The Commies Among Us

This weekend it was brought home once again, just how tolerant of a genocidal and vicious ideology we have become. The London Sunday Times tongue-bathed the Labour Shadow Chancellor, an admitted Marxist, up one side and down the other. John McDonnell put on the charm and went ’round the City on a tea offensive telling them not to worry, he won’t totally eviscerate their funds, but change it is a-coming. I’m quoting extensively from the piece because it’s behind a pay-wall.

“In Who’s Who he lists his hobby as “fermenting [sic] the overthrow of capitalism”, and when I ask whether this is still his aim he replies without hesitation, “Yes. I want to move on from capitalism.””

Instead of capitalism, he wants “a system where you reduce the level of exploitation, you establish a fair distribution of rewards and then you start developing other forms of ownership,” he says. “Eventually, I think you will get to a situation where goods will be held in common, so workers will own their own companies, will be democratically managed. That will evolve over time. What we will do is move it to the next step.”

So many problems with this. But rather than contest point-by-point, let’s agree that this is not an innovation. It IS Marxism. And no matter where you look, in every country, in every single country, it ends in genocide, stagnation and reversion to the primitive.

What does this guy say about that? “I ask whether he understands why many people find the idea of a Marxist at the Treasury alarming. “It’s because of the association with Stalin and what went on under some of the most oppressive regimes in the world, but my lot, the socialists, were the first that went to the gulags and got shot by Stalin,” he replies. Of the failures in the Soviet Union, Cuba and Venezuela, he says, “It was never socialism.”

Yeah. They all say that. Perhaps this is closer to the real man:

“A few years ago, he quoted a call for the Tory MP Esther McVey to be “lynched”. When I ask about this, he shifts slightly in his chair, insisting it was “meant as a joke. It was just repeating what somebody said.” But there is a bit of a pattern. He also once said that Danny Alexander, a former Lib Dem cabinet minister, should be “garrotted”. “That was just a joke as well,” he says. In 2003 he suggested the IRA should be honoured, declaring that it was “the bombs and bullets” that brought Britain to the negotiating table.”

Capitalism innovates constantly, every year bringing more and more people out of poverty. Socialism does worse than kill, it degrades the humans left after the genocide and crawling out of it takes decades. This guy is worse than a Nazi. And anyone who says “that wasn’t real socialism”, is a genocidal maniac.

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