Goodness, HBO’s Sharp Objects is Mondo Depressing

I like Amy Adams the lead in Sharp Objects, the current piece by Gone Girl author, Gillian Flynn.  And I enjoyed Gone Girl, mostly because revenge.  But honestly, really?  What is going on here, other than endless parades of flashbacks, nightmares, insults from the worst mother ever to walk the planet, a lotta drinking, very very weird sexual encounters, and some admittedly shocking displays of cutting?

There is a reason they tell you in writing school that flashbacks and dreams screw with drama and forward momentum.  Equally drinking and drug-taking is not especially meaningful to anyone not actually taking the drugs, ie the character his or her or theirself.  And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t find something else to do during sex scenes now.  Maybe not adolescent boys, but pretty much everyone else screws up their eyes and sighs a gusty sigh of mixed boredom and frustration.

That comprises 70% of Sharp Objects.  Which leaves us with 30% of extremely confusing events meant to suggest who the hell the killer might be, possibly, or not.

Amateur time.  If this is an example of “including more women’s voices”, we have a long dry period of bad drama coming up.



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