Where Are All The Corpses

On a more positive note, while I have been in the trenches, the inestimable Dr. Timothy Hulsey has been auditing the U.N.’s Biodiversity Sky is Falling 33% of the World’s Species Are Going Extinct Report, Summer 2010.   To date he has found that only 29% of the citations used are peer-reviewed.  Less than one-third.  And we know just how reliable those are.  Conservation biologists who quarrel with the sky-is-falling, the earth- beneath-our-feet-is-collapsing agenda do not get grants.  Nor are they published.  They are not granted tenure.  They are shut out of the profession.

The rest of the citations are put together by the various and many organizations with an interest in promoting universal fear of collapsing ecosystems.

Like everyone I need to know:  Where are all the corpses?

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