Canada’s Gathering Disaster

This morning we were treated to ex-journalist and George Soros sycophant. Christia Freeland, giving a press conference on how very very very complex trade negotiations are, so hard us punters just won’t get it, not in a million billion years.  We just that stupid. Most of Canada watched with a jaundiced eye.  Most of us think she is dragging her feet so that either a) Trump loses the mid-terms and Democrats in Congress will save us or b) the Liberal Party of Canada can come up with the soothing ads and rationales required to ramp down the anger of every interest group they are about to betray.

The Quebec dairy cartel, which charges 300% more for milk etc than similar producers in the US, is supposedly the source of all of young Trudeau’s wealth, nor can he be re-elected if their scam is put to sleep. Not to mention the blowback from the various grifting wheat and egg boards, cartel dinosaurs left over from WW2, when Canada was supplying actual armies.  [epq-quote align=”align-right”]Supply management is institutional thievery which has benefited a few farmers and ruined most others, as well as eliminating any possibility of innovation in food supply. [/epq-quote] Equally the Liberals have sworn protection to our “culture” industries, which is to say the publishers and filmmakers who would not exist without the hefty subsidies they receive for their product, which languishes on shelves and in limbo no matter how much subsidized PR is put behind them.  We produce crap art, lots and lots of it. No one wants it, no one buys it, no one watches it.  All of it pushes government control of everything, hatred of our founding culture, hatred of all business, hatred of capitalism, and white males are always the villains. I suspect libraries and students on university courses are the only reliable purchasers of Canadian product, that and the many many sad individuals who subsist on grants and loans and little gifts from Ottawa.  They are the Liberal Party’s badly paid goons, ready to go to war if their stipends are threatened.

There is nothing “free” about the Canadian economy.  It is all subsidized by the relatively small percentage laboring away in the private sector who have seen no real growth in their wages since the 70’s.  Why is Canada’s housing stock so stunted and mean compared to the US?  Because the government sucks up all the wealth in the country, and uses it to lavish themselves with endless percs and treats and special foundations and institutes when they retire.  [epq-quote align=”align-left”]I recently met a retired bureaucrat who receives $54 million a year to run his foreign policy shop out of one of our universities.  A staggering waste of money on one egomaniac’s retirement project. [/epq-quote]

We lost 52,000 jobs in August, while the US gained 210,000. If our economy was the size of the US, we lost 520,000 jobs.  Imagine if the US lost 520,000 jobs in a month?  All hell would break loose. Their wages went up 3.9%, ours haven’t gone up in five years, and in fact, last week’s bonkers decision on the latest mothballed pipeline sent another 8,000 families to the unemployment line.  If you add in the multiplier effect of that decision, probably 8 to 1, that’s 160,000 people directly negatively affected, not to mention investors whose portfolio just lost 1/3 of its value and government tax rolls which just lost all the potential revenue from the pipeline and its flow-thru.  Our only reliable competitive advantage, Alberta’s oil sands have been effectively land-locked.

If the Liberals decide to walk away from a new trade agreement, we will lose the auto manufacturing to Ohio and Michigan, which will immediately assure Trump’s re-election, so don’t tell me he isn’t aware of that.  Our GDP will drop 2.2%, Ontario will go into a deep recession because it will have lost its keystone manufacturing industry which will never come back. Never. Ontario already has the largest sub-sovereign debt among western economies, it is broker than California, which is, so brokety-ass broke, actual taxpayers are fleeing the state in hordes. Without trade, there is no way that Ontario can pay its government pensions, not to mention medical liabilities to its aging residents, if the auto industry collapses.

We have 19 more months of this clown-car government.  We are so very very screwed.


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