I am never ever going to write about global warming which is bullshit and is not happening. I am just going to publish this chart every time there is new propaganda like this week’s report from NOAA and NASA, screaming that this past decade is the warmest in living history. Yeah, by a few hundredths of a percent since the Little Ice Age. And frankly, I even doubt that.

This graph is from a peer-reviewed journal: https://gavinpublishers.com/articles/short-communication/Journal-of-Earth-and-Environmental-Sciences-ISSN-2577-0640/the-true-and-false-of-climate-change

The writers are:

M. Ray Thomasson, Chairman, Thomasson Partner Associates Inc., Denver Colorado, USA

Lee C. Gerhard Principal Geologist, Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas, USA (retired)

16 thoughts on “Bullshit”

  1. Doesn’t even compare to the Holocene Optimum at the dawn of civilization. Now that’s called the Holocene Maximum, because “Optimum” is a “positive” implying mild climates are desirable.

    1. What makes you think milder/warmer is not optimum? Based on the continuum from equator to poles, it seems that warmer is better for life in all forms.

  2. I love it as do others on Facebook. Some are clamoring for the source of your chart.

    Personally, I feel the erasure of the Medieval Warming Period is sufficient evidence.

  3. Good chart. Need to provide sources for the data. Whenever I post charts like this, I get challenged, so I always post the sources as well so critics can’t say “You’re just making this stuff up.”

  4. Younger Dryas is believed now be due to a meteor striking which
    put dust etc into Atmos.. not a killer one through

    We are still in an Ice Epoch with Long Ice ages and short warmer periods
    of 10,000-15,000 long so we are at the end of this warm period.

    All it will take is say less solar energy which can occur as Suns a variable and If it has a long variable period where its quiet, little or no sunspots so less output as in little ice age but not 200-300 years long but 100,000 long..well Brrr

    A meteor hitting thats not a killer but dusts up can reduce solar

    And Yellowstones over due to blow in past 2M years ..this Ice Epoch its blown about every 600,000 years.. It blew 2m yrs ago and in the 2M ice epoch has blown 3 times each time Loads of dust and cooling

  5. I agree with Edward, I would love to sources of the data. I 100% agree but would want to point my naysayers to the data sources.

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