SINS OF COMMISSION director Richard Oshen

Finally, a film about how the California Coastal Commission created the great fires of the last few years in California.

“We are suffering a crisis of authority.  The California Coastal Commission has subordinated public safety creating a hazardous fuel preservation program, amending state fire code without the approval of the State fire Commission as is required by law.”  Ann Hoffman, President of Land Use Preservation Defense Fund, Governor’s Blue Ribbon Fire Commission.  7 January 2004

People are fined $1000 a day for clearing 20 foot brush-free zones around their houses.

This kind of coercion is happening in British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, anywhere the big environmental NGO’s like Sierra, Greenpeace, The Wilderness Society, NRDC, &etc. ad infinitum go to court to prevent any mitigation in any forest.  200 million acres of U.S. National Forest are at risk of catastrophic, once in an millennium fire.  The death of species, old growth forest, the pain suffered by those who live in and around the forest – all incalculable.

Let’s start with indicting Peter Douglas, executive director of the California Coastal Commission for crimes against humanity.

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