The Center Will Not Can Not Hold

“What Rough Beast, its hour come at last…”

I am always relieved to wake up and find the Potemkin Economy is still roaring and everyone is getting their little bits of money so that they can survive another day, week or month. Just keep us serfs down here in the dirt, Bezos/Gates/Zuck/Zhou, scrabbling for the crumbs from your table, trading our pennies for ingenious bits of plastic from China, waiting till this edifice you have built with our life’s energy collapses.

No adult can look at the accumulated debt of the western economies – which effectively doubled, doubled in the last two years without shrinking. Unless of course, he has gold buried in the yard, silver for tender, and a year’s food put by. I used to have a stalker – one who owned seats on the stock exchange – who was so convinced that the world was going to collapse he would throw bars of silver over the fence.  

Oh, we’re going to raise interest rates to stall hyperinflation say the various central banks. Sure you are buddy, the moment you do in any substantive way, the bankruptcies will start and will not stop until there is nothing left. Every still-functioning individual (not on the take), family, town, region, state is so leveraged that even a 1% raise is dangerous. Then there are the unfunded liabilities. Every small town is liable for public sector pensions that would stun the average bear. $300 Trillion in the US? More?

The world is being run for these two sectors: Wall Street and the Administrative State. But that part of the economy that creates wealth, that part of the economy on which these two sectors are built, is dead. I’ve been living out in the real world for 20 years now, and damn, no one is reporting on the catastrophe those two sectors have wrought.

Maybe now? In the last two years, the administrative state has managed to destroy small business, break national and regional budgets, destroy schooling, immiserate children, destroy the Logistics industry, gut the food supply, throw food production into chaos, increase addiction across every cohort, increase domestic abuse, delay cancer treatments, cause multiple other diseases through neglect, refuse tested and safe early treatments, and produce vaccines that are now causing a 40% uptick in death rates. Reading celebrity news is an unnerving task since so many have suddenly…died.  

Maybe now people will pay attention?

Wall Street has destroyed everything else. In 2020, while people lost everything, NASDAQ rose 46%. In 2021, the whole market rose 27%. Repeat: when nothing was being produced and half the world lay idle, Wall Street made a 27% profit. The cheap money they demanded, has resulted in 7% consumer inflation and 9.7% producer price inflation. Who’s going to pay that? Us out here. The stench in Walmart, the bingo players. The serfs.

I live in a region bigger than Texas or Florida, 7 times bigger than the UK, British Columbia is mind-bogglingly huge. Not only that, it has ten bio-geo-climatic zones which means we are super-super-super rich. We can grow, harvest and mine everything that man needs. We can feed a mega-city and then some. Natural gas, oil, electrical power, forest, water, rare earth minerals. We have it, lots of it. The Alberta Oil Sands, the cleanest greenest oil extraction infrastructure on the planet? We have those too, enough to power the world. The province is the richest region in the galaxy, hands down, no contest.

It’s shut down. Once the environmentalist/native rights hysterics got through with us, everything shut down. Forestry, shut down. Mining. Not allowed. A natural gas terminal to sell power to China and US?  Don’t make me laugh. You cannot do anything. You cannot build anything, you cannot start a business. They replaced those industries, which paid our health care, with tourism. Where’s that now?

Our regulatory structure is so over-written, even food trucks or a bakery in a tiny village surrounded by forest, have to dodge and feint otherwise here comes the bureaucracy checking your water, your sewage, the voltage on your oven, your venting, your parking, your neighbors’ permission, your carbon emissions, the number of people on your property preparing food. Have you cleared your activity with the 33 First Nations in your area? Please show your papers. Every one of their sentences costs you $10,000.

You can make money here if you are working for Chinese Communists or other criminal cartels, The RCMP warns that Canada has become a haven for nefarious national security and transnational organized crime networksClear industry from a bio-geo-climatic region?  Here come the cartels.

In Vancouver, theChinese use their slave state money to buy real estate as fast as they can, install an obedient serf, and hold it. Criminal cartels launder money effectively bidding up prices for normals. Which means commercial rents are insane for anyone but multinationals. And building a building? Costs maybe twice as much as two years ago. Residential property prices have risen 61% in four years. Our homeless problem is a vicious unsolvable problem, because government has stolen everything that the cartels haven’t.

No wonder everyone is so well informed and seething. It’s all they can find to keep their brains operating, while lying on the couch between tending their chickens and vegetable gardens hoping those will keep them alive when The Event arrives.

The surprise mega-mega-hit of this fall was Yellowstone. Nothing woke is even on the radar in viewers. Yellowstone was successful in Phoenix, Denver, Kansas, Oklahoma, the Carolinas, Idaho, Ohio first, and not the prime markets, in the “C” rated markets, the ones advertisers don’t care about.  It moved from the center out. Why?

“These are the issues I face every day,” said one middle-American male in Ohio. He is besieged by everything Wall Street and the Admin State can throw at him. Nearly every month he is engaged in a life or death struggle. Every player in his business life is confiscatory.

Yellowstone is real, it is grounded, it reflects reality, now, not in space, not in yesteryear, now. That’s why it has cleaned the clocks of every posing wokster in media. The average Joe, the one on whom your life depends, is under as much threat as Kevin Costner and his family. Yellowstone has 10 million viewers because that brutalism is the reality Our Glorious Leaders have created.

They have broken everything.

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