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“Barely slept last night after we announced funding for a £3.2m DNA study partnership that I Chair. Seven years+ of advocacy and lobbying final paid off.” Sonya Chowdhury, CEO of Action for ME – a leader in the effort

from Cort Johnson’s Health Rising

I’ve had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since about 1990, or rather had it, because I don’t anymore. I used about 100 different therapies, supplements and interventions, then I recovered for ten years, relapsed after a series of deaths and recovered again.

The key to it for me was the calming of the glial cells in my brain, particularly the dark or dormant cells, which, through my own initiative I tend to wake up and treat like crack. So for me, meditation, low dose naltrexone, amitriptyline, country living, a peaceable mate, a happy family, all of these soothed my shadowy monster self. That established baseline. It is almost as if on this earth, that the key to any success or contentment is found where the forest is most tangled and dark.

Cort Johnson runs the most impressive blog on this constellation of unwellnesses, Health Rising and he reported this morning that the Brits are going to study it to the tune about $4 million, using 20,000 subjects. As Cort remarks, the last British study which basically found “It’s all in your head, weakling”, and recommended paced exercise and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT was widely found to be a failure.

For most people, this did not work. But y’know what? It did for me. Both times. Both times I got out on the trails and pushed and talked to myself and by inches, so barely that it was almost unnoticeable, I became well.

One thing I did find out was that as the child of someone with mild schizophrenia, or more properly Bipolar 1, I have a hyperactive mind that is uncontrollably energetic. It behaves like a coursing hunting dog after a winter shut up in a kennel. Which means my illness is in part genetic. The problem with schizophrenia is that 2/3rds of the genetic markers that establish the disease also come along with high achievement and intelligence.

So again, we are led back to this: understanding Chronic Fatigue is the best way of establishing what is true health, longevity, and how to increase immune function. The Times of London in its reporting on the study linked it with Covid 19. The best way to avoid Covid 19 is with a healthy immune system, which is why it punishes the elderly and the poor disproportionately.

Too bad it isn’t a $4 billion study. Then we would be getting somewhere.

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