Covid-19: An inflection Point for the Natural Health Care Industry

New data rolls out every day, many times a day. A dear friend with whom I share the health obsession, and who works with a similar virus to the one which triggered my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome #RECOVERED, sent me Joseph Mercola’s take. Mercola is so hated by big Pharma, his research is buried many Google pages deep, but he is among the most insightful research physicians and naturopaths out there and is followed by many. The interview below is linked here.

Mercola believes that the health of the immune system which encounters COVID is everything. If standard-of-care was not get-sick-and-we’ll-drug-you-till-you’re better, and instead was the slow and painstaking process of building your immune system, your nutritional profile, your flexibility and strength, many fewer people would have succumbed to the violence of the virus. Mercola recommends Vitamin C infusions, which are being used in China, stating that the antioxidant activity of vitamin C “may help prevent cytokine-induced lung damage…cytokines are small proteins released by cells, which trigger inflammation in response to infections. Severe lung inflammation with COVID-19 can lead to respiratory distress and even death.” The cytokine storm in COVID is the marker of profound danger.

You can view Dr. Richard Cheng’s NIH presentation on April 8th, 2020 here:

Abram Hoffer, the psychiatrist, and nutritionist, Mercola’s mentor, who, along with his fellow researcher Linus Pauling founded the natural health movement, swore up and down that 9,000 mg of Vitamin C could cure lung cancer. The wealth of health data deliberately buried by Big Pharma especially now with the Gates Foundation’s drive to vaccinate the world is shocking. If you were under the care of a naturopath, right now, and on top of all your various metrics including the usual, as well as a hormonal, allergic, and nutritional profile, it would be very damned hard for COVID to take you down. But never mind, the profits to be made in forcing a vaccine on humanity is worth the 20% or so who react badly to that vaccine. Despite the contempt leveled on anti-vaxxers, there is no vaccine that does not carry serious side effects to those vulnerable.

In any case, as reported by the Atlantic yesterday, those who are succumbing, rather than the elderly, those with hypertension and diabetes and obesity, are disproportionately people of color on the lower end of the socio-economic status. Sixty percent of the people who die with COVID in Chicago are black whereas the population is only 15% black. These are people who can’t afford the $250 a month I take in nutritional supplements, who don’t have a forest to hike or a green house to live in. Instead, they are the people who make my life and yours, possible, those who live in multi-generational households, where one job feeds six or seven, and that job is critical. Social distancing is for the relatively rich.

“There’s a big difference in how people handle this virus,” says Robert Murphy, a professor of medicine and the director of the Center for Global Communicable Diseases at Northwestern University. “It’s very unusual. None of this variability really fits with any other diseases we’re used to dealing with.”

This degree of uncertainty has less to do with the virus itself than how our bodies respond to it. As Murphy puts it, when doctors see this sort of variation in disease severity, “that’s not the virus; that’s the host.”

It will take a generation to rewire the medical system to teach that basic self-care is utterly critical to present well-being and that it is easy and cheap. You can bet that not one of Gywneth Paltrow’s army has died of the virus that is eating Manhattan. Their wellness contortions may read as vanity, but in fact, most are well-founded and are the necessary future. Perhaps not at her price point.

Just under the surface of consciousness lies an entire army of highly educated men and women who know just how to promote well being to the point you will never need critical care, you will never have a heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s or dementia. You will never experience the ferocious cost to wealth and family these illnesses bring. I see them as struggling to break through and this may be their transforming moment, their inflection point, their hinge in history.

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