What The Truckers Know

It’s more than us. Do not underestimate them

When I was researching Eco-Fascists, I would angle to stay in the house of my interview subjects, which was the best way to gain trust and see how they lived. It’s a good technique if you can charm your way in, then drop your “personality” and become an empath for a while, listen, ask questions, laugh at absurdities. Also, it’s lonely driving 20,000 miles by yourself, and I was always looking to save hotel money. So I did stay with truckers and ranchers (often the same thing), farmers (ditto), loggers (ditto), and other traditional rural workers (ditto). A lot of truckers have multiple streams of income, and many work towards staying home on the land, senior truckers take routes when they need an extra $10K. So I lived with them, drove trucker routes, and dug myself into one failing town or county after another.

            And I’d escape to my car after a couple nights in Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, eastern Washington State thinking bloody hell, what I have stumbled into?

            Because they all were telling me the same stories. Hundreds, then thousands (I’d go to conferences) of individuals all over the US and Canada were telling me the same stories.

            The thing about truckers is that they have time to think. Weeks on their own with their minds and the internet. Plus, at home, what comes through the TV is either profoundly violent (they have kids) or tries to teach them to hate themselves. So, other than sports, it’s turned off. They jumped into the deep web way before anyone else.

Boy did I learn from them. All the data on the dark web, in the corners and by-ways, on Gettr and Steve Bannon, on Rumble, Brighteon, Bitchute, and allll the talk radio, the podcasts. Ten years ago, they knew it all. They knew about threatened digital ID, they knew about the plan to release viruses, they knew about engineered vaccines as kill shots, they knew about the junk they put into food and water that are experimental military grade toxins. They had watched as their high school friends’ jobs were torn away from them and their industries shut down. They watched the plagues of crack and fentanyl replaced healthy lives with death. They watched as their ranches and forests were financialized and the profits taken by oligarchs and plutocrats.  They watched people from their counties became insanely rich on government money, while their schools and town infrastructure degraded. They watched as their pleasures and recreations were taken away then given back via permits and fees. They watched Walmart and China gut their town centers. They know all about the WEF, Agenda 2030 – which was first aimed directly at their communities, and the UN’s depopulation agenda.

            They knew that there had to be money missing, that after three hundred years of growing prosperity, their lives had seemingly overnight become worse than their parents or grandparents.

            They hated the news media. Considered them traitors. I had to forswear my seven years at Time Inc, by which they were not impressed. They knew about MKULTRA and mind control, and entrainment. They watched as their doctors, accountant, lawyers all started saying the same things and following the same, new rules.

            They think 5G can be weaponized against them.

            Above all they knew about the surveillance state. They knew new trucks would have software in them with a kill switch. They made the connections that we are all under digital surveillance all the time, that our media is controlled to our exact interests and manipulated to give us dopamine hits all day long long before we became aware. They knew that each one of us can have the equivalent of a Stasi team on us at all times via AI and the software in our devices. That a 100% digital financial grid means a digital concentration camp.

I took up smoking again

            So when the vaccines started killing people in their towns, people they met at church, at bowling leagues, from high school, from the teams they competed against? All hell broke loose. Because there is no fair media, they communicated, and well, across all platforms. Now I don’t personally believe that the one in 200 poisoned vials of the experimental shot were sent to deplorables’ towns, but from the ten thousand or so death and injury testimonies I have read, few of these people were college educated, they are normals, in small cities and towns, with multiple cancer diagnoses, born dead infants, teens with heart conditions, mothers dead of strokes in their 30s. The fact that this tsunami of injury is not reported or called fantasy or “right-wing propaganda” only hardens their resolve.

They know the Vaccine Passport is the first step towards our towns and cities becoming digital concentration camps where every thought is monitored. They even suspected what turned out to be ID2020, which uses dissolvable microneedles that develop patterns of light-emitting microparticles to the skin.

Why are the governments resisting the will of the people? Because the glorious future they have planned for us requires the collapse of national constitutions. They require the collapse of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Override those with fake health crises, mass protests, and that job is done. They have precedent for revoking basic human rights. They will never give them back.

Remember the withdrawal of GiveSendGo and GoFundMe? The TD bank played ball with the Ontario government. That is pure fascism, textbook definition.

The protests ain’t about the mandates, folks. This is about turning our homes, cars, communities into a free range concentration camp, where our human souls can be harvested.

The truckers knew that long before we did. That’s why, all over the world, their protests will not end until we have our freedom back. All of it.

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