Canada is a CCP Narco State

You are next

            I blame RFK Jr. Once he arrived in British Columbia with his Riverkeepers, Kennedy glamour, and eye for beautiful child-women, the latter of which somehow made him even more exciting, he changed the path of history. An entire generation fell to their knees and vowed to protect the magnificent nature, the majestic trees and rivers, and so they all genuflected and went to university and took environmental courses and in their summers researched out in the bush, with grants, and went back to school with more grants, playing at being Indians, hooting about the owl, crying about the dying trees and planet and over-heated air. Once out of school with their heavily subsidized degrees they went into the bureaucracy and methodically over a period of 20 years shut the province down.

It was a magnificent temper tantrum thrown by a cohort who never grew up, who fritter away their lives protecting mycelium and certain very special trees. The men are feminized, the women prosecutorial. Do not get in their way.

They are also deeply, profoundly, dangerously, innocent about the real world.

But they were smart, courtesy of their free education and birth in a once free country.  No longer would the wilderness be contemplated by the eyes of the predatory white man who never saw anything beautiful and magical but he wanted to cut it down or commodify it. They prevented or decommissioned roads into the back country. Ninety percent of the parks became inaccessible. They made thousands of Ecological Study Zones and did not list them on maps. They threw webs of regulation over everything where activity was still allowed (by the time they were finished it counted a full 6% of the province) and made common cause with the 66,412 “First Nations” in the province, promising them gold from heaven (or more correctly The White Man) if they fought alongside to punish the Punisher who had ruined their lives.

Whereupon they crashed tax collection. Which meant that the government, responsible for education, health care, and pretty much everything else after decades of socialist government, became freakishly desperate for money.  The green people were adamant. They had locked everything down in webs of regulation, several jurisdictions deep, and opening up anything – a mine, a forest, a ski hill, a subdivision with a view-scape, meant ten years of court battles and $100,000,000. Oh, you could still emigrate to, or live in British Columbia, but you had to live in a matchbox and work fourteen hour days. Kinda like a slave.

Luckily we had the Chinese. Who had drifted over 100 years ago and built the railroads, dug the tunnels and five generations later had built healthy, commercial, free lives like all the desperate settlers who arrived in the province after 1850.

Wherever free Chinese are successful, here comes the Chinese Communist Party, like all communists desperate for cash and willing to do anything to get it.  The environmentalists of the 80s and 90s, like the woke of 2022, were oblivious, living in their office towers and subsidized wilderness retreats.

In 1982, a trio of men, including Xiaoping Deng, the paramount leader of the PRC from 1979 to 1989, met in Hong Kong and made a deal to help realize the CCP’s global ambitions as well as learning about this strange thing commerce and capitalism, after Hong Kong was given over. This deal spawned the United Front Work Department fostering business ties between the CCP and the Triads. Triad leaders began to run businesses in Mainland China with elite military and revolutionary families.

Then the Hongs of Hong Kong began moving their money into Canada, buying their way in, and becoming citizens. That money was mostly legit but it skewed real estate prices. Then, after Expo 86, CCP officials – the above elite military and revolutionary families, looking for safe houses in case of a purge, started prospecting. They spent millions to get into the country. Money for which a former industrial state was now desperate. Did the money come from the work of a billion slaves? Never mind. Once that decision was made, the die was cast. The fruit of a poisoned tree started growing.

Then the flood. The province founded a Lottery Corporation to pay for hospitals, schools, and universities and the salaries for ever multiplying bureaucrats. They built Casinos which attracted the big serious money from the Chinese Triads. Millions in tattered $20 bills appeared at casino windows in suitcases. They were exchanged at the end of the night for crisp $100 bills. Their losses (laundering) meant our medical care and education were paid for by a criminal cartel in bed with and facilitated by the Chinese Communist Party.  Our bills were now being paid not by our labor and enterprise (microbusinesses only allowed) but by the labor and addiction of the most degraded, desperate people on earth.

The richest physical jurisdiction in the world had become a Narco City State.

In the casinos, private rooms proliferated, and trafficked women and children were used and discarded. Thirty-four percent of the money in Vancouver’s real estate is now Chinese.  The CCP bought bureaucrat after bureaucrat in the federal Immigration department. The RCMP and CSIS (Canada’s CIA) launched investigation after investigation and at the end of the 90s produced a comprehensive report called “Sidewinder” detailing the money, the crime, the broken people, the involvement of the CCP, and it identified Canadian government elected officials and lifelong bureaucrats that had facilitated the incursion.

“Sidewinder” concluded that the CCP had infiltrated and “corrupted Canada’s institutions and markets”, according to Wilful Blindness, by investigative reporter Sam Cooper. Cooper cites case after case of Chinese Triad bosses subverting Immigration and moving into Vancouver’s richest neighborhoods, bidding up the price of real estate, and using government Casinos opened to pay for hospitals, schools and medical care, to launder billions of dollars in crumpled $20 bills.  The RCMP’s investigation was halted in its tracks by a senior immigration official, who CSIS had identified as taking bribes.

Sidewinder was shut down and then, buried.

In thousands of commercial properties and in vast gated mansions on the outskirts of the city, drugs from China brought over in soy sauce packets, in containers with false bottoms, are pressed into pills, or sorted into powder and sold into the American market. The money is brought back to Vancouver and laundered through the government Casinos. Not only do the Casinos launder Canadian drug money, they launder Mexican cartel money and American gang money.

Billions upon billions of dirty money from all across North America have been laundered through B.C. government casinos and Vancouver’s real estate.

This is called The Vancouver Model. It is now copied by by Iranians, Russians, South American and African gangs in every mega-city in the world. This activity has skyrocketed the price of housing. And this, above all, is the reason for the homelessness and crime, not just in Vancouver, but in every other desirable city in North America.

San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York. London. Paris. Narco City States, every single one. That is why those once great cities are dying.

“Vancouver Model” money laundering has effectively made Canada’s west coast a headquarters for corporate and industrial espionage by the CCP.  In 2019, according to Sam Cooper, the RCMP arrested its top intelligence official, Cameron Otis. There is literally no way the Triads could thrive without protection from the Mounties and the provincial and federal governments, said Cooper. And these ruthless entrepreneurs have used Vancouver and Canada’s lax and corrupted laws to export their criminal model to other countries around the world including Australia and New Zealand. You think drugs from Mexico are a problem? Child’s play compared with the Vancouver model.

Twenty years after the Vancouver model took effect, Vancouver politics is riddled with CCP agents and informers. Every single cultural and medical institution is corrupted with slave state money. The CCP is almost certainly engineering the continued election of Justin Trudeau, the only human with the IQ of a family pet, and the vengefulness of a mongoose. His consigliore, Gerald Butts, the man behind the throne, is an old-fashioned socialist, a coal miner’s son who hates rich white Anglo Canadians and is fine with anything destroying their culture. He used the environmental movement, as head of the World Wildlife Foundation, to move into politics and is almost certainly has found soul mates in the CCP. The Conservative Party is as bewildered by reality as a Victorian maiden set down in Times Square, and under ceaseless attack by the media. All anyone cares about is climate change, racism and pronouns.

And the woke in universities, gleefully trashing what’s left of the civilization that created the greatest good for the greatest number, pulled billions out of grinding poverty, are having their education and health care, their parents’ pensions and benefits paid for by Chinese factory slaves, drug addicts and the homeless they step over on the street.

The money they are using is filthier and more corrupting than any that came out of the Antebellum South during the plantation era.

The woke generation is the most compromised and immoral in history. If they wake up, their self-hatred will know no bounds.

How long until the CCP claims our storied forests and rivers, plains and towns? How long till our forests are cut, our rare earth minerals excavated, our oil sands stripped, our natural gas taken, our lost and hidden valleys turned into vacation spots for CCP officials on vacation?

How long till Canadians become slaves themselves? Twenty years? Ten?



Elizabeth Nickson’s family arrived in the New World in 1630. Her family first married into the Mohawk around 1792. Her family includes four Indian bands, including Metis (Plains Indian and half French Canadian), Jew, Jamaican, Venezuelan and South Asian. Her paternal great-grandparents built the early infrastructure of the City of Vancouver, including bringing in the first piped water, constructing the water and sewage system, railroads, sidewalks, bridges, tunnels and breakwaters. The other set started the Vancouver General Hospital, in tents, with their friends from church.

I admire RFKJrs fierce fight for the vaccine-injured. But his enviro activism became destructive.  

Sam Cooper’s Wilful Blindness, How a Network of Narcos, Tycoons and CCP Agents Infiltrated the West, details his intensive, detailed, deeply sourced investigation of CCP and Triad activity in Vancouver and the rest of the country. Highly recommended.


Paul MarksJan 24When my cousin Carmella arrived in BC it was a land of lumberjacks in plaid shirts – it has changed rather a lot.Reply
Brenda Broley CookJan 24brilliantly written! I disagree only with one housepet is more intelligent than justin trudeauWe need to DO something!!Reply

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