Covid-19, Globalization, Racist Viruses and Building Immunity

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Today’s intermittent fasting routine consists of me, black tea, milk, and Manuka honey which is anti-microbial. I am also hitting my herbal anti-virals twice a day. This week, Johns Hopkins released a study stating that 7 herbs can kill Lyme disease, video linked just there. This is, perhaps, the first time the mainstream has stated, without equivocation, that herbal medicine is possibly even more powerful than pharmaceutical anti-virals with regard to the insidious vicious bug called Borrelia burgdorferi

After I collapsed for the second time with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I found myself in a form of stasis for almost two years. I was quietly frantic, burning a hole in the digital world searching for answers. And it wasn’t until I found Dr. Rawls, a GP who contracted Lyme, and collected the herbs he recommended, that I started to dig my way out.

My problem was that over time I’d contracted three herpes viruses (of the 8 or 9 in that complex). I know exactly where or from whom, I caught each one. The first, Epstein-Barre, or mono, I caught from my daughter’s father when I was about 17. CMV or the cytomegalovirus I caught from my ex-husband after he flew home from Japan and had sat beside someone very ill. I nursed him back to health, got sick myself, infected my mother and that virus plagued our lives for the next 20 years. Herpes 2 I also caught from him, because he was a slut in Japan, so I caught Japanese herpes. I was lucky I didn’t get AIDS because human behavior in downtown Manhattan in the 80s was frankly, disgusting. And a striking number of people I knew then are long dead because of it.

Foreign viruses beat the crap out of you because you don’t have built up immunity. Globalization has subjected us all to this vulnerability, hence the full-on panic out there in the big world. Collect Japanese Knotweed, Chinese Skullcap, Garlic, Colostrum, Fo-Ti, Cats Claw, Olive Leaf, Lomatium. Drawn from ancient cultures, they are just as “diverse” as the viruses they will eliminate. Twice a day until this crazy-ass thing is over. Which will be soon. 

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