Diana’s photographer accused of sexual abuse

Fifty models clubbed together this week to accuse 25 of the world’s most storied photographers of systematic sexual abuse.  Take a look at Kate Moss walking with Diana’s photographer, Patrick Demarchelier. This girl is ridiculously beautiful, how could any man keep his hands off her?  Answer.  They didn’t.  Assistants were not out of bounds either.  One of Patrick’s wrote Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, saying she “gave in to (Patrick’s) sexual demands out of fear that further rejection of his advances would risk her job.”  When she refused, he berated her. Imagine what a young ambitious model would do, say she was 16, from Nebraska.  Imagine her shame, her misery, her fear.

Here’s the nub of it.  She wrote to Anna Wintour, queen of the industry, who presided over this collection of rogues for 30 years. Did she do anything? Not till she was caught red-handed. Vogue is a sewer. 

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