Jian Gomeshi begs pardon

The New York Review of Books published a 3400-word essay by the CBC radio host who used to beat the crap out of his sexual partners.  Somehow I don’t think the smarm…correction…charm is going to work. The New York Review’s meticulous take-downs of the shaggy orange monster must not be getting enough traffic.  This is one of several recent essays by or about literary or academic stars who like to punish their putative inferiors.  Makes their scene even less appetizing, grubby socialist egomaniacs in muck-filled apartments inveigling against the super-culture while begging for pennies and viciously tormenting their admirers.  To cap it, that sad, bug-eyed creature, Joyce Maynard, who became JD Salinger’s dollface at the age of 18 (a million years ago) has published yet another book about her torment at the hands of the great man.  “Predator or Prey?” asks The New York Times.  Ptooie on all of you. Your moral authority fled several Presidents ago. All that’s left is smut and grease stains.


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