Our region has been completely taken over by greens – federal, provincial, regional and local, who blame all dysfunction on global warming.  Vis, the latest statement from Victoria’s mayor, the charmingly named, the proudly gay, bike riding, free-spending Lisa Helps (shurly a made up name) who blamed the recent increase in bird poop in Downtown Victoria on Global Warming.  This while the rest of the continent is in a deep freeze, there is snow in the Sahara and in the American South.  One is endlessly entranced by the men and women who get into office claiming their ‘different’ sexuality, their refreshingly new racial identity and their commitment to drawing down consumption means they can solve all the problems of modern capitalism.  Poop, of course, is an ongoing Victorian concern, since we pump all the sewage of this modern city straight into the gulf where there is a measurable and distinct decline in the health of sea life.  One hundred years ago, a Canadian man with a high school education pushed the highest longest railroad tunnel in the world through a mountain in BC.  But today we cannot solve bird poop or sewage.



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