A Bucket of Blood -There is no hiding for the CCP

Why does Mike LIndell, pillow guy, saying “9-0 at the Supreme Court”? Because it will be 9-0. This first chart is a list of 20 (of the many thousands) of attacks launched from China, principally, during the November 3rd election. The chart lists the IPs of the attackers, their source and their addresses including latitude, longitude, province, city and country.

This second chart shows the network from which the attack originated and IP address of the target, including the latitude, longitude, state and county, of the entry point. You will see a list of American counties as entry points.

Chart Three shows the network receiving the hack, its code, the success of the hack, and the result of the hack, which is Trump down, a modest several thousand votes in each of the counties listed. Notice that the Network Registrations are in the “a'”. These charts only describe 20 of the thousands of attacks.

The final chart shows the number of votes transferred from Trump to Biden. The CCP transferred millions of votes from Trump to Biden.

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