The Duchess of Woke finds a Home

Apparently our Premier (socialist) in B.C. is all aflutter about the possible settling of the Sussexes in our jurisdiction, which, by the way, is the greenest, most rainbowy, wokest in the whole of the Commonwealth, if not the world. The two major cities have gay green Mayors and councilors and our riding (and the Sussexes) is represented by the head of the Green party federally, and the Green party provincially. I personally think it would be super-great for us because their presence will kick up the glamour factor by quite a lot and I am shallow enough to enjoy glamour. And hey, with all that focus, maybe there would arrive some rationality and greens would stop burning down the forests with their crazy ideas about how to maintain biodiversity. One can hope.

With regard to a complaint from a reader on Facebook that I was super-mean yesterday, you should see, Sir, the musings of my English friends who would like to see her stuffed into a wood-chipper. Tomorrow would be too late.

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  • Steve

    I used to casually know the previous owner of the home she was staying at. It was the wife of a major real estate player in Phoenix. She seemed nice. Now they’re saying Frank Giustra owns that house! Nice house. A bit gaudy for my taste. Im okay with them moving here. Should jump property prices way up from woke celebrities. Which is okay. It won’t make it any woker or lefter because that isn’t possible. I hope all is well with you. I’m in China right now.

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