Will Kavanaugh’s devil be paid?

Yes, yes he will.  Bret Kavanaugh almost paid with his career and family happiness for the sins of bros and hoes, for hooking up culture, for the trivialization of sex and love, for the madness of the age. The spectacle was epic, it was Shakespearean, it had Falstaffian figures like the creepy porn lawyer, it had outright frauds like the rape train accuser whose name should be lost to history, like tomorrow.  It had Evil Genius Senators whose faces revealed, even as they lied and slandered, that they knew the truth and that the truth was not on their side.  And above and beyond all that, repellant stupidity infused every interaction and shrove every adult soul in the room.

Kavanaugh will take his place, his reputation among reasonable people will be restored and he will be much much more famous than he imagined even as a teenaged sports hero. We will recover from the undeniable terror felt by all said reasonable people, that due process, the presumption of innocence, the preponderance of evidence was about to be thrown into the social justice hopper.

Ordinary people have had their eyes opened to the fact that there is a teeming mass of terrifying people out there who would gladly topple the pillars upon which civilization rests, take everything from everybody and redistribute it based on their personal experience of unfairness.  Most of us now know (or should) that the hard left in the closeted reaches of its leadership cadres, dreams of putting a gun to the heads of its enemies. It is real.  They are coming for us.  The Devil must and will be paid.

The army of the left is no longer the working class. They’ve fled to Trump’s vision of prosperity and they are not coming back.  The army is female. It is irrational. It is hysterical and shrieking and very very angry. And it wants payback for two generations of the sexual revolution in which women were used and discarded like kleenex, contracting multiple diseases of body and soul, their hearts trampled, their spirits broken, their lives reduced to resentment and getting by.  Feminist leaders have capitalized on this fact for the past thirty years and their work is coming to fruition.

Best possible case is a revision of the reductionist transactional relationship between man and woman.  Men will tiptoe around women as if they were a grenade with the pin about to fall out.  Because guess what?  On the evidence, it is.

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