Did Davos-Man start the Hate?

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As Lyndon Johnson pointed out, the way to loot poor whites is to make them hate blacks.

Dividing people is pretty easy, if you want to go low. You just repeat the lie often enough and before you know it, anyone not-you is anathema. This has been repeated so many times in human history, it is always surprising when we reach a time in history where we DON’T hate each other. Right now, we have an engineered class and race war burbling under the surface, its spiky hates rising up to stab and scrape, then submerge in the stew of demonic nastiness. Hate gets all the press. Hate-filled politicians win if they can identify and exclude the class they need to loot and ruin. The more people they can get to hate, the more power they have.

There is something clarifying about hate. It gives you energy, identity, purpose. You can follow each cut and thrust like it’s a really good show. Meanwhile, you are having your life and energy stolen. As Lyndon Johnson pointed out, the way to loot poor whites is to make them hate blacks, and they don’t even notice their pockets are being picked. Last week someone pointed out that making urban knowledge gig-workers hate white farmers is an excellent way to divert their attention from the fact that their future is being stolen.

Read this year’s program at Davos, “The Great Reset”. It is all about fundamental system change, which will mean accreting all property to a superstate where it will be doled out based on ‘sustainability’ metrics. In order to do this, massive taxes must be raised, supra-national and national. We must pay for the dream of our superiors.

Let’s be clear here. People are voting against this everywhere. They don’t like it. Populists want regional control and self-determination. The superstate does not.

Russel Brand has it down. He’s way smarter than I thought. His video is hilarious. And damning.

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To get what they want, the Davos crowd has identified poor white people, rural white people, the people who feed, clothe, and house us, as the enemy. They are white supremacists and must be squelched. Farmers living on dirt roads tending 10,000 acres of grazing land must feel the full weight of the superstate.

Let’s be clear. There has always been a boss. There has always been forbidden speech. There have always been dangerous opinions in that if you hold them you don’t get the job, you don’t get dates. I was a young feminist revolutionary in my 20s, and until I cut my hair, bought conservative clothes and shut up, I couldn’t get a job.

Now what I thought is preferred. The suppressed ideas of yesterday are the norms of today.

Davos 2021 started yesterday, under the self-elected Kurt Schwab, benevolent dictator of us all who is doing it for our own good, whether we like it or not. It’s right out in the open. Who have created the most massive and impressive psy-op in history, one that is seeding hate in every neighborhood and county in the world.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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