Absurdistan, Week XXXXXXIV

This makes sense from the Endocrine Society

Gender [sic] is often misused as a synonym for sex—for example, when filling out forms for various activities, we are routinely asked to check a box labeled “gender,” but the only available options are boxes labeled “M” and “F.” But sex is not the same thing as gender and using these terms as equivalents obfuscates differences that are real and important in society in general and biomedical research in particular.

Endocrine Society

I spent my 20’s in the theatre (and nightclubs) and it was clear that gender ran along a continuum of expressions. And very interesting it was, too. It is also clear that men born flooded with testosterone will out-play any female in any sport. Divide gender from sex, and you solve that problem. Not of course the problem of cultural hysteria from both left and right. Honestly those people just have to shut the fuck up. They are on my last nerve.


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