Watergate Guy Publishes Yet Another Hit Job on Trump

Bob Woodward, the ancient creaky frog of the DC swamp is publishing Fear: Trump in the White House on the weighty-to-the-point-of-cliched-date of September 11th, just in time for another week of hysteria on the nets.  Does the fact that CNN has lost 800,000 viewers not mean anything to these idiots?  Do they not realize we have turned them off?  That the only people watching are fanatics and hysterics?

Seriously, Woodward jumped the shark of significance four books ago.  He is wheeled out every now and then to weak applause from the assembled academics, failed and otherwise, and pseuds of the blue east coast states – the west long ago having turned him off.  I bet he sells a few multiples of tens of thousands of copies, mostly libraries and from lecturers assigning his book in school, and then, like all the others glub glub glub.

The intelligent world moved on long ago, Bob.

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