To My Erstwhile Friends

It may have been the CBD spray, but all of a sudden I was struck, no more than struck, I was invaded by how all of my leftie/liberal friends feel.  And it is horrible, and it lasted a long time and it was geopathic, I couldn’t escape it.  To listen to those tirades on the television every night, to feel all that hate coming at you, the character assassinations, the drama, the parade, the great soap opera of the early millennium.

I don’t watch it.  I can’t.  If I listen to a minute of it, my nerves start to curl up and die.  I need to read, and I need to discuss, and I need to analyze.  So I do.  I have many friends with whom I do just that.  Many.

But I miss y’all.  I wish I could send a tonic, other than turn it off.  Read.  Read deeply, read beyond the headlines and read widely.  Think for yourselves, turn away from the hysteria, the rising tone, the G-Force hurricane alarm.  You’re burning out your adrenals. You can be as liberal as you like, but please, the rising hysteria in everyone’s voice is exhausting.  To everyone.

One more thing.  It’s not your side being investigated, charged, put in solitary confinement, convicted, bankrupted, driven from social media, deplatformed, refused by banks to collect your money and that was just the last six months. Nope, my side is on defense and busy quickly fixing the broken economic system, so that everyone benefits.

It is your side putting us through this.


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