They Tried to Bury Us, They Forgot We Were Seeds

The Great Decoupling

For the past three decades, our friends on the institutional and academic left have been agitating for a coming together of the culture, a re-engagement with civic life, with everyone marching in order, sacrificing self for others. Countless busybodies with publishing contracts have charged that we are selfish and narcissistic and vain and little and the only thing that will save us is to jettison all that and work for the common good. Socialism, the great equalizer, is the only way to defeat vulture capitalism and the giant sucking of life’s energy from the poor to the rich. Our benevolent highly educated leadership will manage the transition without a hiccup. The genocide that other cultures have experienced won’t happen this time.

In 1997, pop historians Neil Howe and William Strauss followed their celebrated Generations[1] with the Fourth Turning, which predicted that our time, right now would be that time when humans become better people. Some great crisis will trigger a revisioning of everything and people would all of a sudden stop their infantilism and become like the Greatest Generation, the Revolutionary Generation, the Civil War Generation bringing forward a new saner more generous way of living.

The Fourth Turning: What The Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny is heavily promoted by Bitcoin philosophers and politicians like Steve Bannon. It is one of those books that make power-seeking intellects believe that their path is illumined by the Great Spirit. No doubt it was on the reading list of self-appointed genius leaders like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.

So about ten years ago, they decided to create the triggering event that will lead to Human 3.0. It would be the American Revolution of the 2000’s, and it would create a pliant good citizenry who would consent to being chipped, stripped of property, heavily restricted (climate change), depopulated (also climate change) and made available for harvest by our superiors (Silicon Valley). Our religion would be Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, meaning that everyone competent would sacrifice their opportunity and futures for the least advantaged and the World Would Be Saved.

The plandemic was born.

Two years in, It could not have backfired worse. Out in the great diaspora of free individuals, there is a massive coalition building. It takes in blue collar workers, New Agers, wage slaves, natural health people, service people like police and firemen, artists and communicators, dissident journalists and writers and scientists, one by one splitting off from the super culture, quitting their jobs, striking out on their own. News rockets around alternate news sources at top speed, outpacing the censors who slam shut one activist after another, while immediately 20 other rise to take their place.  Engagement, people are finding, is addictive, the dopamine hit of social media is much much stronger when your engagement is with your political allies and you are Fighting The Man. 

Here’s a lovely little data nugget. They don’t have the electrical power to feed the censorship grid. It doesn’t exist. The Dalles in Oregon is a massive massive installation that feeds Google from the Columbia River, but they’ll need ten thousand Dalles to really get their social credit score up and running. They have literally run out of power. That’s why a story can run in a local newspaper and be in everybody’s inbox the next morning from Australia to India to Des Moines. No matter how fast the censors work.

The tsunami of bullshit from old media has lost them almost half their readership in the last year alone. And frankly anyone still watching broadcast news is part of the slow kids club.

In Canada, CBC news radio and television news eats up 50% of journalism dollars in the country and is watched, read or listened to by 1.35% of Canadians.. Both CNN and Fox lost 34% of their viewers in 2021. The Alphabet News CBS etc., lost double digits, the Washington Post lost 44% and the NYTimes, 34%. The only way old media affects the national mood, is if when the bullshit gets preposterous enough to mock world-wide.

Joe Rogan’s listeners outpace the audience for 60 Minutes at its height in the 70s, and does so today by several orders of magnitude.

Black Rock and Vanguard are financing one hell of a vanity press for the Oligarchy.

Take the numbers who vanished from the propaganda web in ’21 alone. That’s probably a good indication of how many people have just….decoupled. The pandemic taught people how to detach from the super culture, from the constant spending and acquiring, from busyness, from frantic senseless competition, from serving the oligarchy, which resulted in the Great Resignation. People are leaving the cities as fast as they can sell their houses and rural areas are seeing double digit rises in population, Hudson NY for example, almost 100%. Where I live house prices have risen 30% a year for the past two years. Gardening, food growing, local food is a massive profit center for individuals – once an activity for the sensitive, now the only way to eat – provide a stark example of getting out of the web.

This isn’t a hundred year upset, it’s a 2000 year disruption. It’s a decoupling, a refusal, a fuck you to 2000 years of authoritarianism.

They tried to bury us. They forgot we were seeds.

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  • Steven Cox

    We also can kick everyone’s butt in the world in…manufacturing.

    We couldn’t twenty years ago. China/Viet Nam etc were invincible, simply due to those countries having large populations to draw from. These people also were very poor, and culturally hardworking. Robotics have changed everything. Ten people can do what would have taken 100-200 before.

    What is needed right now are the following: Water, tons of it. Manufacturing almost always requires lots of water. Fuel, tons of it. Access to natural resources. Access to large markets. A non corrupt educated population that is on board with hard work.

    Name one place in the word that has those five main inputs in greater amounts than BC. You won’t be able to.

    We have water, energy – both hydro and natural gas, plus easy access to Alberta oil. Massive natural resources of all types. A relatively compliant and relatively educated populace. And we have easy unfettered access to the massive American market.

    Even if China can still produce some things slightly cheaper they won’t be able to compete. Shipping costs will make up for whatever advantage they have in some areas. The fact China has to buy their natural Resources elsewhere and ship these to China also eliminates any edge they might have.

    And, inter China shipping costs are very high. And time consuming. There are cities of 20 million you haven’t even heard of. It takes trucks three hours or more to get through these cities.

    Ten years of good leadership and we could easily be twice as wealthy. With so much employment we would never have to worry about lack of jobs again.

    We need degree programs in every institution in manufacturing and robotics. Graduate 200-500 kids a year in BC with training in programmable variable controls, computer manufacturing, and in ten years there will be 1000-5,000 manufacturing startups. With more added every year. Many will fail. Many won’t. Even those that fail will provide experience that will be used elsewhere.

    The future is good. We need leadership that can see this.

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