Bantu Education Right Back at Ya, Crackers.

Teaching Critical Race Theory at all, never mind as the backbone of pedagogy, is a form of dumbification. If you make white kids dumb, then kids of color might be able to compete and win. Tell me that’s not the goal. In South Africa, bantu education as of 1953, was offered to South African blacks, courtesy of South African whites. Readin’, writin’ and figurin’ was just about covered it, along with submission to God and Christ (and the Man). It was deliberately engineered in order to manage a vast often warring population of Xhosa and Zulu, and train them for the only jobs they were thought suited for, service and mining.

Yeah that worked out well for white South Africans, didn’t it? Now, it is damn right dangerous to be a white farmer out in the boonies – if you’re not well armed, actually even if you are, every breath you take could be your last.

In Quebec, in the demented Dominion, the Catholic Church performed the same “service” for French kids in the province. In the 1600’s the Prefect, Jean Talon, envisaged a lovely agricultural theocracy with peasantry who split their time between longing for Christ and working in the fields. Plus no birth control! The Catholic Church thought this absolutely splendid and signed on. This of course, was not challenged by the Anglo rulers of the province, it suited them to have subservient workers, and the fact that 12 children for each woman meant vast urban slums, made for an extremely docile and cheap labor force.

Quebec isn’t precisely unliveable for Anglos now, but they are in the minority, subject to endless small slights, cruelties and asset stripping whenever possible. Quebecois are still furious, and have created a lively culture with the most astonishing debt, that of course, Anglo Canada not only subsidizes so they don’t go under, but are liable for, as long as this reality lasts.

The wokerati should take notice.

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