Did Davos-Man start the Hate?

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As Lyndon Johnson pointed out, the way to loot poor whites is to make them hate blacks.

Dividing people is pretty easy, if you want to go low. You just repeat the lie often enough and before you know it, anyone not-you is anathema. This has been repeated so many times in human history, it is always surprising when we reach a time in history where we DON’T hate each other. Right now, we have an engineered class and race war burbling under the surface, its spiky hates rising up to stab and scrape, then submerge in the stew of demonic nastiness. Hate gets all the press. Hate-filled politicians win if they can identify and exclude the class they need to loot and ruin. The more people they can get to hate, the more power they have.

There is something clarifying about hate. It gives you energy, identity, purpose. You can follow each cut and thrust like it’s a really good show. Meanwhile, you are having your life and energy stolen. As Lyndon Johnson pointed out, the way to loot poor whites is to make them hate blacks, and they don’t even notice their pockets are being picked. Last week someone pointed out that making urban knowledge gig-workers hate white farmers is an excellent way to divert their attention from the fact that their future is being stolen.

Read this year’s program at Davos, “The Great Reset”. It is all about fundamental system change, which will mean accreting all property to a superstate where it will be doled out based on ‘sustainability’ metrics. In order to do this, massive taxes must be raised, supra-national and national. We must pay for the dream of our superiors.

Let’s be clear here. People are voting against this everywhere. They don’t like it. Populists want regional control and self-determination. The superstate does not.

Russel Brand has it down. He’s way smarter than I thought. His video is hilarious. And damning.

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To get what they want, the Davos crowd has identified poor white people, rural white people, the people who feed, clothe, and house us, as the enemy. They are white supremacists and must be squelched. Farmers living on dirt roads tending 10,000 acres of grazing land must feel the full weight of the superstate.

Let’s be clear. There has always been a boss. There has always been forbidden speech. There have always been dangerous opinions in that if you hold them you don’t get the job, you don’t get dates. I was a young feminist revolutionary in my 20s, and until I cut my hair, bought conservative clothes and shut up, I couldn’t get a job.

Now what I thought is preferred. The suppressed ideas of yesterday are the norms of today.

Davos 2021 started yesterday, under the self-elected Kurt Schwab, benevolent dictator of us all who is doing it for our own good, whether we like it or not. It’s right out in the open. Who have created the most massive and impressive psy-op in history, one that is seeding hate in every neighborhood and county in the world.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

We Didn’t Make This Storm

The hate! I see hate in everything written now, casual hate in fashion blogs and celebrity blogs and design magazine, offhand hate as if in passing – even from a therapist I instantly dropped. It is our signifier of community now. Of course we are close because we both hate the same thing and we are solid haters you and I.

I seem to have signed up for a half dozen different social networks in haphazard fashion, over the past few weeks. I am pissed at the top four digital empires. I don’t like saying in passing to Jamie, “We need this,” and immediately see an ad. I don’t like being harvested for data, I don’t like being censored by idiots, I don’t like everything I’ve written down to the tiniest alteration of text available for any hacker jackass to read. I did an interview for Russian TV a few months ago, and a week later, all my passwords had been breached and I had to redo everything. This New Age means I’m vulnerable. So are you.

Plus, I was a journalist for 20 years, trained at the old Time-Inc and I sure as hell know how to research and evaluate information. I also have a graduate degree where I mostly learned economics and statistics, and I would say that Facebook’s checkers are dead wrong 75% of the time. It is freaking insulting. Google is truly an evil outfit, so I am dumping gmail, dumping google drive, not using google as a search engine. I’ve signed onto Brave and Proton Mail and next laptop is going to be from the deeply privacy-walled Purism because Goddammit, I belong to myself and b)fuck off.

I am also searching for a social home now that all the old-fashioned homes have turned into fight club, and we are so divided, I am scared.  I have gathered together some fellow travelers over the past few years, people whose spirits I love, I say spirits because we don’t see each other, a state we seem to be making permanent. If I lose a platform, I lose them and that would break my heart.

There is a lot of talk about how to speak to the other side after this election. Some say not to talk to them, not any of them. Revenge is in the air. Why? Who caused this? Who turned us into fire ants?

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I have a serious mind for someone who is naturally entirely frivolous, and last summer I read into criminal reform, a guaranteed income, and replacing police with teams of social workers. These suggestions proposed by the left are greeted with derision by the right, who point out the vulnerability of the poor and old in bad neighborhoods that depend on the police. This is indeed so true as to be a truism, crime rises wherever the police are decommissioned, and those hurt are always always always the most vulnerable. In the cities with the BLM riots, the police have withdrawn and crime has shot up.

But in fact, in order to stop the cycle of black teen violence, which is a sin and a crime that we have allowed to continue, you need precisely what they propose, financial help, and members of the community, trained, a resolution to not let any fall through the cracks. Let me repeat that: Members of the Community, men and women intimately involved in their community, not bureaucrats with police power who can ruin you with a signature.

Must have told dozens of people – professors, columnists, think tankers, friends, family members – to watch HBO’s Stockton on My Mindhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nVqsNtOZOI, where Michael Tubbs, a young black mayor has done just that, instituted a $500 month guaranteed income for the most vulnerable and created teams of community members to stop any child from falling through the cracks. It is working.

No one watched it. No one bothered to see the other side.

We didn’t make this storm. We are being manipulated into hating each other. But by whom? Davos Man? A cabal of technocrats? The autistic geniuses of Silicon Valley? China? The central bankers?

Who is shaking the jar?

Muh Politics

Since the publication of Eco-Fascists and the subsequent land and water policy papers, I am ineluctably connected with the right, and not the polite right either, the populist right. The prejudice regarding the so-called right is so pervasive that even members of my family (not to mention life-long friends) assume my opinions, without bothering to ask. They are almost invariably wrong. This is what I think:

  1. Abortion. I would not remove a woman’s right to choose though I think abortion on demand has coarsened the culture to the point where life is no longer considered sacred. However, religion too is a matter of choice, and I have no right to tell anyone what to do with their bodies. Polarization on this issue prevents solution. Most women I know have had abortions. I have had an illegal abortion and would not force that on anyone, which removing abortion rights would do. Abortion has been a hard fact for women since the beginning of consciousness.
  2. Environment. This issue has been politicized beyond reason and too often the science is either over-stated or ill-founded. That said much of it is worthy of consideration. I was raised in the country. During 20 years in Toronto, London and New York, I chose to buy a forest instead of a flat or condo. I live here now in a rammed earth carbon-neutral house with geothermal heat. I have covenanted in perpetuity the creeks on my property, one of them is the principal salmon stream in Canada’s Gulf Islands. There are more people like me than you know. Given digital work, many young couples are moving to my island choosing to live in an intimate community, embedded in nature. They will, over the next decades, ring the necessary changes.
  3. Social Services. I think a guaranteed income is inevitable given robotics and AI. Even Milton Friedman, the king of monetary theory recommended it. If you think it would be an excuse to do nothing, I suggest you look at the stats. And watch the HBO film, Stockton on My Mind, where a young mayor in the most desperate town in California, gives needy people $500 a month. His policies are stabilizing and are bringing young men out of a cycle of violence. Most of that $500 is spent on debt retirement, rent and food. A guaranteed income would spur a new Golden Age, this one about the quality of life for the not stinking rich.
  4. I also think that the culture is wealthy enough so that no one should live on the streets. In the city nearest to me, teams of people (including my step-son) work with the mentally ill and addicted on the street, and the government has bought hotels to house the chronically displaced. California is following a regressive evolution, its celebrity plutocrats live like pashas, ignoring the hundred thousand untouchables on the streets This is horrifying. Equally, health insurance should be universal but I think the private market increases innovation and access.
  5. A British parliamentary committee found that the richest 1% are on target to own two-thirds of all wealth by 2030. This share has skyrocketed since 1970 and is deeply destabilizing. I’d trust-bust them.
  6. Immigration must not disrupt the host culture. Badly done, it increases the competition for resources for the struggling.
  7. Gay and other-sexed people must be acknowledged and respected. Life is hard for everyone, it’s harder for them.
  8. Racism: My “settler” family were Officers on the Underground Railroad in the 1800s. They were devout people who built infrastructure, schools, churches and hospitals all through North America. But I am proudest that they hid fugitive slaves in their canal works, got them across the border, and once there, gave them land for their villages. This branch of my family also married into Indian bands twice, Mohawk and Blackfoot. My current weird blended family carries the strands of four Indian bands, Jamaicans, Venezuelans, and who knows how the current crop of children will marry. I tend to warm to people of color faster, because they have emotional intelligence, unlike the hyper-rationalist Scots I grew up among. If that is racist, sue me.
  9. #MeToo. By my 40’s, having worked with hundreds and hundreds of people, I got so that I flinched when a man touched me. That’s how sucky it was.

Welcome to the Fucking Revolution

So we have reached an inflection point, a hinge of history, if you are Churchillian by nature. The alleged widespread and multifaceted election fraud in the US is suspected to have taken place in other countries. The principal medium is through Dominion Voting Machines, which is a Canadian company, though it has been bought and sold dozens of times, but its headquarters are on Spadina Avenue in the heart of Toronto’s bohemia. It shares offices with the Tides Foundation, which btw, now populates the Prime Minister’s Office and the Privy Council. The world has ignored Canada’s contribution to the international left, or let’s call it what it is, Communism. It is substantial. Canada’s liberal bureaucracy has hired and funded many thousands of activists for the last fifty years, and we can really rock the cause.

Side issue. Going forward, whatever happens, the hatred and distrust of one side for the other will define the next twenty years. Buckle up, it is going to get very very nasty.

The Only Solution to Black Violence is……

I have told several people, left and right, about the HBO doc, Stockton on My Mind. Particularly those who aggressively mock “Defund the Police” or those who say that police violence against blacks must stop. This issue, more than any other, has divided us. This is deliberate, the result of careful crafting of a series of violent acts, meant to terrify voters in the runup to the November election. The fielding of BLM, a violent Marxist outfit bent on destroying the American experiment has destroyed the peace, forced everyone to go positional, and bumped gun sales to a level unimaginable last year. Again, deliberate.

It is unfathomable that America has a permanent black underclass. No matter what the right says, this is a stain that must be addressed.

Of course, the anger is rooted in truth. The black community is suffering and has for generations. Stuck in structural poverty, in social housing, which is a deadly trap, dealing with hunger, no fathers or fathers in prison, no jobs, terrible education. Every black family I’ve known deals with trauma beyond any white family I’ve known, and I grew up with a father with a traumatic brain injury and a schizophrenic mother. I know in my cellular structure the debility that trauma delivers to following generations. It is huge. It is a hole through which all the energy and determination flows. Most black people you look at grew up with anguish and upheaval unimaginable by the average middle-class individual.

Stockton, one of the poorest, most violent cities in America, is run by a 29-year-old black guy, Michael Tubbs Jr., son of a convicted gangbanger, who is turning the place around. His programs are multifarious and many are funded by the private sector. Advance Peace, for instance, reduces gun violence – 15 gunplay incidents were shut down in the first 90 days of Advance Peace by elders in the community who have authority and to whom the young men turn. The gratitude at the brokering of peace between these shooters was apparently massive. Advance Peace is managed and run by released prisoners determined not to let the kids go down their path.

In his first three years, Tubbs reduced murders 38%.

For young men and women, Tubbs has set up various programs to encourage them to finish school and go to college. Stockton Scholars gifts each college attendee with an annual grant. And there are countless school and community meetings throughout the year, with everyone involved, bent on solving the problems that come up. They literally let no kid twist in the wind.

Heather MacDonald, perhaps today’s most unflinching analyst of crime in America, describes the massive scope of the problem Tubbs and other civic leaders face:

HEATHER MAC DONALD: Blue Truth Matters.

Blacks in New York City commit over 70% of all drive-by shootings, according to the victims of, and witnesses to, those shootings, who are overwhelmingly minority themselves. Add Hispanic shootings to black shootings and you account for nearly 100% of all shootings in New York City.

Such disparities exist in every American city. In Chicago, blacks commit about 80% of all shootings and murders, and whites less than 2%, though both blacks and whites are each a little less than a third of the population. In St. Louis, blacks commit up to 100% of all homicides, though they are less than 50% of the population.

Heather MacDonald, Blue Truth Matters

Let’s make this reality even more stark. In the U.S., about 3% of the population commit 50% of the murders and 60% of the robberies. That 3% is young black men.

Michael Tubbs and his team know that there are 25 active shooters in Stockton. He has surrounded them with the care of the community, which is to say men and women they know who have been trained in how to help them and whose caring is personal. Each kid has his own team. They are heavily monitored via check-ins, social programs, elder councils, and even offered transformation travel. Tubbs is so informed by his sense of justice and inclusion, he will on occasion go around the homeless camps, soliciting opinions and offering help.

In another innovation, his SEED program gives $500 monthly to 24,000 residents in Stockton’s most desperate neighborhood. They studied how the money is spent: principally food, utilities, rent, diapers, debt.

The boomer generation abandoned civic duty for sex and glamour, rock and roll and self-indulgence. The twenty-five generations that preceded them saw civic duty as sacred. Pitching in, face to face, intimate problem solving, the inclusion of everyone in the community builds peace and prosperity. This young black man, Michael Tubbs, son of a convicted felon, is showing the way out of our state of permanent childhood, as clients of the super-state and product for our digital overlords.

Fade to Black..the old culture is dying.

At the grocery store yesterday I noticed paper copies of September Vogue and Vanity Fair, which were covered by a black model and a black actress respectively. This intrigued me because those issues are usually crammed with fascinating stories about the rich and heedless and suddenly they’ve gone all social justice warrior, which is a strange enough reading of their audience to intrigue me.

I suppose the core audience for Conde Nast is well-heeled bored women, who are presently finding meaning by force-integrating black people. On Instagram the usual suspects, Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Nigella, Gwyneth are promoting black artisans or artists or novelists, and a good 50% of premium tv on any given night is given over to shows about black people, usually suffering, usually at the hands of vicious whites. Hollywood has now announced that their nominations are only open to product that promotes diversity in the right way.

Having trouble watching this stuff and even more trouble reading books like Caste, White Fragility, and the other one I have mercifully forgotten. I plod ahead once in a while, hoping for some wisdom, or insight and what I get is hectoring. Blaming the current generation of white people for the sins of white people even one generation past is something that is built to backfire big time. You can only bully people so far and then, they turn and they snarl. This is not an effective marketing strategy. Every time you try to change the culture through the arts, the arts die.

What I mean to say is that this is another example of the super-culture in its death throes. The centers – New York, LA, San Francisco, London, Paris – are dying. People used to being respected, even feared (Hello Nuclear Wintour) are being ignored, dismissed, even mocked. Their power is fading. People aren’t buying their guff. The locus of interest has shifted to ordinary men and women grappling with the hellscape brought by the last 30 years of elite looting, plundering and offshoring while engaging in disgusting sexual practices (Hello Bill Clinton).

This morning LVMH, the luxury goods cartel weaseled out of buying Tiffany’s. They are seeing the future and consolidating. For 30 years, the clever moved to the centers to compete in the delirious industries (Edmund White’s phrase). Then they decided they were better than their clients among the great unwashed, grew arrogant and decadent. The spotlight began to die and sales fell off a cliff. $250,000 handbags are now seen for what they are – disgusting.

No amount of black-shaming is going to stop it. The King is Dead. The new King is the ordinary man and woman, Marx’s hated bourgeois who is, at last, standing up.

The only solution to homelessness is……

How the mega mega-wealthy in LA and San Francisco put up with the plague on the streets is beyond me. The cruelty in their hearts must be as impressive as their bank accounts. Up here in the demented Dominion, we just buy the homeless hotels and serve them 24/7. So far, the province has bought three hotels, and is in the process of planning for another 40 rooms. The cost is nasty, but Malcom Gladwell in an extensive New Yorker essay a few years ago, estimated the lifetime cost of caring for someone on the streets as just over $1,000,000.

If you don’t do anything, they’ll cost you a hundred grand a year. If you do something, give them an apartment and a caseworker, they’ll cost you $25,000 year.

Gladwell, NPR, February 2006

Capital Daily reports today that the province has spent $1.8 million from its supportive housing fund to buy a former rooming house shuttered for 17 years. The new facility to be constructed on the Yates site would include 40 units and provide meals and 24/7 supportive services. Construction will not begin until December 2021.

“This project is the next step in our ongoing work to make sure vulnerable people in Victoria have a place to call home, with wraparound supports to help them build a better future,” said Carole James, MLA for Victoria-Beacon Hill.

No civilized society should have people living on the streets, no matter how depraved, addicted, and degraded they may be.