I am never ever going to write about global warming which is bullshit and is not happening. I am just going to publish this chart every time there is new propaganda like this week’s report from NOAA and NASA, screaming that this past decade is the warmest in living history. Yeah, by a few hundredths of a percent since the Little Ice Age. And frankly, I even doubt that.

This graph is from a peer-reviewed journal: https://gavinpublishers.com/articles/short-communication/Journal-of-Earth-and-Environmental-Sciences-ISSN-2577-0640/the-true-and-false-of-climate-change

The writers are:

M. Ray Thomasson, Chairman, Thomasson Partner Associates Inc., Denver Colorado, USA

Lee C. Gerhard Principal Geologist, Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas, USA (retired)


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