World On Fire

I found myself trolling the Instagram accounts of the Royal Cambridges and Sussexes this weekend. My first staff job as a journalist was stalking Princess Diana and the habit dies hard.  Plus I am appreciative of the power of a pretty royal so I want to know their concerns.  And of course, both couples have announced themselves as Guardians of the Environment, bless their hearts, and this weekend, the fires in New South Wales were on their collective “mind”.

Climate Change they scolded, implicitly demanding that we commoners do less, travel less, drive less, this from people with fleets of Range Rovers, planes and eleven Palaces at their command. 

So I commented, nope, wrong, bad stewardship resulting from bad green regulation.  This tragedy lies at the door of the environmental movement and its supporters. And braced myself.

But instead of the expected roar from climatistas and extinctionettes, I found myself heartily agreed with by Australians, who, no longer passive, are furious at the destruction of their bush by said regulation, which, chapter and verse, they can cite, all of which has led up to the worst conflagration suffered by the globe in many decades.

Ok, there were a few spouting party line. Unprecedented drought of five years! Climate Change.  So Willis Eschenbach of Watts Up With That went into Australia’s drought record and found that in fact, their annual rainfall, even when located to the fire zone, was wetter than it had been for sixty years.

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