The 20-Hour Fast

So, on my quest to lose ten or fifteen pounds fast, I have cycled through the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet and the Bone Broth Diet, and Melt Your Menopausal Middle in Ten Days Diet, within a week. Too much work, too much detail, too much shopping, too much girl stuff.

Instead, I am trying the Warrior Diet, which is 20 hours of fasting, with a four-hour eating window. I am trying this because of a hot Israeli scientist, Eltan Okun, who only eats 2 hours a day.

AmIright? “It is perfectly possible for people to eat 8 hours a day,” he says, with all the confidence of a hot Israeli scientist.

Yesterday my 20 hour fast was screwed up by generous amounts of chocolate chips which appeared magically in my palm every twenty minutes. So no, not that today. I am already 15 hours in. I can do five more hours. Maybe. Possibly. Check back tomorrow.

Equally, my quest, which is to preserve cognitive ability far into my 90’s, plus being able to spend money, which seems to be my favorite activity, which means I have to work, which means I have to be healthy and smart, this diet, the hungry-all-the-time diet, seems to be the only thing that delivers everything I want. Plus it is cheaper, no buying of endless amounts of vegetables and cutting them up and making complicated recipes. Nope, it’s cheap and fast and delivers benefits far beyond just losing weight.

“There would be no problem if everyone lived to the age of 50,” he says. “The difficulty is to reach the age of 95 with a lucid mind. In the modern world, we enjoy a long lifespan along with high food consumption, which prevents the body from looking after itself.”

You’d have to have been sleeping under a rock to not know about ketones. Fasting 20 hours a day produces ketones, which are credited with everything, including killing cancer. “Avoidance of eating sets in motion alternative processes for producing energy – mainly dissolving fatty acids to produce ketone bodies. The latter have been drawing increasing attention lately as an energy source for cells, by virtue of their beneficial effects on laboratory mice,” says the hot scientist.

I am doing it because it is simple. I am after the high. Ketones make you high and sharp and clear. I want that, I need it. I’m toughing it out.

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