Great Poisoning or Glorious Revolution?

Some of the brightest people alive think we are undergoing a deliberate cull of the weak. If Covid bioengineered with a bit of HIV didn’t get you, the ultra-toxic vaccines might. But why? I ask myself whenever I hear this, why kill off 15% of the world’s population?[1]

A surface reason is global warming. The World Economic Forum and our self-absorbed plutocrats actually believe that the carrying capacity of the world has been surpassed. This is not surprising, the propaganda regarding species extinction and unprecedented warming has been relentless for two decades and counting. Of course, it is nonsense and an actual ruse. The real real reason is money.

The unfunded liabilities of the western democracies, as long-lived boomers age, sicken and die are massive beyond any ability to count. Economist Niall Ferguson put it at $200 Trillion in 2012, I would guess it is more like $300 Trillion.

What happened to the balance sheet of the democracies?  Well, they were looted. Every time the left “creates jobs”, they create public sector jobs which are lushly funded and replete with benefits. Today these people – and they take up a full 40% of the economy – are the dominant protected class, and out of their offices come reams of propaganda about problems only they can fix, encylopedias of legislation, regulations and rules, accompanied by pleas for more money and police power too.

But what they have done is suppress economic activity. Over-regulation suppresses about 15% of what would be a fully activated economy. As well, according to Catherine Austin Fitts, in 1996, despairing that fiscal sobriety would ever manifest, the US central bank took $22 Trillion out of the US economy, which was the size of the US debt before Biden took control. Today, in the US, people go into government with the goal of leaving with a $100 Million fortune, the even number being something of a target.  Inspired by the Clintons, there are scores of such men and women. Example? The man who caused the housing bubble, Jeh Johnson, who amped the market through deliberately weak regs while he ran Fannie and Freddie Mae, walked away from a government job with $100 Million.[1]

Here is their problem. Their propaganda outfits have fallen. An obscure doctor in California read off the register for unpopular opinions gets more views of one of his videos than four weeks of 60 Minutes broadcasts. Broadsheets have lost two-thirds of their readers who have fled to so called right-wing-fly-by-night outfits that get more views by several orders of magnitude than the New York Times or Washington Post or Globe and Mail or The Guardian.

Plain spoken citizen journalists, all over the world, using crude story-telling have opened the world of politics for tens and then hundreds of millions of people, who have become better informed than the average tenured professor, marinated in his own self-importance.    

They know, for instance, that Covid has a .03% death rate, even for the healthy old, less than the flu. They know about the hundreds of thousands hospitalized after taking the vaccine. They know vaccine passports lead to digital money to CO2 allowances. They see the police state testing boundaries in every country. Can they whip a Parisienne in a shopping mall who refused to mask? Can they thrash formerly independent Australians? When forced back, the cabal merely goes silent and bide their time – they know that too.

They know about “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”, they know that the political class has been looting hand over fist for the past 25 years, making the robber barons of the Belle Epoque look cheap. They know war means money to these people. They know the pandemic was a money grab. They know too, more than anything, that for the past 20 years, everyone has got rich but them. They know decanting prisons and allowing in young men of military age without vetting is meant as a deliberate destabilizing of their hometowns and counties. They, and I mean 60% of the adults in every country, know that last year’s passion play of people of color was invented to distract them from the fact that they, that 40% of thieving public servants, broke everything.

No censor can stop this storm, because as soon as someone is deplatformed, other platforms proliferate, which, like a nasty invasive weed, when pulled out, scatters its seeds for 100 feet, leading to ever more tough, unkillable brush.

That brush, that plain-spoken fury has infected the whole sector, spewing out data and videos and calls to action that increase with every single day. The many-too-many have never been more well informed. And they are pissed.

This time, right now, and for the next fascinating few years, will be our Glorious Revolution. And it will lead to massive increases in public wealth and prosperity for all. Or prison camps – I understand the one beside Heathrow has a crematorium.

[1] Bill Gate’s stated goal

2. Gretchen Morgenson, Reckless Endangerment,How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon. Times Books, 2011

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