knew I could prevent it.  I was good at it, I’d spent my childhood stepping in front of a gathering storm and diverting it, mostly as a kid, by falling ill. As soon as I could I left, and moved thousands of miles away, increasing the distance between us with every move, questioning myself in South Africa, the Middle East, Paris, Madrid, could I live here, could I work here? It was feverish, I knew some day, it would be over.  

    I did have skills. I had a numerate graduate degree taken in order to discipline a racketing mind and I had been vigorously and rigorously trained in reporting and news writing at Time Inc. What could I write, though, out here in the sticks? There were no big stories, no famous people moving the culture forward, not even silly celebrities to mock.  Fish and Trees, I’d say to myself, that is your future.

    I was a bit panicked, let’s put it that way.

    And deep in my panic, I found friends. Good friends, who liked me, praised me, wanted to ‘help’ me. Eager to tell me about how involvement in the environmental movement would rock my world. So I said, tell me about it. Three years later I considered myself fully educated. I’d talked to hundreds of people, read all the scary literature, gone to frightening lectures, and with only a little distance, believed it all might be possible. We were in the Sixth Great Extinction. We only had Ten Years Left.

    And then, being properly trained, I started to ask questions. And the moment I did, all my lovely new friends turned on me. My utility to them was that I was writing for the Globe and Mail and Harper’s. Not me. I was disposable.

    I pushed. I started to talk to foresters, miners, government officials, think tank people, mayors of small towns, farmers. I grew used to people driving into my driveway and getting out of their cars brandishing books and regulations, who would then walk me though through those regulations, showing me how they were being ruined. Their small town? Ruined. Their farms? Ruined.

    Not one of the country people I talked to, and I spoke to ten thousand, had anything but a restorative attitude to their resource, farm, mine or forest. Not. One. But I’d sit in a small town mayor’s office deep into Washington state, she walking me through the latest requirement from Fish and Wildlife, saying. “How can I do this?” She’d say. “I have to do this, but if I do, people will starve.”

    Just as an aside, has any reporter methodically read the legislation of any act, the following on regulation, and then the rules that attach to that regulation? Has any reporter buried herself into the internal documents of an Agency or Ministry of the government and read their various policy statement, process and rules orders? Then read the senior regulation to that specific act, the regional and then the provincial regulation?  And then, traced the source of that regulation, those rules?

    No one reads regulation except the people who have to conform to it in order to feed themselves. After the first hundred thousand words you want to kill yourself.

    It turned out I was living in a major node, the Big Cell of a thousand thousand cells, of the environmental movement. A node so powerful they had shut down the biggest industrial forest in the world, along with mining, town development, ski hills, the wild fishery and were now focused on fish farms. So I visited all these places and talked to the men and women who made our food, energy, fiber, mined the minerals we need. I went up into the bush to talk to natives who ran the fish farms. Each of whom were struggling mightily to conform and could not, the regulations were written to be pitiless. Some of them were starving and homeless, tents, trailer camps and welfare, more about to be. No one cared. The homeless in the streets? Guess where a lot of them come from.

    And every time I’d write about it, all hell would break loose. Within a day, letters were being written to the local newspapers, two a week at first, then five letters a week. Then regional letters. I was called names. Whispering campaigns were started. I tried to hire a researcher. A likely candidate called me to refuse saying she was told not to, for her own social success on the island.

    Teens, activated by their furious parents would wheel down my road in the middle of the night, heavy metal blaring from their CD players. Anonymous letters arrived, saying old boyfriends said I was a bitch or a liar or something preposterous. My phone became a nightmare, ringing at all hours. When I published the Harper’s piece about the island my editor told me that not in their 158 year history had letters been so vicious and hate-filled.

    I picked up stalkers. Five to be precise. There is nothing more tempting to a sick mind that a pretty little face with unpopular political opinions, hunted in the press, her picture in the national newspaper once a week, who lives at the end of a dirt road. Alone.

    A man drove across the country in a van, they said, to give me a piece of his mind. Twice. Twice. Someone released from a mental hospital took a bus out. Twice. The van guy would drive down my driveway at midnight, headlights glaring, then reverse top speed. I built a fence and closed the gate at night.

    Death threats, thousands. One particular stalker was both rich and extra crazy. He would park outside my house in his car all day and smoke. His death threats contained sentences like “you (expletives deleted) bitch. I’ve hired men to come kill (expletives deleted) you in the middle of the night. They will arrive in a boat and disappear.”  After about a thousand of these, the RCMP got involved, Crown Counsel got involved. He spent many nights in jail. Those who arrested him were sued. RCMP officers were moved off the island, and the Crown Counsel reassigned. A new Crown Counsel was specially appointed. The letters in the press continued, letters to my employers, letters to anyone who had anything to do with my life.

    I was so destabilized, I was fired.

    And after I was fired, I would lie on my bed in a fetal position with the whole world hating me, spending my nights assaulted with death threats. I didn’t change my phone number because everyone I knew, knew it, I reasoned as a reporter, this was how people found me, and it was important. That was so so so stupid, but I was stubborn.

    I started to pray. I’d taught myself a form of Buddhist meditation and was adept enough to get to samadhi or absorption, which was the place from which all my ideas came. But it didn’t help in trouble. I began with Psalm 91, which I said so many times I can recite it, and finally I began a daily prayer practice that basically saved my ass.

    It wasn’t until much later I realized I had been targeted. I was interrupting an agenda which had “more money than you can dream of behind it” as one analyst told me. I knew how they had done it. When I was 22, I dated my philosophy teacher, who was a Marxist who taught me everything about Leninism, the thinking behind it, the methodology of the Revolution. He was very black, an Indian from the untouchable caste, his parents indentured laborers in Trinidad. The Anglican church had found him and sent him to Oxford. Seeing the world through his eyes was invaluable, so was his showing me how deeply buried groups of activists were. And how much they hated. How furious and angry and malignant they were.

    I was experiencing a time-worn campaign to shut down a voice that conflicted with an over-arching agenda. And in the scheme of things, I was nothing. But in fact, I was almost the only one, everyone else had been chased out. I was an easy kill, required few resources. It was personal, it was vicious beyond belief, and it had nothing to do with truth. If I had continued my work in newspapers, they would have attacked my mother and my brothers, two of the three of whom were fragile.

    As of now, this has happened to hundreds of thousands of people in every sector of the economy. The chronicles of the cancelled are many and varied, and they all start with the furies, unbalanced, easily triggered and marshalled to hunt down and kill an enemy. These programs, pogroms, are meticulously planned, they analyze you, find your weakness, and attack it. In my case, it was my solitude, my income, my need to look after my family that made me an easy sacrifice.

    I was such an innocent. I thought with my hard-won skills, my ability to reason, to number crunch, to apply economic theory and legit charting, and report, the truth would be valuable, useful.

    Every single member of the cancelled has had their faith in the culture badly shaken. They all thought, as I did, that we were in this together, we needed the truth in order to make good decisions, decisions that would promote the good of all.

    Not now. Not anymore.

    The truth I found behind the fields and forests of the natural world is animating people on the streets in Europe today, the Dutch, French and German farmers. It animated the revolution in Sri Lanka.

    Because what I and hundreds of others had found was censored, the destructive agenda has advanced to the point where their backs are against the wall.  They don’t have a choice. They have to win. And they are in the millions.

    Same with Trump’s people. They aren’t mindless fans or acolytes or sub-human fools. Their backs are against the wall. They have no choice but to fight.

    But because I and the many like me, who know what happened, were shut down, disallowed from writing about it, cancelled and vilified, no one understands why this is happening in any depth. City people mock and hate rural people. My photographer colleague/best friend in New York: “racists as far as the eye can see”. My old aristocratic bf London: “Pencil neck turkey farmers”.  No city person can take on board that they have allowed legislation and regulation which is destroying the rural economy because they have been brainwashed by the hysteria in the environmental movement. This destruction is not the only reason but it is the fundamental reason for our massive debts and deficits. The base of the economy has been destroyed. We have lost two decades of real growth.

    And we did it via censorship.

    There is a truism about revolutions in China. All of a sudden, across this great and massive country with its five thousand year culture, people put down their tools and start marching towards the capital, hundreds of millions all at once.

    We are almost there. But this time it will be worldwide.

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  • Our Hate for Our Political Opponents Has Been Entirely Engineered

    Everything sounds like a lie because it is a lie. It is all constructed, all mediated.

    Big Pharma has entered its perfect storm. In order to hide the damage their drugs have caused, they have engineered one hatefest after another. Its Global PR firms Publicis and McKinsey have created the division in our culture, and set us against each other. Every time you ‘hate’ your political opponent, look at Pharma. Every time you turn away from a family member?  Publicis. Every time you shout (or want to) at someone who holds different opinions? Google’s partnership with Publicis. Every time you censor? Facebook’s fact-checking operation funded by Pfizer. Vulture capitalists have destroyed journalism and eaten the ethics of the administrative state. They have captured the FDA, CDC and WHO. The paymasters are Big Pharma, and the billionaire families funding the Great Reset.

    At what juncture did the WEF settle on democide as a viable business plan?  People used to laugh at Davos, the sheer vanity of it, the swagger and bling and self-importance. The line-up of private jets owned by men abjuring us to live ever smaller and draw down our carbon footprint. We aren’t laughing any more. Half of us, and I suspect it is more like 2/3rds, think they do not mean us well, and because every official statement in the last two years has turned out to be a lie, many of us believe even that they have come up with a plan to draw down the population, hitting fertility by 10-15% and anticipating as many as 700 million MNRA-related deaths by 2028.

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    This is the result: a world-wide walk-out scheduled for today. Every protest aggregates more people, more diversity of class and race. The opposition to the WEF’s program has brought down the Italian and Sri Lankan governments, ruined Macron’s stability, brought down Boris Johnson who lost his base when he went wobbly with climate change and lockdowns, and destabilized politics across the globe.

    I think it all started in the heart of an industry that faced immolation because of its destructive practices. This is when the decision was made to divide the public and make us hate each other. From there it was just a matter of compromising the press and government. Which was easy. Both institutions are broke. Media was gutted by the internet and is perennially desperate for cash. The administrative state is running on the biggest debt and deficits in history.

    Enter hate. If we are busy hating each other, no one will look for the culprits.

    Here is the chronicle of harm:

    1. Anti-depressants are a factor in almost every mass shooting, the evidence for which, some of which is cited below, is overwhelming. Pharma worked very hard to get Ritalin and antidepressants into teens, even to the point of hiring McKinsey to train their own extremely effective teams to go into doctor’s offices to sell the drugs. Anti-depressants, the newer sleeping pills, and the stimulants of Adderall and Ritalin are often combined by desperately depressed kids, who then add ganja and street drugs to the mix. Their brains are pliable, vulnerable, easily influenced by the dark. It is a prescription for violence.

    The rise tracks the introduction of psychiatric medications into the population, reaching critical mass by 2017.


    2. The epidemic of obesity can be laid at Pharma’s door. 25% of us are on psychiatric drugs at any one time, the rate increasing by 400% in recent years. People cycle off the drugs, which means likely more of us have taken these drugs than not. Even off the drugs, appetite dysregulation continues. Young women, tormented by idealized body image in high school, all too often end up on anti-depressants, the dominant side effect of which in a hormonal body is weight gain.  Even the drugs which don’t cause immediate weight gain, over time, dysregulate the appetite. With some of these drugs you have to be tested for diabetes once a year. Why? Because those drugs trigger a part of your appetite that craves sugar.

    3. Let’s skip over the opiate epidemic. McKinsey was caught creating the campaign to encourage doctors to over-prescribe oxycontin and oxycodone. Opiates destroyed entire families, entire townships, entire counties. Their fine was $575 million.

    4. And this week, Dr. Toby Rogers accused Pharma of creating transsexuals via vaccine damage. He points out that all transsexuals are autistic and autism is caused by vaccine damage.


    First of all: is Dr Toby Rogers homo or transphobic?

    I spent 10 years fighting for LGBT equality as the communications director for the moderator of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). I edited hundreds of speeches, sermons, and articles as well as the book Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality that became a Christian bestseller. When we began in 2000, marriage equality was polling below 20%. Over the course of a decade we changed so many hearts and minds that the denomination revised its Constitution to allow LGBT ordination and marriage. 

    So, no.

    But then, this.

    By 2012-2013 we had won across the board. Equal rights to marriage, employment, housing, and hospital visitation rights were becoming the law of the land in the U.S. and throughout the world. We had achieved bipartisan consensus even on the fiercely divided U.S. Supreme Court. We had science, logic, and reason on our side. It was settled law and settled science.

    And then, somewhere around 2015, the movement went completely off the rails

    Young believes that was when Pharma realized that autism and gender fluidity were linked and caused by their vaccines, they had to find a way to hide it.

    According to a study published by Nature, called “Elevated rates of autism, other neurodevelopmental and psychiatric diagnoses, and autistic traits in transgender and gender-diverse individuals”, transgenders are autistic. And autism is caused by vaccines. The evidence is clear, autism was simply not a factor before babies received 54 vaccines in their first years.

    The study was large and well done. Here are its perameters:  “To investigate this, we use five independently recruited cross-sectional datasets consisting of 641,860 individuals who completed information on gender, neurodevelopmental and psychiatric diagnoses including autism, and measures of traits related to autism (self-report measures of autistic traits, empathy, systemizing, and sensory sensitivity.”

    A serious study therefore. Leading right to Pharma’s door.

    Rogers states that transgenders are fragile people in general, and that there is no way they could create the massive campaign that makes up words that rocket into common use (cis-gender), routinely cancels people like JK Rowling and calls feminists TERFs. I have noticed myself that the trans people I’ve met are usually hyper sensitive and dealing with psychological difficulty. They are not warriors, they are searching for moments of comfort. They could not have launched the fight tearing people apart. Frankly, they are the most vulnerable people I’ve met, and I have spent time with torture victims. What they need from us is love, acceptance and care.

    The largest indigenous trans advocacy groups in the country have less than $100K US in annual revenue.  Getting stories on the front page of the NY times or front and center on a news broadcast is completely beyond them. Creating sticky slogans and acronyms like TERF is beyond them.

    Instead, the real trans campaign spends an estimated $425 million a year and is funded by the usual suspects: Jon Stryker through his Arcus Foundation, the Pritzkers, Drummond Pike and Tides. George Soros. Bill Gates.

    “LGBTQ+ is a protected class for discrimination purposes—is working closely with the techno-medical complexbig banksinternational law firmspharma giants, and corporate power to solidify the idea that humans are not a sexually dimorphic species—which contradicts reality and the fundamental premises not only of “traditional” religions but of the gay and lesbian civil rights movements and much of the feminist movement, for which sexual dimorphism and resulting gender differences are foundational premises.” Tablet Magazine,

    LGBTQ, therefore, is the perfect vehicle to tear apart the culture. It sets gays against each other, destroys the advances of women in sport, sets feminism back a century, insults the intelligence of every man or woman alive, and compromises real fights for equality. The most vulnerable among us are used as weapons to tear our culture to shreds, by the wealthiest men and women who ever lived, who moreover, created sexual dysmorphics for profit. That’s how repellent this game has become.

    Dr. Toby: Somehow, the trans movement, right out of the gate, was firing on all cylinders. The weaponized terms “cisgender” and “TERF”; the vast campaign to get people to put pronouns in their bios; the phrase “trans women are women”; the aggressive push into women’s sports; the repeated promotions of the completely incompetent Rachel Levine to ever-higher government posts; the ability to place stories at will in all mainstream media outlets; and the elaborate campaigns to “cancel” any critical discussion of these matters… that’s all extremely labor-intensive and expensive to pull off.

    5. People have started to write about the incidence of young women on Tiktok, with various mental illnesses, describing how they are getting through the days. This level of neuroticism is an entirely new phenomenon. The right is putting this down to weakness, bad parenting and narcissism. But what if, instead, these young women are vaccine damaged? What if these mental illnesses were created? From the Nature study: “we find that diagnoses of conditions such as depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) were also elevated in transgender and gender-diverse adults compared with cisgender adults.”

    If vaccine damage can create autism and transgenders, why not mental illness among young women at their most vulnerable, young adults struggling to find a place? Is this not plausible, at least?

    Rogers asks: “If autism is the result of injury from toxicants including vaccines (it is), and autistic people are more likely to be trans (they are), then it is also likely that sexual dysphoria is vaccine injury.”

    This crew hires the big guns, whether Publicis or McKinsey, which immediately identify people to hate. The campaigns are as easy and oily as a South Beach teen. After establishing the hate objects: anti-vaxxers, far-right, Ultra Maga, militias, Christians, racists, transphobes, homophobes, etc, it attacks legislators, administrators, CEOs, civil servants, the justice system, using the same tools, accusing them of hate, threatening them with canceling thereby clearing the way for new laws and patterns within the culture, which are, again, meant to inflame sensibilities and set us against each other. Makes us easy to cull, easy to prescribe drugs, easy to make us gorge on the twin evils of hate and adrenalin.

    It is just a matter of time before all this data reaches critical mass. For every quarrel and every engineered hate fest, people wake from their trance and start studying. For every ‘sudden death’, every weird symptom, every sports star falling to the ground mid-play, for all the summer drownings, the car crashes, plane incidents, train crashes, all point to one outcome. The complete evisceration of the wealth of the men and women who visited this hell on us.

    70% of us are refusing the next dose. 98% have refused to vax their toddlers. Tens of millions on the street world-wide. The shift is coming and it is going to clear away all the debris of the men and women who have visited hell upon the world.

    I’ll leave you with a host of footnotes and these slides. (Sorry for the month of absence, I was finishing a book and will try to file Saturdays from now on, and with luck, Wednesdays.)

    A Canadian study this week:

    A holocaust of death among the over 80’s.

    The DisInformation Chronicle

    House Investigators Point to Purdue Pharma Influence With Trump FDA Commissioner

    5 minute read If not for the COVID-19 virus, the American media would be consumed by the opioid pandemic. Since 1999, more than 500,000 Americans have perished due to opioid overdoses—100,000 just in the last year. While denying culpability for decades, the pharmaceutical industry is finally paying a price, although a minor one. Purdue Pharma is now in b…Read more4 months ago · 38 likes · 8 comments · Paul D. Thacker

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  • The World Turns Against Liberal Women

    The solution to abortion is obvious, democratic, pragmatic and can bring necessary peace and restoration.

    I am wearied beyond measure by the weekly passion play launched by our gracious overlords, those increasingly bizarre stick figures posturing up there, expressing outrage and hate. The women dutifully following their masters, pouring red paint down the courthouse steps in Los Angeles, in a state where abortion will never be illegal, influencers, trying to make hay by grabbing onto the issue of the week, raising money for Ukraine, abortion, gun control, whatever and dropping the whole thing in ten days and moving back to photographing their meals and trips and what they call “fit check”. Which is their OOTD. Outfit-of-the-day.

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    Last week, Debra Messing shouted on a Hollywood Zoom call with the White House that “she had got Joe Biden into power and dammit the WH had given her no job!” These calls are engineered so that every influencer is on the same page, and speaks the same lines given them by Madison Avenue sleaze balls grooming their massive egos. That little scene encapsulates the bullshit theatre exploiting those like Pooh, with charm and very little brain


    I am just…turning it off. It’s too stupid, too irrational, I am being played and I want it to stop. No, I don’t even want it to stop. Roar on, morons, eat yourselves alive because that is the end towards which you are rushing.

    In an evolved, compassionate society, there would be no abortion. All children would be cherished, all mothers taken care of. But that’s not us, is it? We are vicious to the weak, to vulnerable women, children, the other sexed, people of color. Our political fights use the bodies of the weak as weapons. How can we call ourselves anything but brutal?

    Here’s the solution to the abortion question. Bear with me. The figures are taken from Gallup’s last four polls.

    58% of us want abortion legal, but limited. Between 30% and 38% want abortion on demand. 12% want it outlawed. 9% don’t know. The figures slide, but sit more or less on average right there.

    58% is a plurality, especially measured against any other cohort. 12% wanting it outlawed means abortion will NEVER be outlawed. It cannot be more clear. People want abortion limited to rape, incest, actual health of the mother and before heartbeat, which is 15 weeks. It’s just that simple. The Roe hysteria was deliberately caused, which had the desired effect of turning off the adults and preventing solution. To repeat, that awful noise is designed by political operatives to prevent the participation of the rational.

    Most people are adults. They are not wedded to the “new liberal world order”, whatever that is. They are pragmatic and rational. I am desperate for pragmatic and rational. Aren’t you?

    95% of all abortions in my region are done using the pill, which means before 8 weeks, and 48% of abortions are performed on women younger than 25, women, therefore whose brains are not mature.

    Of course I was just that at 17. I was a tortured teen with a crazy mother and had an illegal abortion at 11 weeks. Wherever abortion is limited to six weeks those will continue. Guaranteed. Women have been aborting children using herbs for the last 500,000 years. Why do you think the Catholic Church burned herbalist women and called them witches, by the tens of thousands? The evidence in the Vatican Library is so stark they don’t even try to hide it anymore. Without a world considerably more benign than ours, it is not going to stop, and to try to make it stop is stupid and destructive. Illegal abortion is dangerous. But sure, drive it into the back alleys – that’s enlightened.

    Then, at 18, I had a child I gave up for adoption.

    My case was special. I had been told by my father I carried the genes for schizophrenia and if I didn’t get the disease, my children would. He had been told that by my mother’s psychiatrist, who turned out to be one of the 20th century’s bad men, and was wrong. My mother was not schizophrenic, he diagnosed her as such in order to use her as an experimental subject. I was under sustained pressure by adults, who would have certainly arranged an abortion, but I refused. Finally, my 18 year old brain decided that giving my daughter away, despite being in deep puppy love, and never having another, was rational. I thought, away from my unstable family and the corrupt exclusionary upper class world I grew up in, she would have a chance.

    Now of course, having found her, I have a beautiful young woman in my life, with whom I am both fascinated and in love, and three grandchildren who are brilliant and gorgeous, plus shorn of the prejudice and limitations of the past. The eldest, studying physics, can say “I’d like to work at NASA”, and today, it’s actually possible, which it certainly wasn’t when I was her age.

    Not having an abortion was a grace, a blessing.


    Half the generation who attended college between 1969 and 1974, did not have children. They had abortions and they broke barriers in the work place. The political right must face that, without that overwhelming force aimed at career-making, this would not have happened. The world is not a sensible place. Nothing is won without sacrifice. That wouldn’t have happened “naturally”. Not in our ego-driven, combative culture. Second wave feminism broke the barriers that mean my daughter can have three children, a husband, a big job and can handle it all beautifully. For boomer women, their decision was a sacrifice, a service, and I think it should be recognized as such. I must know a thousand women, ten thousand women, in the generations who broke those barriers, who used their energy to create the modern world, doubling public and private wealth and then doubling it again. Who today, wish they had a family.

    Very very much.

    This is one thing you are not allowed to say today. But it would be massively instructional if more of those women would say to a 30 year old, “Your career at the investment bank or movie studio will mean little if you abort your child and don’t have the luck of conceiving again.”

    Here’s another unsayable. The ease of abortion, even the celebration of it, has coarsened the culture immeasurably. Sex unmoored to love, romance, engagement with the whole person, not just its body, and especially to family creation has become transactional and crude. If I were 17 now, I would be so put off, I would, like many teens, be saying no thanks. I’d rather study something hard and get a good job and as soon as possible, buy a farm and drop out. Like completely. This of course, is the top goal of people in their 20’s and 30’s now.  Cash out asap.

    In part because of Roe, we have created a monster culture. A culture of death. There’s a reason people don’t want to join the workforce. There is a reason everyone wants a garden and a farm. Because they want refuge.

    Ours is a culture where babies are not safe, children are never safe, where young women are not safe, where our airwaves are filled with never-ending garbage porn and violence, our entertainment is even more violent and disgusting, and no one in power is sane.

    Pedophilia, for instance, is a direct result of sex unmoored to consequence and to the sacrament of life. Sex, reduced to physical pleasure means that you have to seek ever more transgressive behavior. And there is nothing more transgressive than sexualizing the innocent.  And then predating them.

    Here’s another result:

    Adults have stopped having sex. They are repulsed. A study released last week in the UK, say adults are having half the sex of previous generations. We are creating a world of celibates.

    Our ideal woman these days is a Kardashian and Kardashians look like cartoon porn stars with the skin of a ten year old. Kardashians, as entertaining and charming as they are, have had many many procedures to look the way they do. It is instructive this week that Kim K and Anna Wintour, the woman responsible for starving two generations of women into lollipops, while mangling their feet, sat together at Couture in Paris. Hard not to see them as twin Queens of some appalling S&M jungle.

    Mistresses of Pain

    So while I was shocked by the Roe decision last week, I saw it reaching further than throwing the issue back to legislatures in the States –  to the actual democratic process, by the way.  I saw it as a leading indicator that a plurality believe that culture created since legalization of Roe, needs some serious re-visioning. That 58% was saying, through the court, “Look at the shadow side. Look at what has happened when we reduced sex from the force that moves mountains and creates life, to a transactional use of another’s body for momentary pleasure.”

    That decision came out of fifty years of campaigning by people not nearly as special as me and my cohort of educated career women with exciting jobs. It was created by women to whom family life is everything, whose lives are shorn of drama, who are happy in their home places giving and loving their children, husbands, communities. They work in jobs that feed and clothe us. They are the people at the checkout counter and the people delivering our Amazon packages. They run or own local banks, run the charities, stores, and gas stations. They are farmers, ranchers and many of their husbands do the grunt jobs of the culture. Which by the way are deeply meaningful, crucial jobs, necessary to us, jobs without which we would not exist. They believe in honor. Their towns and counties are safe to live in. They believe in God.

    They look at the world of violence, sexual nastiness we see in our entertainment and culture, and see it as debased, in which every person is out for themselves, no one is good, everyone has an angle or a severe psychological problem, everyone is either promiscuous or seen as pathetic, and no one ever displays character. They know baby parts are as valuable as diamonds. They know activists are trying to expand abortion to one month post-birth. They know about Pete Singer, they know that activists are trying to reduce the age of consent to 13. They know the statistics and reject the trafficking of women, they reject the pervasiveness of the multi-billion dollar industry which is porn, they reject the everlasting drumbeat of pedophilia in high places.

    And the kids coming up want to cash out and live in their world, in small towns and cities, in the country, not in the brutalism of the cool mega-cities.

    This is as thorough a schooling of us fancy people as Donald Trump’s election.