What drove the Duchess out of England?

Was MM driven out by racism? Envy? A lot of media, especially from the red tops, as they call the shrieking tabs in England, is based in envy. A youngish woman B+ actress/blogress grabs a Prince, the darling of all, spends $1 million on clothes, $5 million on renovations, has a mega-wedding costing $30 million, then proceeds to tell the country how to live, including overturning the university curriculum supplanting some of it with voices of color, promoting activist women of color on the cover of Vogue, nagging about climate change while flying private, promoting a cookbook by women who belong to a jihadi mosque. Also, she bravely associates with powerful women of colour like Serena Williams or Oprah or Amal Clooney who, I promise you, have a distinctly different view of the royal family than the average punter. Oppressor would just about cover it. This while they throw her a $500,000 baby shower.

I vote for woke over racism. If MM hadn’t decided to insult half the population of Britain who don’t “believe” in climate change and who are dealing with fallout crime from unrestrained immigration, and who despite the failings of their culture want to keep it, she’d have had the usual vicious hazing, and then the redtops would get bored and move on.

Nooooo. She has a “platform”. She wants to do good, highlight her favorite ideas and people. Show us just how terrible we are, how much better we could live, how much we have to learn. From her. Does anyone wish her luck? I wish she would just go away. That’s not going to happen, so I expect the shaming and viciousness to continue.

An extensive survey of American political opinion published last year by a nonprofit called More in Common found that a large majority of every group, including black Americans, thought “political correctness” was a problem. The only exception was a group identified as “progressive activists”—just 8 percent of the population. They are, to man, woman or hysterical teen, well-educated, well-heeled and they live in a bubble of self-affirmation like MM. Those 8% are MM’s natural audience. They are her only audience. The rest of us are just thoroughly annoyed.

Why are we annoyed? We blame the conflict in our public life on wokeness like MM. According to the Atlantic, “other polls found that white progressives were readier to blame racism for the problems of minority groups than black Americans were. The new progressivism was a limited, mainly elite phenomenon.”

The future of the Duchess of Woke looks filled with conflict and hate. But, as Gwyneth showed, you can make a lot more money when people hate you/love you/hate you.


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